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Having a large number of unknown black men sexing her excited Lori. She stared at April's nipple rings wondering how many men it took to make her pierce herself in such a submissive, smutty way. "How long have you gone ... black?" Lori wondered.

"Three months!" Said April "And I figure I've been with over three-hundred men." Lori couldn't believe her. She had to exaggerate! "Three a day here, a gang-bang there, sharing our king bed with two for and overnight stay. That's all it takes." April calmly explained. Did it seem possible? She went on telling Lori how happy it made her and how her husband reluctantly accepted her sex life.

April made Lori spread her legs and she looked down and smiled at the trimmed bush. She teased her hand across her pussy lips. Lori jerked her knees closed a bit, feeling a bit embarrassed. Sensing this, April took another puff and returned it back into Lori's mouth, leaving it between her lips. Another swirl of nirvana twirled inside her head. Her feet still emerged in water gave her a most relaxed feel. April smiled again and shook her head. "I think we should shave that pussy of yours!" She then reached and grabbed some lather and a razor. With gentle care, she applied a mound of creamy, white lather between her legs. Then slowly streaked the razor down across her flesh leaving only a smooth, clean, pink skin behind.

April did leave a small patch of brown hair above her clit. It was nicely shaped, almost like a heart. April put her nose so close to her snatch that she could smell Lori's lust - the very heart of her womanhood. "Do you want me to leave a little? Or do you want to look like a common slut and shave it ALL OFF? " Lori inhaled the last of the Marlboro, "Take it off."

With one quick snap of the wrist, what was left of Lori's public hair was gone disappearing underneath the bubbles. "All gone now." Said April, "Your husband won't know what got into ya!" After a couple handfuls of water dropped between Lori's legs, April pushed a couple fingers into her pussy. With her other hand, she grabbed Lori's right breast and squeezed them. "Bet you can't wait to fuck again, huh? Get some more of that dark meat?"

Such dirty talk was getting to Lori again. She was beginning to like taken control of. Now with her pussy shaved, it was no doubt her mind and body was geared to fucking. "Oh Lori! I have to eat your pussy again!" April wanted more of her friend. She knelt in the tub and began lapping Lori's pussy. Fucking her with her tongue, April could hear Lori's muffled groans of lesbian pleasure. When she felt Lori's hand on the top of her head, she knew her friend was becoming accustomed offering her pussy to a woman.

Grinding her hips at a suddenly unexpected orgasm, Lori giggled. She looked down and smiled. Without voice, she said "thank you". They embraced and locked lips. When they pried away their tongues were glued together for a brief moment before leaving a bridge of saliva that connected the wives before it snapped and disappeared as quickly as their kiss.

Lori admired and stroked her hand over April's barbed wire tattoo that circled her upper arm.

With her other hand, she reached behind and subtly felt April's ass before bring up and around near her shaved pussy. Head down, Lori looked up and noticed April grinning at her. She wanted so much to please her to thank her for the latest orgasm she received. Lori thought, "Fuck it" and tickled April's pussy lips with her fingers before slipping one in. She had never touched or thought of touching another woman's pussy. It was soon Lori took a firm grasp of April's right breast, leaned forward, putting it into her mouth. It was not a timid kiss but a hungry mouthful.

"Suck it you lesbian whore!" April demanded before Lori wanted her other tit. She gobbled her neck and licked her face like a puppy before their mouths met again. Lori head spun some more. She held April tight trying not to lose her balance.

"Do you want to lick my pussy?" April whispered.

Lori caught her breath. Could she really taste another woman's pussy? Deep inside she knew she would have to someday. She wasn't going to close her mind to sex anymore. But could she do it now?

"Or are you thinking about more cock?" April questioned. Lori answered, "I think I need another cigarette."

April nodded her head and lit another one for her friend.

They stepped out of the tub and did not spend much time drying each other off. With the cigarette still in her mouth, April grabbed Lori by the hand and started to e****t her out through the house.

Dropping their towels, April led Lori out into the living room again. Swinging their hips there, they were greeted with not only RD dressed in his boxer shorts watching television but there were two other young black men. One was athletic-built named Leo sitting on the couch. The other was a smoothed head, stocky thug, Drey waiting anxiously on the leather love seat.

"I sort of figured you'd want some more attention!" Lori teased. April didn't even have the modesty to cover nude. She just gave a short laugh, faced April and gave each other a quick kiss. Lori took her last puff and crumbled the cigarette into the coffee table ashtray. They parted ways each to their new partner. Both Leo and Drey were already on their feet waiting for their ladies to quickly drop to their knees. The wives each unzipped the men's pants and pulled away their underwear before reaching in and grabbing their cocks and fisting them into an angry attention. Lori drooled at the size of Leo's cock. She was thrilled she was going to have another fat dick to play with. She momentarily looked over her shoulder and noticed April was already slurping Drey's black tool and playing with his balls. Lori turned and gave Leo's cock a passionate kiss. She then flickered its head before making it disappear into her mouth. Leo growled in victorious celebration. He was promised a piece of ass from a married white chick. And now without any trouble or bullshit he was getting some.

