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Mummy and me on holiday part 3

On the third day it was raining and dull. We really didnt have much to do but watch tv. Mummy decided to take a trip to the Shop situated just off the camp. the one on site didn't sell alcohol.
About 30 mins later Mummy returned with some vodka and some larger. We sat drinking and talking. Mummy was sitting opposite me and I clould'nt help looking up her skirt. She could see I was trying to look. Sh then blurted out "Do you want a proper Look". With that she opened her legs Wide. God I know its wrong to look but I couldnt help myself.
Just then the latger got the better of me and I rushed to the other end of the Caravan to have a pee. I was a bit tipsy. I lowered my Shorts and began to Pee god it was a good release and I had my eyes closed.
Suddenly the Door opened and mummy came in. I could'nt stop then her hand slipped round the front and held my cock whilst I was peeing. She Slowly pulled my Foresking back and forward, Making my piss change direction. It eas going on the wall and splashing on my legs. I was started to get Hard. Mummy moved to sit on the loo facing me. She held my Cock and looked at me. I now rock hard. Then mummy let out a groan and started to pee. I could hear it splashing into the toilet bowl. Suddenly She stood up and carried on peeing onto the floor. While she was doing this she began to kiss me hard. With her tounge im my mouth I could'nt speak.
Mummy broke off and removed her Skirt and panties. She then Knelt on the toilet with her georgeous arse facing me. She motioned me towards her, as I did I began to do more pee this time it was going on her arse. I bgan to masterbate my self and I stopped peeing. Mummy sat round and grabbed my cock. She began to Stroke it real Slow. God it was so horny. We were both bare feet and we were splashing about in her pee on the floor. She bent over the toilet and opened her legs. "Come on Son make me proud" She said. I took hold of my cock and motioned towards her lovely arse.
She Reached round to open her virginal Lips which were very wet. I was just about to enter so I pulled my foreskin right back. As I did the smell of her pussy ebetered my nose, And I Lost Control. I began spunking all over her Arse and Pussy I was comming like a train. I was trying to get towards her but I was making such a mess it was too slipery. I ended up with my cock resting on her come smothered arse. It was still twitching and dripping. We then both fell into the shower. But thats another Story

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