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The Italian Job 13

The Italian Job 13
The following morning to a knock on the bedroom door, Hazel walked in with some coffee and toast on a tray, “morning sl**py head” she said “how are you this morning?” she asked “morning Kim” she said, as Kim shot out from under the covers, she looked at me “how did she know I was here?” she asked “she knows everything, I think she is a witch” I joked “ you had better believe it” Hazel replied, she went to open the curtains, she stopped, “you had better see this” she said, I looked and saw Maria laid outside of my window wrapped up in a blanket, she was physically shaking with the cold of the night, I opened the window and picked her up, I carried her to the bed and put her into my side of the bed and covered her, she was naked as Kim slid out the other side grabbing a dressing gown as she went, her tits bobbing as she went into the bathroom.
“ did she have a room last night “ I asked “ I don’t know said Hazel, I never saw her after the incident with you so I assumed she went off with the black guy as she was still in here when I came to the sunbed and saw you, I pulled back the covers and looked at her then unfolded her and laid her flat, she had no bruises on her and her vagina was not bruised so I concluded that she had not been ****d, I covered her again, pulling a heavy duvet over her to try to get some heat into her, Kim came out of the bathroom “ what is happening today” she said “they will play games by the pool” I said “but if you want to go back to the village I will take you” I offered, “no, that’s ok she said I would like to stay but I need to make a phone call to my uncle” if it’s alright I gave her the number of the hotel and she phoned her uncle and explained that she was at a party and that she would not be home till tomorrow, then she got dressed, ate most of the toast then went off to try to find Marco, I looked at Maria, she was shaking in the bed, “why don’t you get in beside her to warm her” Hazel said I pulled back the covers and slid in beside her, she felt freezing, “here get her to take this” Hazel said “what is it” I asked “It’s a morning after pill, it will prevent her from getting pregnant” she said, I put the pill in her mouth and got her to sip some coffee, holding her up while Hazel administered the coffee, she stirred a bit and turned then put her arms around my neck and came in close to me, my cock responded “not now” I thought as it continued to rise, I rolled on my back and my cock tented the covers “looks like something is reacting in there” Hazel said I just looked at her “if it is going spare, can I make use of it” she laughed “close the door on your way out” I said, I smiled at Hazel as she left, I rolled back on my side, Maria was still holding on to me around my neck with her body very close to mine, she was beginning to feel a bit warmer, I was trying to keep my cock away from contacting her but he was giving me away, I still had a very strong yearning for this woman who was laid beside me, she stirred again shuffling closer and I could feel her breasts against me, her nipples were rock hard, she lifted her leg up my side and my cock slipped down onto her lower leg then she put her upper leg down again trapping it between them with it pressing against her slit, my cock jerked, “ still mine” she whispered, I looked at her, her eyes were open and she was looking at me “don’t you ever, ever do that again” she whispered “what?” I asked “give me away like that without my permission” she said as she kissed me on the lips. My cock jerked again “you seemed to be enjoying yourself and I thought it was what you wanted” I said “I had been fighting them off all night, I had been resisting their attempts to fuck me until you intervened you bastard” she said, kissing me again for a bit longer this time as she had her lips against mine, “I let them touch me when I knew you were watching, I let them feel my body, strip my top off, I let them put their fingers inside me and their cocks in my mouth but I never took anything inside me until you planted me on that fucking black cock” she whispered into my mouth as she was slowly prizing my mouth open with her lips, “didn’t you enjoy the big black cock” I said into her mouth yes it was nice but not as nice as you and he came too quickly, I did not have time to fuck him properly, she was sucking my upper lips then she pushed her tongue into my mouth and moaned at the contact with my tongue “maybe next time I can get him to make a better job of it” I whispered back “ you owe me a fuck from last night when you were inside Hazel, I want to collect” she said, she lifted her head quickly and looked at me “you fucked her arse, I just remembered, you fucked her arse” she exclaimed, “you really do owe me now” she said rolling on top of me, she pushed herself up and sat on me with my cock in between her buttocks, she shuffled and it slipped into her crack, “ooooo that’s nice” she moaned, any moment now he is going to be back where he belongs, she lifted reached down, took my cock and steered it up her cunt, she came down on it and rode it as I squeezed her tits, she doubled and came, “that’s better, that’s warmed me up” she said, there was a knock at the door, “come” I said, Yvonne and Sonia put their heads round the door, “come in” I invited, Maria continued to rock on my cock, “we wondered??” “OK Maria said, they came into the room and stripped off then got into the bed on each side of us and came in close to get their holes filled as I fucked all three of them and gave a special session to Sonia’s arse, much to the annoyance of Maria.
