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First time i felt a real cock in my ass

this is a story about gay sex

i remember it like it was just yesterday.i was just 21 years old and a year into a marriage that was never gonna be right.i was living in Phoenix Arizona at the time and my wife had taken a week long trip to california to visit her f****y. so i was free to do as i pleased.i like to get high and fuck myself in the ass with various objects and items, been doing it since i was in 3rd grade and i always wonderd how a real live cock would feel in my ass. so one night while she she was away i decided to take a trip to the adult bookstore wich had a theatre as well. i was hoping to get some kind of sex. once there i went into the straight porn theatre and sat down and began stroking my cock imediatly a guy came over and kneeled in front of me and asked if he could suck me. ya i replied and he started going down on me it felt so good his juicy lips wrapped around my shaft the heat and wetness. i asked him if i could suck him off he said ok now i wanted a little more privacy than the crowded theatre had to offer and i didnt want to get in trouble so we found a smaller room that was empty cause no movie was playing. i got a better look at this guy he was a light skined black man about college age and dressed like e college preppie nice looking guy so i sat him down and i got down on my knees ,unzipped and slipped his nice cock into my mouth this was the first time i had done anything with another man and i was horny and curious isucked him till he was good and hard then i asked him "would you like to fuck me"he answered with some trepidation i guess if thats what you want.i said yes please and pulled down my jeans to my knees and sat right in his lap, the feeling of his hot hard cock between my buns was unreal i knew this was gonna be everything i had hoped it would i spit on my fingers and got my asshole all slimy then stood up , grabbed his dick in my right hand and sat back down onto it guiding it into my virgin butthole, as the head slid in i was eager to take it all and i sat down more into his lap and began riding him in and out up and down he didnt make a sound i think he was in shock at my easyness i fucked him for about 5 minutes i wanted him to cum in my ass thats what i'd always been missing i asked him if he could come for me he said i allredy did and he asked if he could kiss me. i was a little unsure about kissing another guy but i did and i liked i sat in his lap my bare ass to his crotch i started jerking off and i asked him what his name was alex he told me. how was that i asked him "that was intense" he said back i was about ready to blow my load and i said to him wanna watch me come? yes he said and ahhh i shot all onto my chest and belly then rubbed it in got up pulled up my pants and said well i gotta go.wait he said can i buy you something to eat, im not hungry i replied do you have any d**gs? i asked him no he said i dont do d**gs, oh i said too bad im gonna go get some crack and go home, can i come over he said no i told him im married and have a k** and took off leaving him there with his dick still hanging out of his pants, i never looked back and left to get my crack and go home to enjoy it and feel the slimy cum all up in my ass it was wonderfull what a way to lose my anal virginity. true story by the way.

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