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My first adult cock.

When I was young my parents moved into a new house that was located about ½ mile from a drive in theater. Since I didn’t have a car I would walk to the drive in and enter thru the Exit drive way. I would set in the patio area and watch the movie and chat with some of my school mates that had come in by car with friends or parents.
I would often check out the men’s restroom and was fascinated by the piss trough on the floor instead of the traditional urinals. I already knew I was attracted to men sexually and this was a great way to check out all he cocks as they hung out to piss. I would always get a boner looking at the men so I was careful not to reveal my desires to other men.
One evening while at the theater I had to piss so went into the men’s room during the movie. While I was pissing one of the men that worked there came in and whipped out one of the biggest cocks I’d ever seen in my young life. He knew I was looking and pulled on it as he pissed and leaned back to give me full view.
When you are a young teenager, everyone over 20 seems old. I guessed this guy was about 22, good looking, well build ,with dark hair and clean shaven. I couldn’t tell too much about his physical body because of the work drive in coveralls he was required to wear. The name tag on his pocket said Carl.

“Nice big dick. Huh k**? He said proudly as he turned towards me to give me a better look. “You should see it in action when it really gets hard and grows even bigger.”
I bashfully acted like I was not overwhelmed and quickly put my hard dick back into my jeans.

“Hey k**. Are you here with some of your friends?”

“No. I’m here by myself. I walk in the Exit road and watch the movies.”

“That’s clever. How’s about joining me in the back of the theater in my shed. I’ve got a good view of the movie and no one will bug you. Besides I need some company. I might even let you get a closer look at my dick and get it hard for me. Would you like that?”

“Yeah….I mean…no I got to go after this movie.”

“Come on k**. If you don’t join me I’ll have to turn you into the manager and he’ll kick you out of the theater, and might even have you arrested for trespassing. You wouldn’t like that now would you? Come on k**. I know we can have some fun together.”
I was excited and scared by his proposal. I was still very new at playing around with other males, even though I had messed around with a few close buddies from school, but I’d never had the chance to be with an older adult man. I nodded and followed him out of the men’s room and up the driveway to his shed.

“I watch over the theater from up here and make sure there are no fights and direct traffic when the movies are over. Most of the guys park along the back of the theater so they can make out and fuck with their girls. You’d be surprised how much action I’ve seen take place back here. Later on we’ll do a condom run and pick up all the used rubbers back here. Lots of man juice in some of these young dudes.”
His shed was about 8 feet by 10 feet. One wall had a large window and a door at one end of the building. Against one wall was a make shift cot covered with a used bedspread. He popped open a beer and offered me a sip but I refused. The night was clear and warm so we set on a wooden bench leaning again the shed.

“What’s your name k**? My names Carl. I take it you live near by.”

“My names Marcus and I just live across that field. You can see the house lights from here.” I said as I pointed towards my house.

“There are 3 other guys that work here with me, but they are checking out the area. They won’t be back for about an hour.”
Carl reached inside his coveralls from the side and adjusts his cock. I knew he was naked under his coveralls because I could see his bare skin at the open side. It was exciting and very sexy. He kept playing with his cock and then looked at me and calmly said.

“Do ya still wanna feel my cock when it gets hard? Come closer and reach inside my coveralls for a feel. I’ve got it hard now.”
I nervously set closer to him while he took my hand and placed it inside his coveralls. I almost came. He was naked as I suspected and I felt the heat of his hard firm body and the feel of a huge hard cock. I could hardly get my hand around it. He set back and closed his eyes as I caressed and explored his manhood. Then he pulled his coveralls off his shoulders and down to his knees and set on the bench almost naked. He was tall and had a firm swimmer body. The only hair was under his arms pits and around his crotch. His uncut dick was long and very large around and stood firm like a flag pole. His large balls hung down between his legs. He was very sexy.

“If you like you can jack on it for a while. No one around and no one can see us, besides who cares. Your hand feels good on my dick. You like it? Feel my balls too. They have a lot of man juices and are ready for you to taste. Jack on it buddy. Oh yeah. Just like that. You’ve done this before haven’t ya?”
I was beginning to relax and enjoy his big manly cock. I was so excited that I didn’t care if any one saw us. I jacked on it for a few minutes, then I noticed some clear dripping juices oozing from his piss slot. It looked fascinating and I was even more curious. I was old enough to shoot my jizz but wondered how much a big cock like this would shoot. I had one hand on his dick and the other exploring his balls.