I showered dressed in my swimmers and went out to the pool, Kim and Marco had occupied the two sunbeds that faced each other, Kim was topless with her knickers on as she had not brought swimwear and Marco had his swimmers on with a definite bulge as he stared at Kim’s ample breasts, “do you have any sun protection?” I said to Kim “I don’t have any” she replied “go with Marco and see Roseanna and she will give you some but is dangerous to bathe without, especially topless, you will burn your nipples, and who is going to want to suck burned nipples, I looked at Marco who blushed noticeably, Marco got up and went to see Roseanna, “Are you ok” I said to kim “yeah I’m great” she said, “ this is a fabulous place and everyone is so nice, Marco is a lovely boy but I wish he was a bit more experienced like you, because I noticed he has an incredibly long tongue” she shivered as she said the words and laughed, “would you like me to get one of the ladies to give him some lessons, I am sure they would be willing” I said “no, that’s alright, I am hoping that if he stares at my tits long enough he will either go blind or he will get used to them and not be as quick off the mark, I just need him to last a bit longer to give me a chance to catch up” she grinned, Marco returned with the cream and I left them negotiating who should cream who first, “with tits like that I know who should be first” I thought, she would be the top of my list, either her tits or her cunt.
I went to see Roseanna, I thought it was time to say hello properly to our host, there were several people around and in the pool including Maria, Yvonne and Sonia who were playing with a beach ball and were all topless, quite an impressive sight I thought as they jumped for the ball and their tits swung wildly with the movement “are you going to see Roseanna?” called Maria “yes” I said “because Ellie wants to see you as well” she pouted I looked at her “as long as you save some for me” she said “and me”, “and me” said Yvonne and Sonia in turn, it was my turn to blush as I walked away, Roseanna was on her balcony having coffee, Hazel was sitting with her, “is everything peaceful again now?” said Hazel, she interpreted to Roseanna what had happened, “everything is peaceful for now but there is always tonight” I said “ I need some time with you myself” said Hazel, “ why don’t you mix with the main crowd?” I asked “ there is plenty of cock to go around” I said “I don’t just fuck for anyone, they have to be special for me and I know where to find just the cock to do it” she said as she looked at my shorts, she interpreted for Roseanna who laughed, Hazel left and Roseanna looked in my eyes and I could see the hunger, she laughed and stood up, “come” she said and led me to her bedroom, I dropped my shorts and climbed on the bed, she moved back against the wall and watched me as she slowly stripped and watched my cock rise, “ bravo” she said, smiling, she came over to the bed and clambered onto my legs with my standing cock in front of her, she took it in her hands as she looked at it lovingly, then kissed the end letting her tongue slide around the dome as she gently sucked on it, her lipstick coated lips ringing the tip, she moved forward and touched her nipples with the end as they shot out at the touch, she had obviously decide to make a banquet of me, she licked my balls and sucked my cock then knelt up and mounted my cock as it slid into her vagina, she threw her head back enjoying the experience as I drove my prick into her searching for her cervix, I groped her tits milking them as she looked down at my hands as they thumbed the nipples, she came quietly and the only outward sign was an increase in her breathing and a slow closing of her eyes which when she opened them again were glazed, she leaned and kissed me hard on the mouth her tongue searching for mine, she came again but this time harder as she whimpered into my mouth and I felt the familiar shake of her body as the climax struck her, she rolled me over into the missionary and I fucked her hard as she moaned and screamed at my assault on her cunt with my cock, she arched her back throwing her tits at me to suck as she came again this time grabbing my hair and holding my head on her chest as she shook uncontrollably, she rolled me over again to be on top then she climbed off me and stood on the floor with a bit of a wobble, I started to get up and put up her hand to stop me, she pressed on the bedside table which I knew was to summon Hazel, the door opened and in walked Ellie, Roseanna laughed and went in the shower, Ellie came to the bed and looked at my still standing cock “ Oh good” she said, “ she left me some, I must confess I jumped the queue, Hazel was supposed to be next but as she got distracted in the passage I sneaked in, she will go fucking mad when she finds out” she said “how are you, I hear you had rough night, Maria came to my room last night after her fight with you, she was most upset but she told me what had happened, you are a very naughty boy, giving her to Sam like that, he of course was over the moon, getting to fuck her when all he was supposed to do was to help her tease you, but if you feel the need to give someone away then you know I will be always available and there will not be any resistance from me” she smiled at me as she climbed on