"Suck it! Suck that cock!" Drey told April.

"Yeah, that's it. Fuck your mouth!" Leo ordered Lori.

RD sat back and at times looked over at his buddies getting pussy while he enjoyed a game on cable. White women were so easy once they were treated the way they wanted and deserved. He took pride in watching April corkscrew a cock with her throat. She never did that for her husband before. Now her friend Lori was beginning to understand too. She was just as sexually demanding as any man - any black man.

Lori treated Leo in anyway she could remember she treated RD. She made eye contact. She spat on his cock and slapped it against her face. She blurted out dirty, nasty words, "I love your black cock! So fucking big."

Leo grunted, "You better show me you're a slut."

"I'm a slut alright!" Lori admitted.

Leo lifted Lori up and invited her to lie on the couch. April had already climbed on top of Drey and started fucking him. Drey's black hands firmly grabbing April's white ass as she rode him up and down. April tried to hold back a deep moan, keeping herself to a steady whimper. But lust gave way. She slaved to Drey's cock that found that deep spot in her womb. His rubbery cock head pushing itself against the insides of her pussy. "Oh yes! Oh fuck! My pussy! Fuck me!"

Lori hurried spreading her legs and exposing her fuck-hole to Leo. She brought her knees up and started flaring through her nose. Leo held his rather large cock and pushed it against her clit. A pulse of nasty electricity ran through her tummy and legs. "Put that black dick inside my shaved pussy!" she demanded. Leo leaned into her, splitting her twat, making it swallow his sex meat. He teased her a little, but only for a short moment before he relished his sexual conquest. Leo held nothing back, giving Lori full thrusts. Erotic sounds of flesh swishing in pussy juice filled their half of the room. She could only keep screaming "Yes! Yes!"

Turning her head she caught a glimpse of her friend turned on her hands and knees. She had a happy, lustful look on her face. Drey knelt behind her, and they fucked like wild a****ls. Lori quickly looked back into Leo's eyes who reached out pulling one of her nipples.

"Tell me you're my bitch. Tell me while I fuck you." Leo whispered.

Weak from having his large meaty flesh inside her, she fulfilled his desires, "Oh yeah, I'm your bitch, baby!"

Leo nodded his head. He was satisfied at the slut he was offered today.

"I'm such a black cock slut! A black cock slut!" April told her lover.

"Use me. Use your dick and use me." Lori told hers.

Leo never slowed down. His cock was making a perfect fit and feel inside his married lover. He pushed his thumb into Lori mouth. She sucked on it like it was another cock of his. She kept her eyes opened and stared at Leo.

"Show me your wedding ring. Let's see that diamond your white hubby gave you." Leo wanted. He wanted his slut to shamelessly show off her symbol of marriage to him. A symbol of sexual power he held over her. Lori showed the back of her left hand to him. "Here, this is what my husband gave me." Between thrusts, Leo asked "Do you like what I'm giving you?"

"Better." Lori's answer before she placed her hand across her lover's rough chest. She groaned some more before putting both her hands on Leo's upper body. Leo pulled out his cock and pushed her right leg across her left. "Roll over." He commanded. Lori turned on her knees and leaned over the couch. Her ass became red hot as Leo slapped her with a powerful forehand. That alone gave her a quick dirty orgasm. She then felt Leo's hard dick pressing against her pussy lips. She arched her back, waiting for his dick to fill her again.

"Muuuoooooa!" she grunted like a cavewoman.


"Oh, shit!" Lori felt another orgasm. Leo pushed deep and admired her round, white ass.

"Take my black dick! Take my black dick!" He taunted her.

Lori could only muster, "Uh-huh."

Leo pushed into her another ten times. Then another. Lori whimpered. She was weak having given him everything of her. Leo was totally in control of her body. She was at his mercy. With another slap across her behind she felt a hand pull her at her shoulders. Lori spun around and put her sore ass on the couch. Breathing heavy she knew it wasn't over yet. She saw a pair of dark legs and feet facing her. A black hand lifted her face up by her chin until she could only see a big, hard cock inches from her nose. It was slick and waxy. And without thought she opened her mouth and it slipped right in. Lori looked up and only then noticed - it was Drey. Leo and Drey had switched sluts. Drey sat April down on the couch with her friend. He and Leo stood side by side and received sloppy blowjobs.

Lori held April's right hand with her left. In a sign of solidarity they kept holding hands while they bobbed their heads over their man meat coated with each other's pussy drippings. "C'mon ladies. Let's see who's the bigger slut." Drey wanted a competition. April slurped while Lori spat. April used her breasts and titty fucked Leo's cock and Lori rubbed it against her face and licked his balls. April laughed and pleaded with Leo, "I'm the bigger slut." Lori pulled her head back, took a deep breath and replied, "No I am. I love black cock more!"