“You have caused my dick to ooze out some sweet man juices. Wouldn’t ya like to taste my sweet juices? Go ahead k**, put your mouth over the head of my dick, and taste my juices. You’ll like it I guarantee.”
I got on my knees beside Carl’s legs and leaned towards his hard dick. He placed his hand to the back of my head and forcible shoved my head to his cock. I didn’t resist and gratefully placing my mouth over the head of his big smooth cock head. He smiled with consent and sighed with pleasure. I had never had such a big man cock in my mouth before and I knew I couldn’t suck him off like I did my school buddies. He was way too large for my mouth. All I could do was go down on the cock head and taste the clear liquids from his dick. It was salty-sweet and pleasing.

“See? I told you it tasted good. Hey k**, jack on it with your mouth over the head. I’d like to give you more of my juices. You’re a good k** and I like you. Jack on it and let’s see what happens. Oh yeah. That feels good. You have a hot mouth and a very lively tongue there. I like this and perhaps if you do it right I’ll let ya come here more often and suck my dick.”
I liked the taste of his juices and wanted more. I jacked it up and down then licked his shaft up one side then down the other. I inhaled his body smells and tasted and kissed his balls. He became more and more excited and began to wriggle and breathe deeper. I knew something was about to happen.
He grabbed my head and started to ‘face fuck’ me. I gagged but finally got into his rhythm of his movements, and linking my hand movements and my warm mouth over his big cock, he started to shoot a load of his cum into my mouth. I was surprise at the wonderful feeling of a big cock throbbing, pulsating and squirting load after load of jizz into my mouth.
I didn’t know there would be such a volume of cum gushing from a man’s dick, but I kept sucking and swallowing as quickly as I could. Tears came to my eyes from gagging, but when he finally released my head I took control again. The overflow of his cum ran from the corners or my mouth and onto my hand and shirt. He set back on the bench and let me continue to suck and clean off his fantastic cock and low hanging balls.

“Hey buddy, you did a great job. Perhaps we should do it again later to see what you learned from this round. You did well. Did you like it?” about that time we heard some one talking and walking towards us on the ground cover gravel. Carl immediately pulled up his coveralls and set back on the bench. I got off my knees and from between Carl’s legs and quickly and set beside him. From the dark walked two other men in coveralls who worked at the drive in.

“Hey Carl. Who’s your little friend? One of your cocksucking fans?” one of the men said.

“You still m*****ing young innocent boys again?”

“How do you entice these ‘cuties’ to suck your cock? The other man said.

“Why don’t you ever share with us? I like getting a blow job or fucking a sweet boy pussy as well as the next guy. ”
I figured I’d better get out of here before they decide to **** my ass. I stood and told Carl I should go because my parents were waiting for me. He knew different but it gave me an excuse to leave.

“Yeah. Okay k**. See ya tomorrow night?” I nodded yes, and waved goodbye.
I headed down the middle of the theater walk way and to the concession stand. I enjoyed sucking Carl’s big cock but was not ready for his two friends just yet. They looked mean and rough and I didn’t feel like getting gang banged by his two work pals.
I would return tomorrow night and have another go at Carl’s big beautiful and juicy cock.
I lay awake thinking about my awesome encounter with Carl, the Security man at the drive in theater. His was the first adult cock I’d ever encountered and the biggest I’d ever sucked off. Over the years I’d engaged in sexual games with numerous teenage school buddies but only Joe Fox’s big dick came close to Carl’s big 10 inch cock.
I was anxious to make a return appearance tomorrow night if I could convince my dad to let me walk over to the theater again. The movie marquee had changed so I made an excuse to see a different movie. However, I wasn’t interested in the movie, I was interested in sucking Carl off again in his security shanty at the rear of the theater.
The evening came and Dad said it was okay for me to go to the movies again but not to stay out too late. I left the house and went through the back acreage of our place, over the highway and up the back entrance roadway of the drive in. I stayed close to the wall so not to draw the attention of the man in the ticket booth at the entrance. My entrance went unnoticed and soon I was walking up the center walkway to the concession stand and found a seat at one of the tables on the outdoor patio.
I spotted four of the local Catholic High School basketball players going into the concession stand to purchase snacks to take back to their cars. They proudly wore their school letters on their jackets, so it was easy to identify them. I’d been to a few of their games and recognized a couple of the tall physically fit looking guys. They were hot.
I was going to hang around the patio until the news reels and previews started, and then I would head around to the men’s room to check out some dicks at the urinal. When I arrived it was empty so I went into one of the 4 booths against the back wall. When I entered the end booth I was puzzled about the reason for a large round hole cut through the wall. Naive and inexperienced with toilet cruising it took me a few minutes to understand why some one would drill a large hole between the booths.
I sat down on the stool and began reading all the graffiti and messages on the walls. Several guys came into the toilet to piss. I realized by their conversation that it was the four basketball players I’d seen earlier. Three of the guys went to the floor urinal, but one guy came into the booth next to mine and took his piss. I glanced through the hole but could only see his golden stream splashing in the bowl. He quickly pissed then buttoned up and flushed the stool. It all happened so fast I hadn’t had the chance to observe his cock. The remaining guys continued talking and pissing. The one that had taken his piss in the booth next to mine lowered his voice and said to his buddies.