the bed, she was wrapped in a beach towel with her bikini underneath, she took hold of my prick and kissed it, “It’s refreshing to see that you stayed erect even though it was only me coming through the door instead of Hazel, Roseanna came out of the shower and dried herself off, she spoke to Ellie in Italian then interpreted for me “she says you have not lost your touch and she hopes you will come and visit from time to time and maybe bring the c***dren with you, she will see you at the party tonight and maybe take the other route” she said looking puzzled I laughed “she wants me to fuck her arse” “O.K I will see her later” I concluded “now let me take a quick shower, otherwise I will taste of Roseanna” I said “thank you” said Ellie “as much as I love Roseanna I don’t particularly want to taste her on your cock” she grinned, she had taken off her knickers and was in the process of taking off her stockings, her legs were wide open and her grey hair covered pubic cushion was in full view, the lips of her vulva were being stretched open by her leg position and her pink vaginal lips were also visible, I looked at her as my cock twitched, “by the way” she said “ have you had breakfast yet?” and laughed as she opened her legs even further.
I came out of the shower after having a good long soak, Ellie was in bed and alongside her was Hazel, Hazel was kissing Ellie long and hard, Ellie was laid on her back, the covers were pushed down and Ellie was naked, Hazel was resting alongside on one elbow and had her fingers in Ellie’s cunt, finger fucking her, Ellie was holding Hazel’s tits and squeezing them, just as I emerged Ellie came and lifted her arse off the bed as she arched her chest Hazel broke the kiss and spoke to Ellie in English “come on old lady let me take you, let me fuck your cunt with my fingers, that big cock is over there waiting to violate your cunt and most likely your arse” their mouths were about half an inch between them but I could still hear the words and the fact that they were speaking English meant it was all for my benefit “then it will shoot all of that lovely sperm into you and fill your cunt and your arse, Hazel kept fingering Ellie’s clit Ellie kept arching her back and coming, Ellie said “I want him to eat my cunt first, he is so good at it, I nearly fainted the first time he did it I came so hard “ she whispered to Hazel “ well maybe I should get him to eat my cunt first seeing as you pushed in this morning, you can watch as he sticks his tongue into my slit and my arse and devour me, I got the message and moved over onto the bed and put my head between hazel’s legs, sliding my tongue into her crack then sliding it down as it slipped into her cunt, she shuddered and came very noisily as she thrashed from side to side with her head, taking the orgasm and its climax as juice streamed out of her, Ellie who was now sitting up watching hazel in the those of coming got hold of my hair and pulled my face away from hazels crack as she dived into the space and started to lick Hazel’s clit, Hazel came again as she realised what was happening, Ellie turned and came to her knees her tongue still in Hazel, she knelt up and I moved over and slid my tongue through her vulva into her cunt from behind, then wiggled it about as I took her juice into my mouth swallowing it as I slurped at her clit and licked her arse rose, Hazel came with a thundering orgasm that wrenched through her body, Ellie came as I slid my tongue into her rose then pushed my finger into her heading for her anal passage, satisfied that the hole was big enough I stood up and lowered myself down so that my cock slid into Ellie’s arse then I started to fuck her arse pushing my cock further in at each stroke forward, Ellie was eating Hazel but was moaning, shaking and shuddering at the same time, Hazel screamed as Ellie bit into her vulva in the heat of passion, Hazel broke away leaving Ellie on the end of my cock, she moved around and locked her mouth onto mine searching for my tongue with hers as I pushed my fingers into Hazel and finger fucked her hard and fast making her ejaculate in a stream of steaming fluid from her genitals, as Ellie collapsed on the bed she pulled off me, Hazel was still grimacing as the ejaculation and the orgasm continued mainly because I had not stopped fucking her with my fingers, I stopped and pulled my fingers out of Hazel, then transferred them to my mouth and sucked them taking the strange tasting fluid in and swallowing it, Hazel watched me take it and groaned, Ellie was laid on her back panting, Hazel was laid on her back gasping for breath “Oh you fucking man” said Hazel, “Where does it come from, how do you make such feelings happen, Hazel gasped, “I know what you mean” said Ellie “ how can we dispose of that fucking Maria” Ellie said “ I don’t know how she does it but he will forgive her anything, I thought my chance had come last night when Sam fucked her” said Ellie “me too” said Hazel, “you sound like two vultures fighting over a carcass” I mused “we are” said Ellie “ we are fighting over the scraps that we are left with, Hazel leaned up “hardly scraps” she said “ there still looks to be plenty of meat on that particular bone to me” they giggled together as Ellie looked up at me seeing that I was still erect “ she turned to Hazel “ are you taking him or