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Peter Pans Young Wife

I have been in love with Peter ever since I was a little girl, he is a good friend of my parents and even though he is much older than me I always planned on marrying him when I came of age. I grew up in a small town and had no experience with boys so I was completely naive about sex. On my 18th birthday the time had come, my mommy was dressing me and giving me instructions about the wedding when she stopped, sat me down and said that she had something important to tell me and that I must follow her instructions to the letter. She said, Peter is very experienced in life and knows how to treat a young woman like yourself. You know how your Father disciplines you in the wood shed and that he does it because he loves you, well Peter will do the same, and not because you have done anything wrong but because he also loves you and knows what is good for you. He will ask many things of you on your Wedding night and every night there after, these also are because he loves you and knows what is best for you. I sat there absorbing every word as she told me how to act and how to be a good wife, she showed me how to “present” myself to Peter and then said, above all else always do as you are told and never question what he asks of you. Yes mommy I replied I will follow your instructions to the letter and don't worry “I will always do as I am told”.
The day went by like a blur and it was like it was straight out of a fairy tale. Peter and I left the wedding dance early and he told everyone to have a good time but he had something important to attend to. That made everyone laugh knowing exactly what he meant. Peter took me back to our home, carried me into the house and giving me a little kiss sat me down on the bed. I sat there for a minute while the words from my mother echoed in my mind, so with Peter still sitting on the bed I stood up and slowly removed my wedding gown. The top was a see through corset but my veil provided the modesty that was needed, I simply untied the lower portion of my gown, let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. I was now standing in front of Peter all in white in my veil, corset top, stockings and high heels, I was naked from my stocking tops to my waist. Peter gave an audible gasp as he gazed upon his young wifes flawless virgin flesh, barely able to constrain himself he knew he had to take his time and do it right. Mommy had told me that she had placed a gift under the bed that I was to give to Peter. I pulled the long thin box out from under the bed and gave it to him, he smiled as he opened it because inside were a half dozen long thin canes with little pink ribbons tied to them and a note from mommy saying that there were plenty more if he needed them. I stood there quivering a little not really knowing if it was fear or excitement or both, but looking into Peters eyes I knew then that I wanted to please him so I climbed up and knelling on the edge of the bed presented my naked smooth white bottom. Looking back at him I said please Sir please Peter Pan ( that is my pet name for him ) please do as you want with me I am yours to use and enjoy. Peter took one of the canes and as he swished it through the air to get the feel of it I laid my head down in the soft covers spread my legs apart and waited for him to show me just how much he loved me.
The first stroke was like a gentle kiss, a mere tap, but as he continued each stroke gained momentum and f***e. Soon he was striking my bottom every two seconds, he did not strike as hard as my father did but he applied them faster, this was giving me new and different sensations, when my father beat my backside the pain went straight to my brain but this pain was somehow getting redirected and ended up stimulating me between my legs and giving me feelings that I had not known before. Instead of crying out and pleading for mercy I was grunting and hissing like an a****l, arching my back, pushing my bottom back towards the cane, inviting it to strike harder and faster. I could also feel a trickle of fluid running down the inside of my leg, Peter Pan could also see the fluid and knew that my virgin pussy was soon ripe for the picking. Another good hard dozen strokes were applied and just as I was about to burst into tears Peter drop the cane grabbed my swaying welted hips and plunged his swollen eager long hard cock deep into my belly, piercing my hymen. I grab the covers of the bed and held on tight as he pumped his manhood into me, never could I have know what bliss this would be as his cock slid in and out driving me to orgasm. Peter managed to hold off his own orgasm because he had another place for it. He pulled out of me and rolling me over onto my tummy had me place my head at the edge of the bed, he told me to open my mouth and then slid his dripping wet cock in. What an interesting taste I thought, my own thick juices mixed with his. With my throat straightened out like this he was able to slid his cock right down my throat, but it made me gag with each stroke, he just laughed and said that I would get used to it. Soon I could feel his cock really stiffen up and then an unexpected burst of cum shot down my throat and filled my mouth, he told me to try and swallow what I could but it was just too much as it overflowed and dripped onto the floor.
That night and the next few days Peter Pan showed me many more interesting and exciting things that I could do to please him, I know he is pleased with me because I want nothing more than to satisfy him and I will always do as I am told.

Hugs and sweet kisses, Jennifer.

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