“You guys know there is a big blow hole cut in the wall of that last booth, and there’s some fag sitting in there ready to give some head?”

“Aw shit. No k**ding?” One of the boys commented.

“What’s a ‘blow hole’ Jack? Another questioned
I heard some of the guys laugh and then one explained to the boy who asked the question.

“Ya stick your hard dick into the hole and the guy on the other side gives you a blow job. You dim-witted jock."

“Ya gotta be k**ding me. You mean he sucks your dick? Shit that sounds hot. Maybe I should try it sometime. Peggy will only give me a hand job. I still can’t get her to suck my dick.”
The guys laughed and after a continued conversation start leaving the toilet. I heard one of the guys trying to encourage one of the guys to go into the booth and check it out before they headed back to the cars.

“Go on Bob. What ya got to lose? You might like it.”

“Aw go on you fuckers. I bet you won’t do it Jerry.”

“Hey. I’ll do it if you do it first. Go ahead. We’ll wait on the patio.”
Then there was a silence as the rest of the guys left, leaving one. He walked into the booth and stood close to the hole rubbing his crotch.
I’d never thought of servicing a cock through a hole in the wall before, but it was exciting to be sucking an anonymous guy through the hole. Finally he opened his jeans and pulled out a nice clean cut, hard seven inches of cock and small set of fuzzy hair covered balls. I cautiously put my face to the opening and licked my lips hoping to persuade him to place his hard cock into the hole and into my inviting mouth.
He slowly moved closer and placed his cock into the hole. I touched it with my fingers and softly pulled him closer. He cautiously leaned into the hole. I started licking and savoring the salty clear juices oozing from the opening of his piss slot. He relaxed, and allowed me service his cock.
I’d sucked off some of my friends that had comparably sized dicks and from past experience I was confident I could give him a good blowjob. I gripped his hairy balls and went all the way down on him several times. He started shaking and moaning.

“Oh yeah, cocksucker, suck my dick, suck my dick. Oh man this is great. You’re gonna make me shoot if you don’t slow down. Oh fuck! I’m cumming.” He started to withdraw not understanding I wanted him unload in my mouth and swallow his hot tasty sperm. I held his balls so he couldn’t withdraw and then he realize I wanted to swallow his cum.

“Oh man. Take my load, cocksucker, Take my hot fucking load. Swallow that dick. Eat me. Oh shit. I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” He kept talking as he violently shook the wall between us. Then he relaxed as I drank down every last drop of his cum.
He stood quietly for a few minutes and after he caught his breath, he slowly withdrew, wiped his moist cock with his shirt tail, and put his cock back into his jeans.

“Stay here. My buddies are not going to believe this. Damn dude, you give some great head. Stay here and suck off my other buddies too. Huh?” then he left the booth.
Wow. Sucking off these young studs was exuberating. In ancient Rome, the swallowing of a young warrior’s sperm was an honor and was thought to give the taker more energy and extended life. I think I was born in the wrong time and place. Being a cocksucker and drinking down the warrior’s sperm would have been my full time job.
I heard the shuffle of shoes and soon the booth next to me was occupied again, this time with a new warrior. He sat directly on the stool without taking down his jeans. He leaned back against the toilet and began opening his jeans.

“You wanna suck on this one?” I heard him say quietly. “I’ve never had my dick sucked before so be careful. I’m very sensitive and cum quickly.” Then he stood and pulled down his jeans and white undies. His dick was not hard yet so he started pulling on it. I spoke for the first time. “Put it in the hole and I’ll get it hard.”
He shuffled up to the hole, pressed his body against the wall, and offered me his soft uncut cock. It didn’t look very large, but sometimes soft dicks can be deceiving. He had about an inch of lacy soft foreskin covering his 5 inch soft meat. He had started oozing clear liquid from the end of his penis.
I’d never sucked a guys dick that had this much skin over the head, but I found it fascinating. I guided it towards my mouth and engulfed the whole soft member. He trembled and then he started to firm up. I explored the opening with my fingers then put my tongue into the moist opening. He tasted different than most guys I’d sucked, but I liked it. He tasted like he had cum once today and hadn’t bothered to clean the remaining orgasm.
Once again I pulled on his hardening cock and slowly pulled back the foreskin revealing a pale pink cock head, then without warning it eased out of the skin and exposed a much bigger tulip shaped cock head. The cock began to grow and grow each time I went down on him until it had expanded to a good 8 inches of beautiful jock cock.
He began to have more confidence in me and gave me full consent to service him. I realized now why he was so sensitive. I took my time sucking him and soon he was pounding his body against the partition face fucking me and almost begging for release.