shall I?” “ you do it” said Hazel “I must prepare lunch, she slid off the bed, kissed me on the mouth and went in the shower, Ellie spread her legs on her back, lifted her knees and I pushed my cock into her, I really enjoyed fucking this woman as she had no inhibitions or restraints, she just liked being fucked “now don’t fuck about” she said “get that thing into me and give me a seeing to, did you watch Sam fucking me yesterday” she lowered her voice and I knew I was in for a spell of dirty talk, “did you see him shoving his big black cock into me, he is nice and thick but he tends to come a bit quick for me as he shoots his load into my waiting hungry cunt” I was shafting at her steadily, not banging at her but letting her have the full length and she came, gagging on the climax that gripped her making her face contort with the hold it had on her vocal chords “ would you like to give me away like you did Maria?” she purred, she was getting into her stride for a long session “ I wouldn’t object” she said “ not like your fucking girlfriend did, you could find me a nice young man to fuck and I will comply with your every wish, I would like to do servile” she shivered again as an aftershock passed through her body, “ how about Marco” I said “ he is my nephew” she said “it would not be right” she reasoned “would it?” she asked “is he any good at it?” she said as she kissed me slipping her tongue into my mouth and squirming it, she had her hands crossed behind my head, she was obviously considering the possibilities of keeping it in the f****y, “I believe by tonight he might just have improved his technique because if I’m not mistaken he could be practicing right at this very moment “ give it to me you fucker” she purred, fire it into me, let me take it Ellie breathed, she kissed me again and I let it go, pouring my cum into her in one long stream as she came with the warm wet feeling that invaded her body, her head went back and she exposed her throat and I took it, licking and sucking it as she dug her nails into my shoulders drawing bl**d, she clamped her legs around me so that her vagina could suck all of the goodness out of me.
I showered and left her snoozing in the bed, I walked into my room to see what I had expected, Kim was sitting on the cock of Marco as he reclined on my bed, she was riding him but on my entry he tried to get up, she held him down with her hand on his chest, “you made it then” I said “yes, I was right about the tongue, all I need now is to teach him to breathe through his ears and I have cracked it” she said and laughed as I walked around collecting some clean underwear etc. I think he was a bit nervous about my being there because the next thing I heard was Kim “no, no not yet, hold onto it for a bit longer, no, oh fuck” she said as he shot his load into her “ I suppose we will have to start again now” she said smiling at me “ how are you fixed for seeing to me” she said, we have been at it for ages, we have made love about 4 times and not only do I not cum first I do not even get to the finishing line” she quipped “would you like to take a shower?” I offered “I don’t think he would feel very confident in himself if I fucked you in front of him” I said “that would be great, yes please” she said running into the bathroom as her tits bounced and her arse shook, we were both watching her, he got off the bed and dressed, he said something in Italian, then “chow baby” and left the room, I walked into the shower, she was stood under the streaming water posing with her arm up on the shower head rail “I’m ready” she chirped as I moved to her, she lifted one leg and I took it under my arm, her cunt was now exposed to me and I lined up my shaft and stuck it in her, she gasped as it went charging up her, she had her arms around my neck as I thrust into her with my cock, we thrust into each other, she started wailing as all the frustrations of the mornings failure came out and she came with a ripper rocker orgasm as I bent and sucked her nipples, she was whimpering “don’t stop, please don’t fucking stop, fuck me, fuck my cunt, abuse me, I need this oh pleeeease” she came again as she sank her teeth into my shoulder thrashing at me with her hips as she convulsed and I felt her cunt grab my cock, I exploded into her as her eyes widened at the realisation that I had come into her, shooting my spunk into her, she clung to me weeping “oh fuck!!! Oh fuck!!” she said as I caught her as her knees went and mine turned to jelly, she subsided and I wilted, we finished showering washing each other then dried each other, she was going red with the sun, we went into the bedroom and laid on the bed as she came to me, kissing me on the lips as I put my hands on her bum to feel those delicious buttocks as she twitched in my hands “ you certainly filled that void” she said as she rested her head on my chest “if only I could get Marco to perform like that” she said, “would it help if we got a few women to fuck him tonight then he might get his confidence then you can sl**p with him and work on him in private all night, you can have this room tonight if you want, I can find somewhere to doss” I offered
She agreed and the plans were made, I had decided that Sonia and Yvonne were the best ones to use for the training, with Ellie in reserve if one of the other two got waylaid.
