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The Adventures of Cheryl and James

James pulled into the mall shopping lot and started to look for a parking space. He hated shopping, but it was time for some new jeans. Just the thought of walking around the mall made him mad. It was no fun at all. He found a spot near the back of the parking lot. The car pulled in, he got out and headed for the mall entrance.

As he walked through the door James noticed a sexy woman to his left going in another door. She was a little older than him, pleasantly plump and had the most beautiful chocolate skin. Wow, he thought to himself I just love the short dress that sexy big beautiful woman has on, mmmmm, I wonder what kind of panties she is hiding under there. She is a fucking hottie. James looked over at her and smiled. He hoped she did not notice him, but she did and she smiled back. They both kept walking. James went towards the Macy's store and his sexy plump goddess went in the opposite direction.

Little did James know, the woman had stopped at a bench, looked back to see where he was going. She turned in the direction towards James and followed him not knowing where he was going just yet. Cheryl kept her distance, but not too far back as she did not want to lose the mystery man she so desired. She had never done anything like this before, but his smile captured her and she wanted him.

James took a left and went into the Macy's entrance. Cheryl saw him go in and followed. The mystery man walked towards the men’s clothes section. Luckily for Cheryl, the woman’s section was just on the other side of the isle. James found the jeans and started looking for his size. He turned around to look at the jeans behind him and noticed across the aisle was the sexy woman he saw when entering the mall. At the moment Cheryl looked up and saw James looking at her. She smiled and James smiled back. Then, James waved to her. Cheryl was nervous, but waved back. James looked down and continued to find jeans in his size that he liked.

There were 8 pairs that James had picked out. He headed towards the changing room to try the jeans on. The stalls were empty so James had his pick of which fitting stall he wanted. He walked around the corner to the back most stall. James took off his sneakers and then unbuttoned the jeans he had on. He pulled them off and then tried on the first pair of jeans. They fit well and he liked how they looked. Good, one for the buy pile he thought. He made it through two more pairs and then heard that someone was outside the changing stall. He looked down and could see the shoes of the person standing there. He then remembered the sexy lady he saw before had the same shoes on. No fucking way he thought, she was there. James could feel his cock wake up in the jeans.

Cheryl stood outside the door so nervous, as she had never behaved this way before. But, she wanted to try something new. She wanted this man and was going to go for it. James then heard a knock at the door of the stall. He replied hello someone is in here. Cheryl then said, I know, mind if I come in. Holy shit thought James. He then unlocked the door and Cheryl let herself in. James smiled at her and Cheryl moved towards him and gave the wettest longest kiss James ever had. She reached down and cupped James ass as she kissed him. She could feel his cock growing in the jeans. Cheryl dropped to her knees and unzipped James jeans. She smiled as his cock popped right out as he was not wearing any underwear. The words me too came from her mouth, but James did not know what she was talking about. Cheryl grabbed his cock and slowly devoured it all until he was completely in her mouth. Her tongue moved around the shaft as she sucked him up and down. James was rock hard and could not believe what was happening to him. The strange sexy woman was jerking his cock now as she sucked each one of his balls. She pulled his jeans all the way down so she could massage his ass she sucked his cock. Cheryl could feel the folds of her pussy getting so wet and her clit started to swell. She was ravenous about sucking his cock. She could not get enough, up and down up and down on the shaft she went. James was getting the blow job of his life. He reached down and pulled Cheryl's two big tits from out under her dress. He leaned over and pinched her nipples as she continued to suck his cock. He loved it. No woman had ever worked her tongue on the shaft like she did with each thrust. It was like something out of a porn movie. She looked up at him with her sexy eyes and said she wanted to taste him. Cheryl started to suck harder and harder, wanting to milk all the cum out of James's balls.

All the sudden James felt her grab his ass and she inserted a finger into his ass. He did not stop her, he actually liked it. All the sudden James felt his balls swell; he knew he was close to cumming. Cheryl could feel James's ass tense up and she knew he was close. She told him in my mouth baby, in my mouth. James said I am so close. He then pulled back, grabbed his shaft and aimed for the mystery woman's mouth. The first spurt of cum went right down Cheryl's mouth. He jerked more and soon Cheryl's face was full of James's cum. He fell back and was sitting in the changing booth chair. Cheryl rubbed her fingers over her face and sc****d off all the cum and one by one sucked her fingers moaning and telling James how yummy he was. She then came closer to him and gave James another long deep kiss. He tasted himself on her tongue and actually liked it.

James then said it was her turn. He sat Cheryl down on the chair and proceeded to lift her dress up. He then knew what she meant earlier by me too. The mystery woman had no panties on. He could not believe how wet and how fucking big her clit was. James dove down and started to suck on Cheryl's swollen clit. She moaned and arched her back while James sucked her clit and worked a finger in and out of her soaking wet pussy. He then eased in another finger. By now, the chair was wet. Cheryl had gotten so turned on because she had never done anything like this before. James then started to move his hand up and down with his middle and ring finger inside Cheryl. She could feel the fingers curved up and they started to hit her gspot. A huge rush came of Cheryl and she immediately came. One orgasm, two orgasms and then a third. She could not believe what happened. It was like this man had hit the orgasm button on her. He continued to move his two fingers up and down hitting the gspot. Now, Cheryl could hear herself getting wetter and wetter. Wow, I have never been this wet before she thought. All the sudden she felt another orgasm coming on, James moved to Cheryl's side, but continued to thrust the two fingers up into her gspot. Cheryl looked down and could not believe what she saw, she was fucking squirting while cumming. At first she thought she had peed, but then James said I knew it, you're a fucking squirter.

The orgasms stopped and Cheryl looked down to see a huge puddle on the floor below her. James smiled at her, stood her up and gave her a long deep kiss. His tongue darted in and out of hers. James said that he had never experienced something like this before, but he loved it. He then told her about what he thought when he first saw her. Cheryl said that she'd like to see him again if he was up for it. James asked Cheryl is she had a cell number, she did. They exchanged numbers and James said he be calling her tonight if she was up for going out. Cheryl said yes. They kissed one more time and James said, you better sneak out of here. We don't want to get caught, do we? James left the changing room and Cheryl waited behind. She then left after she got a hold of herself. Wow, she though, someone is going to think a drink was spilled on the floor in here. She left the mall excited about her new found friend.

More to come in the future adventures of Cheryl and James.

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