“Fucken yeah! That’s what I like. When I cum just let it shoot in your mouth. I’m very sensitive.” He instructed me.
I kept moving up and down on his cock until more and more of his pre cum juices were filling my mouth, then he shuddered and began releasing his ultimate load. I swallowed his gushing cock. I held onto his cock and balls and let volumes of his sweet sperm continue to gush down my throat He came, and came, and came until his juices were seeping out of my mouth and on the floor. I swallowed as fast as I could and never gagged once.
I let his cock relax and gently soften and contract slowly. I took one more lick to catch the final liquids, but he quickly pulled his sensitive moist cock from my mouth. It was still throbbing as more cum dripped from his piss slot. He pulled the foreskin back over his cock head and stood quietly. I milked it down savoring the last few drops of my warrior’s tasty juices.

“You did okay dude. I’m sorry I’m so sensitive, but you did okay.” He repeated as he wiped off his wet dick and put it back into his jeans. “Thanks dude. That was great.” Then he left the booth.
Soon after the basketball jock left, several men and boys entered the restroom. It must have been an intermission between the newsreel and the next movie and time for a quick piss break. I needed a break too so I left the booth and went to the patio to relax and watch the people. I didn’t see the three jocks and wondered if the last of the three would come back later for his turn at the hole.
The movie was about to begin. I was waiting until the lights dimmed then I would return to the booth to see if the other jock would return for his blow job. When I returned someone had taken the end booth where I had been earlier, so I took the one next to him.
As I was setting down, I glanced under the booth at his feet I saw an orange coverall resting around his ankles, like the ones the Security Men wore. I thought for sure it was Carl, the guy I had met last time. He was the main reason I had returned this evening.
I waited for a while to see what he was going to do, then I placed my finger to the hole. He immediately stood and put his semi-hard cock through the hole. It was not Carl. . It must have been one of the other men I met last night with Carl. He had a fine-looking dick.
The cock was not as long as Carl’s but it was thicker. This was a man size dick. Much more mature than the jocks I had sucked off earlier tonight. He leaned against the booth and placed his hands on the top of the partition to balance himself ready for me to service him.
I directed his big hairy balls closer and inhaled the scent of his musky body. I caressed and kissed them tenderly and sucked first one into my mouth and then the other. I moseyed back to his big hard cock and started licking him up one side of his shaft until I reached the bulbous head. Clear nectar was oozing from his piss slot.
I placed my mouth completely over the head and twirled my tongue around the sensuous glands. He pushed in further, as I began sucking and working my hand up and down his cock. This was a fantastic cock to suck, and it fit so well in my mouth. I heard him sigh with pleasure. I dropped to my knees to get a better angle and a better grip.
Just as we were beginning to enjoy the sex, we heard a couple of people come into the restroom. He slowly withdrew his cock and sat down on the stool. Damn! I was really getting into sucking this guys cock. He stood and pulled up his coverall to leave. He left the booth while I was still on my knees ready to drain his cock. Why was he leaving? He seemed to have been enjoying it so much.
That was disappointing. I wanted that load so bad. Why did he just suddenly up and leave? After the other men left, I glanced through the opened door to see him leaning over the sink washing his hands. He stood to adjust his cap and came back to my booth.

“I know of a better place to continue this. Just go around the back of this building to the Men Employee’s restroom. I will leave the door unlocked.” Then he left. I hadn’t lost him after all. I quickly pulled up my jeans, adjusted my shirt, and headed out the door to the Men’s room.
It was semi dark when Carl had introduced me to the two men at Carl’s work shanty at the back of the theater, but I was sure this guy was not one of them. This guy was younger and taller than the other two. This must be the other one that I wasn’t introduced to. He was hot and even better looking than Carl and had a fantastic cock. I found the men’s room and opened the door. Inside I saw a one booth, one urinal room with a small cot against the wall. He was at the urinal taking a piss and motioned for me to shut and lock the door.