I spent the afternoon on the sun lounger with Maria with occasional dips in the pool that included of course a fuck with her each time we went in the water, we laid looking at each other from the loungers, the morning was never mentioned although she was a bit concerned that I had deep scratches on my shoulders and teeth marks in one but did not make a fuss, just concern, “do you love me?” she asked “you know I love you, that is why I do the things I do for you, sacrifice myself for you” she swallowed it “if you love me how could you do what you did last night, give me to another man?” “I thought it was what you wanted, I thought you were serious when you said that you wanted his cock in your arse, I didn’t know that it was all a plot hatched between you and your coven” I said mockingly, she turned and smiled at me “did you like to see his cock go inside me?” she was getting horny “would you like to see it again, to see another man use my body for his pleasure, maybe several men” she purred, looking at me, “in 30 seconds I am going to take you under my arm to the other end of the pool, strip you bikini bottoms from you and invite all the men down there to fuck your cunt and your arse, while I hold you for them” she looked shocked “you wouldn’t” she said “that’s what you thought last night” I said, she looked at me unsure if I was joking, “ come in the pool again with me she said as she stood and dropped her bikini top, it was the best fuck of the afternoon, she went crazy, biting my other shoulder and crying as I shoved my cock right up her cunt then flooded her with spunk as it poured out of me into her.
The evening started and the party began again though I am not sure it ever paused, Roseanna made a rule that all the women had to wear just their underwear for the evening do, no one left the party, they all complied but the men cooperated by removing their shirts, the night was warm with the crickets chirping in the background, I had told Maria about the plan for Marco and how Kim wanted him trained, “can I help?” she said “of course you can” I said “all you have to do is fuck him when it comes to your turn” she looked at me and pouted, “you are still angry with me, you know I will not do that, can’t I just be naked and watch like I do with you and my mother, I am sure I can turn him on with a strip” she said “I am sure you would turn anyone on with a strip my darling” I said she smiled at me “thank you” she said “ you certainly had the guys after you last night when you lost your top” I said “ they were a****ls” she said “ they just wanked all over me, luckily I got my clothes back again” she said then stopped as she realised what she had said “ got your clothes back, why? did you lose them” I asked she lowered her head looking at the ground “ they stripped me and one of them finger fucked me while the others watched and wanked on me” she confessed, “what stopped them from fucking you?” I asked “ Rosanna came and shouted at them as they were preparing to take me in turn, one man was holding me ready for the others but I was screaming and kicking, then they left me on the ground” she said lifting her head a little and raising her tear filled eyes to look at mine “is there anything else I should know?” I asked “ no, that is the truth, I am sorry I did not tell you, I thought you would be ashamed of me and not want me anymore” she whimpered through the tears “ do you realise that all this came about because you were jealous and wanted to make me jealous, you pushed it too far and almost got your fingers severely burned” I scolded “but I thought you like it when I play” she countered “I love it when you play but last night it went too far, remember when you told me the story of you father and your uncle, you said that “they got to the point of no return” well that is what happened last night, you took those men too close and they slipped over the edge, they fell into a pit of sexual lust, they just wanted to fuck you, they did not fear the consequences of r****g you, you had a very lucky escape and it is me who should be sorry because I have been having sex with all of these women without any consideration of what it was doing to you, it must stop now” I said “no” she said “no you cannot stop, they will kill me, you should have seen the anger in my mother’s eyes the other night when we were fighting, she meant it when she said she would feed me to the crows, you talk about the sexual lust of the men but you should witness the sexual lust in the eyes of these women when they talk about you and what you do for them, it frightens me so you cannot stop, for my sake, I will not survive for 2 seconds if they find out that I have caused you to stop your service of them, please I want to go to the room to get ready for the party” she said, we went to the room and opened the door, Kim was sitting on the bed putting some make up on, she looked gorgeous and my cock twitched, “It’s alright” I said “ we are just here to get changed for the party, Maria stripped and went into the shower, she came out shortly after and I went in, I showered and got dried when I came out, both girls were dressed to kill, Kim had