"Put that cock back in your mouth and shut up, bitch!" joked April.

Lori did just that. She bobbed her head two more times engulfing Drey's dick before she looked up and winked. "Fuck me. Please." She leaned back and opened her legs. Drey took no time and pushed his dick inside her. She yelped then moaned. Another man, another black cock fucking her. Was that three? She would never guess she had it in her. April was on her knees placing her elbows on the edge of the couch. She rested her head on Lori's forehead and they panted in each other's ear. Drey leaned close to Lori's right ear. He huffed and puffed like a wolf. He was serious now. He had his fill of white pussy and he wanted to get off.

You're going to eat my cum?" he asked her in a polite but rough way. "Oh yes. Anything. I'll do anything." Lori begged. Drey grunted, then growled. He felt the wave of hot, seething semen ache its way out into the world. He climbed off of Lori and held his cock over her face where she waited for him with open mouth.

The first hot stream arched into the back of Lori's mouth making a pool of sperm. A second stream coated her chin while a third splattered on her breasts where she quickly scooped them up and licked her fingers clean. Meanwhile Leo had finished dumping his load inside April. April gasped as she turned on her back and opened her legs. A gooey stream of cum was seeping out of her hole. And that caught Lori's eye. It was something about April's pussy that set off a spark in her head. Maybe it was April's cream pie. Perhaps she had a salty taste in her mouth or she saw another woman's pussy differently. Lori dived her head between April's legs and began licking, slurping, and sucking April's twat. "This is great!" she thought believing that pussy tastes good. April looked down with delight. "You whore! You fucking whore!" she playfully scolded Lori.

Lori pushed her index finger inside April's pussy trying to f***e more droplets of semen out. "Come on! I want to eat more cum!" Hungry she turned to smiling Leo and pulled his half-hard dick into her mouth, slurping any dried cum that may still be covered with. When she figured to give up she tenderly licked his balls.

"Wow! This bitch is hot!" yelled Leo. Drey, RD, and April laughed. They got her. Fooled and tricked. It would be no time until Lori would be a tattooed, pierced, foul-mouthed whore walking the streets.

April got up on her knees and gave Lori a deep kiss and a s****rly hug. "I knew you had some lesbian desires in you." She told Lori.

April reached for a half-opened pack of cigarettes left on the table and this time lit two. One for her and the other she gave to Lori. Lori took a breath of smoky bliss as if she'd been a chain smoker for years. She liked how the three black men were looking her over. She felt perfectly comfortable looking like white-just-got-fucked-trash and smelling like sex.

Lori felt a chilling, terrifying tingle. Oh no. She was getting horny! Instead of being exhausted, Lori was getting a second wind and her body wanted more sex. "What's gotten into me? I can't get enough?" she thought. These men had to have a second round in them and Lori wasn't going to hold back. And she had some news for the party.

"Um ... guys ... I'm still horny. I want dick - now!"

April giggled, "Obviously your husband hasn't given you enough."

Lori shook her head and Leo stepped up. "Well put my cock back in your mouth."

"I've got to finish my cigarette first." Lori teased. She WANTED the nicotine now.

"Do both." Leo suggested.

With her cigarette in her left hand, she grabbed Leo's cock in her right. Taking a couple fists to harden his dick she bobbed her head three times. Then she lifted her head and took a puff. After she exhaled she bobbed again a few more times. After another hit she blew smoke over Leo's cock before stabbing the cloud with her tongue and flickering the head. She swallowed as much of his meat as she could before lifted up and extinguishing her light into the ashtray. Leo's cock stood as hard as ever. She had reached into his lust where now he too demanded more. Lori took a loving grasp of two hands around his black dick and was on the verge of worshipping it.

... ring ... Ring ... RING

... ring ... Ring ... RING

What? Oh, it was Lori's cell phone. In her purse. Lori looked at the living room clock.

It was past 5 O'Clock. Lori's husband is home.

Lori crawled over to her purse, grabbed her phone and looked at the caller-ID.

"It's my husband!" she laughed. If he could only see what his wife was up to. Lori walked on her knees back to Leo. As the phone rang a fourth time, she studied Leo's cock. Should she answer now? Or shrug off her husband and get to some serious cock sucking?

Holding Leo's cock, she offered the phone to him before she started to give him head. "Here answer it. I'm busy!"

"Slurpppph. Slurp."

The phone rang a fifth time and was just a second away from going into voice mail.

But unafraid, Leo pressed the answer button and held it up to his ear.

Waiting for his wife, he had no idea that Lori was busy with a mouthful of black dick. And he had quite a surprise when he heard a dark, masculine voice. An obvious black man's voice - powerful and booming: "Hello?"

Lori's husband's heart dropped into his stomach.

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