“Hi.” He said, “I’m Jeff. This is more private and we won’t be disturbed here. You sure know how to suck a mean cock.”

“Thanks. My name’s Marcus. I came here tonight to see Carl. Is he around?” I said, but, he just ignored my inquiry.
I wasn’t disappointed with Jeff. He was a handsome masculine, man about 25 years old. He had a nice face with almond shaped brown eyes. His sun bleached hair protruded from the bottom of his cap. He opened his coverall and let it fall to his ankles, and then he stepped out of them and stood before me completely naked. He had a great body, nice pecs and a nice set of rippling abs and his big thick cock rising out of a great nest of dark curly hair. Damn! He was a hot looking dude: even better looking than my swimming coach at school. I stood admiring this ‘work of art’ while he adjusted his balls and gripped his semi hard cock.

“Don’t be shy. Come closer and finish sucking my cock, k**. You can lick my balls and take my cock all the way without any partition separating us.”
I respectfully dropped to my knees, held his cock in my hand, and stared admiringly at his succulent cock. He reached down and pulled off my t-shirt. Then he told me to take off my jeans and underclothes. He wanted to see my body. I was very active in swimming and track so my body was trim and solid. I was never shy in front of the other guys at school and noticed that a few guys took an admiring glance at my 7 inch cock and my firm muscular ass. Before I could get back on my knees to service his cock, he pulled me close to him and gave me a kiss on the lips. It startled me at first. I’d never had a straight guy kiss me on the lips before. His large strong hands explored my body as we kissed. He suddenly dropped to his knees and engulfed my hard cock in one big swoop. I’d never had a guy suck my dick before and it was awesome. No wonder guys like having me suck them off. He sucked my cock until I started to cum. It was the greatest feeling I’d ever had. It was the first time I’d experienced shooting my cum into a warm mouth. He swallowed every drop. My knees buckled and I felt weak. He stood and directed me back on to my knees to suck on his cock once again. I was still weak from my fantastic orgasm, but I wanted his load. Soon I had my strength back and started working his cock until he was at the brink of cumming. He quickly pulled me away from his cock, turned me around, pushed me against the urinal, bent me over, and started kissing my buttocks. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and buried his face deep into my ass crack. His moved his tongue up and down my ass crack and f***ed his tongue into my puckering ass hole. I’d never been rimmed before. It felt great, and soon my cock hardened and my balls were ready to pump out another load. Jeff withdrew his vigorous tongue movements from my anus and guided his dick to my virgin ass hole. I had always fantasized about being fucked but had never had the opportunity before now. I was anxious, but interested. Jeff had a large cock and I wasn’t sure it could fit in my small ass. His cock was sopping wet with precum. I reached around to help him guide his dick to my hole.

“Yeah, Marcus, I’m going to fuck your sweet ass. Man. You make me so hot. I need to shoot my cum deep in your ass. I want to breed you. I fuck hard so get ready for a damn hard fucking.”
Jeff wet his finger and inserted it in my hole. It hurt and I wondered how he expected to put his big dick into my tight virgin hole. He inserted two fingers in me, then a third and started stretching my hole. I was beginning to get accustomed to the fingers and actually started to enjoy his entry. He slowly pulled out his 3 fingers then spit on his hand again and to help lube his cock. He was oozing precum juices and rubbed his hand over his cock, spread my buttocks apart and aimed his wet moist penis to my anxious hole. He was gentle at first and I felt the opening of my anus accept his cock. It still stung but I was determined to let him enter me slowly. He moved in closer, spread my cheeks, and pushed in some more. I felt it started to slide in. I tried to relax and then I felt his cock enter my tight anus. It hurt like hell at first. I wanted to change my mind but slowly his big cock moved into me. It still hurt but it was going in easier than I thought. I felt full. He let out a grunt and moved all the way into me. I gasped and felt like I had to go to the toilet. He paused to let me get accustomed his big cock, then he started moving in and out of my ass. It started to feel good. I bent over the urinal and parted my butt cheeks to give him full entrance to my body. I was his to use, and it felt strangely good.
I felt my cock get the hardest it has ever been, and began shooting a seemingly endless load. I asked him not to cum inside me and that I wanted to taste his load and savor his flavor. He pounded me for a few minutes longer and then suddenly pulled his cock out of my now very empty feeling yet sore asshole, spun me around, pushed me to my knees, I eagerly opened my mouth as he shot stream upon stream of thick creamy, pheromone full, shots of the best flavored cum i had ever tasted.
This was going to be a great year.

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