borrowed some underwear from Hazel which consisted of cotton panties with lace edges and a half cup bra that hid very little but as it was a tad small for her it was pushing up her breasts so that the pink nipples were just showing the aureoles, Maria was wearing red panties also of cotton with a matching bra that was very low cut so that the inside edges of her aureoles were showing rather than like the tops of Kim’s, “I am sorry, I did not realise he had a girlfriend” she said to Maria but looking at me” she said “don’t worry about it she said, I realise you slept with him last night that is why I slept on the patio, I didn’t want to disturb you because from the noise you were making you were having a good time, I have only one question and I want you to answer it truthfully, did he fuck your arse?” she said, I nearly choked on the drink of water I was taking at the time that she said it, Kim bowed her head “yes” she confessed “that’s alright then” Maria said “ because if he didn’t and he said to you that he would not do it even though you begged him, then I know I have a problem, otherwise I do not regard you as a threat and we can be friends” she said, she walked over to Kim and gave her a hug, “fuck” I thought “now my girlfriend is using reverse psychology on me”.
We went to the party, everyone was padding around in bare feet, the women looked great In their underwear and Marco’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he laid eyes on Kim, Maria was alongside me and we headed for the bar where Yvonne was lurking trying to snare some unsuspecting with Sonia her partner in sex not far behind, they both looked fantastic, they both had thongs on so that the buttocks were full and round, and the bra’s were a bit like Maria’s but mostly transparent so the nipples were showing through, Sonia sidled over and posed in front of me “you like” she said “very nice” I said “you want to see inside” she said pulling her bra away from her tits as they sprung out, Maria glared at her “maybe later” Sonia said, Yvonne was resting her tits on my arm as she stared at me, she spoke to Maria “my mother wants to know where you were today, she did not get her exercise, Hazel came around with some canapés before the dinner, Sonia whispered in my ear “is this the target” looking towards Marco “yes” I said “do you think you can manage?” I said “ I’m sure I can, can I go first, he’s very good looking, can he fuck?” she asked “not very well, this is why you have to teach him so that he can satisfy Kim” I replied “sounds fun” she said staring at Marco.
Dinner went well with no incidents only that Kim kept trying feel for my cock in my trousers and she finished up holding hands with Maria who was trying to do the same, they looked at each other and giggled like school girls.
After dinner the wine flowed and the party started to open out, with the girls and boys making frequent visits to the bedrooms, Maria was being very clingy until I got a couple of glasses of wine into her then she loosened up a bit, I gave Sonia the key and she went off to the bedroom, Kim had been told to tell Marco that his aunt wanted to see him in the bedroom, Marco went off, the room lighting had been reduced substantially, Hazel came up beside me, “ come with me” she said, I looked around, Maria was chatting with Kim so I followed Hazel, we went through the house and down a flight of stairs then along a small passage that looked like a dead end, she had a remote control in her hand and she pressed the button, the wall at the end rotated at the centre as the door opened up, we went inside, the room was very dark apart from a row of television screens, they showed the bedrooms, there was no one else in the room, the screens also showed the pool area and the surrounding grounds, “security” she whispered, she tapped one screen then turned up the lighting intensity of the display, it was my room, now I knew how she had known that kim slept with me, I watched with Interest as Sonia entered then a few minutes later, Marco spoke to her in Italian in Italian, “he is asking where his aunt is” Hazel said, Sonia sidled over her outfit hiding nothing from his eager gaze, he was feasting his eyes on her tits, she had a glass in her hand as she walked to him again, this time she hooked a thumb under her bra strap and pulled it off her shoulder, the breast it supported dropped slightly but stayed inside, she walked away again taking a sip of the champagne, then came back, there were three cameras in the room and I could see that he was licking his lips, she was standing beside him whispering in his ear, she hooked the other strap and it fell from the shoulders, this time the bra dropped a bit and her nipples were on show, she turned around to him and with shaking hands he undid her bra, it fell away, revealing her gorgeous tits, my cock twitched, at the sight I knew so well, she turned to face him, he lifted his hands and cupped her breasts, he folded as he came, a wet patch appeared on his trousers, Sonia gathered him up and lead him to the bed then she ducked into the bathroom and got a towel then cleaned him up taking off his trousers and his shorts, she dropped her thong and reclined on the bed beside him, she was naked and looked fantastic, her magnificent thighs were on clear display, I felt a hand on my leg, Hazel had sat down beside me and had her hand through my legs and was stroking It on the inside, Sonia knelt on the bed and crawled up his legs till her head was over his cock, she lifted it, it was limp, she kissed it and it twitched, she smiled at him, then kissed it again, then again then licked the end and smacked her lips at the taste of the cum on her lips, by now he was on the way back up, she started to masturbate him as she got into the flow of a blow job, she licked and slurped at his cock, he came again, spraying his cum onto her tits and face, she took the towel again and cleaned it up, taking a finger full of cum on her finger end and transferring it to her mouth, she was talking to him again, she is asking him to warn her before the next time he comes, she was resting her face against the side of my leg, my cock kept twitching because she kept blowing through the fabric of my trousers and I could feel the hot breathe on my leg, she slid her hands further up my leg, Sonia was working on Marco’s cock again trying to revive it, she got off the bed and got her drink, then took a drink of it then with the drink still in her mouth she slid her mouth over his cock end, he jumped when the cold drink washed around his cock end then it started to come up again, we were watching a professional at work, she got him up and ran the tip of his cock around her nipple, his cock twitched and I jumped as Hazel reached my balls with her hand and squeezed them with her fingers, Sonia was slowly waving her tits at him as she gyrated her upper body in front of him, she knelt up in front of him then slid her fingers down her naked slit to open it to display the pink interior to him, then she moved close to his cock as she took it and slid it up and down her slit, throwing her head back as though she was having a small orgasm, she trembled and slipped his cock under her then she moved forward again and let his cock find her vagina where it slipped inside, she sat there for a few moments then sank down onto it, he came again, she lifted off him and reached for the towel again, I had to admire Sonia, she certainly had patience, she cleaned him up again then went to work on his cock again, using the wine trick again she soon had him up and this time got him inside her as she ground her cunt onto his cock, he was thrusting into her as she lifted herself off him slightly and bounced on his cock, she came shaking and trembling as her head dropped I knew she had really come, we have lift off, he was groping her tits and thrusting up into her as she bounced, I could hear her whimpering as she came again, she put her fingers between her legs and held up her dripping fingers, she was drowning him in her juices, hazel was now feeling my cock that was swelling with the attention she was giving it and the sight on the camera, the door of the room opened and in walked Yvonne, she walked to the bed then undid her bra and dropped it to the floor, Marco reached and squeezed her tits, she caught his hand and brought it to her lips, and sucked his finger, she dropped her thong, my attention was drawn to another camera, on the screen was Maria and Kim, they were talking to a guy and obviously flirting with him, I recognised him as one of the guys she was with last night, he kept flicking his wine glass so that it splashed onto Kim’s naked breast top that was sticking out of her bra, she kept jumping back as the cold wine splashed her, they were all laughing, they seemed to be edging towards the pool, suddenly Maria shouldered the man into the pool at the deep end, she grabbed the pool net and wound the net around his foot as he floundered in the water, she pulled on the pole, his foot came out of the water and his head went under, he was powerless, she waited a few seconds then pushed the pole down so that his head came up, the guy started screaming as she repeated the process several times, dunking him until he stopped struggling then she let go the pole and his friends pulled him to the side and dragged him out, they were glaring at Maria, two of the security guards that Roseanna had hired came and e****ted the group off the premises, “you have just seen the revenge of Maria” Hazel said looking up at me, she put her face into my trousers and tried to bite my cock through the fabric of my trousers, I switched my gaze back to the room, by now Yvonne was riding his cock and feeding him her tits, she came a couple of times as Sonia was kissing him and sucking his lips, Just a minute I said to hazel and left the room, I fetched Kim and Maria to the room and let Kim watch Marco because what I had realised watching the camera was that it was the inexperience of both of them that was causing the problem, Kim stood mesmerised by the picture on the screen, her guy was fucking these women and they were genuinely coming as he pounded them, “do you understand what is happening I said to Kim” “yes” she said “its partly me and the way I take him, he is ejaculating because of the way I make love to him” she was watching the women work “he is calm he is not over exited, they have relaxed him so that he can hold his erection through the fuck, Maria was watching the screen of the pool, she realised that I had seen what had happened, Hazel squeezed my balls again, I jumped, “I just jump on him” said Kim, hazel pushed a button and the screen rewound to the sections where Sonia kept making him come then bringing him round again “wow!!!” said Kim, she is some woman “ so you have recording facilities on the camera’s?” I said “yes” said Hazel “why” “so we can see exactly what happened to Maria last night” I looked at Maria, the bl**d had drained from her face and her hand was shaking “I would rather you did not show it, this is too upsetting for me” Maria said “Ok” Hazel agreed. Kim was still watching the room, Sonia and Yvonne had gone and the room had automatically dimmed on a pre-set timer, Marco was in the shower, he came out and a figure came to the patio window, the person opened the patio door, stepped inside and approached Marco she was wearing a loose fitting dress that buttoned up the front, she approached him and took his hand then lead him to the bed “who is it, I can’t see” said Kim as we all watched, Maria put her hand in mine and squeezed, her hand was still trembling, I looked at her in the light from the screen, she smiled at me but was not relaxed, we watched the room, the figure moved onto the bed, stood on the bed and unbuttoned the dress, Marco stood in the middle of the room holding his now erect cock in his hand, slowly stroking it, the figure on the bed opened the dress that was now unbuttoned to show stockings and suspenders, no knickers and naked tits, Marco walked to the bed, I could hear Kim breathing heavily, Maria was fidgeting beside me, the figure stepped down from the bed and opened the drawer of the bedside cabinet, I knew what was in there, she pulled out the tube of gel, she moved to the bed and knelt on it assuming the position of servility, she pulled up the dress at the back to show her buttocks to him, he knelt on the bed behind her, she gave him the tube and spoke to her in Italian, she answered him in a voice I did not recognise although I knew who it was, “he has asked what the tube is for and she has told him that she wants him to fuck her arse and to spread the gel on his cock and then on her rose” Hazel said which he is doing, Maria came beside me and said she was going to bed as she did not feel well, she reached up and kissed me goodnight, squeezing my hand as she went, I watched the camera’s and saw Maria walk along the passage way to the other bedroom that had been vacated by the guy that Maria threw into the pool, she opened the door and another screen lit up showing her in the room, she stripped and walked into the shower,
I went back to the room with Marco, Hazel had renewed her assault on my cock as she nibbled my leg, Kim had now taken my vacant hand, I lifted her hand in mine and kissed her hand, she looked up at me “please get inside me” she said “I am desperately horny watching this, I am dripping on the floor I am so wet, I looked down and saw the sparkle of her juice on the tiled floor between her legs that were slightly apart, hazel stood up, just then there was a cry from the room, Marco now had his cock in the woman’s arse and was fucking her hard, she was yelping at the impact of him behind her as he groped her tits and pulling her hair back, Hazel undid my trousers and I felt them fall to the floor, then my boxers came down as kim undid her bra and dropped it, her young tits jutting out aggressively, I stepped out of my clothes and was naked, Hazel closed on me and kissed me getting hold of my cock and giving it a squeeze “at last” she said “he is out and about” she turned and bent then pulled down Kim’s knickers as she stepped out of them, kim bent over and rested her hands on a nearby table so that she could still see the screen, I moved behind her and inserted my cock into her vagina as hazel started to strip, I started fucking Kim as she arched her back as the first one struck her, she really was horny, she groaned as I continued to fuck her, she came 4 times then her legs went and I sat her down as she fell off me, by now Hazel was naked, she sat on the table and spread her legs, I moved in between them and pushed into her as she gasped as my cock went deep inside her as she looked at me as I fucked her, “you have to watch the video” she said “you have to see what your whore of a girlfriend is capable of” she whispered, I glanced at the other screen and saw Maria curled up on the bed, she sounded to be sobbing, Hazel wrapped her legs around me and I increased my pace into her as she arched her back and came, grabbing her nipples and pulling on them, there was a moan from the screen as Marco shot his load into the arse of the woman, he almost collapsed out of her as she closed her dress, moved off the bed and out of the room by the patio doors, I fucked into Hazel at full speed as she screamed, she came with a roaring orgasm that made her growl “you fucking bastard” she shouted “fuck me, come on fuck me give it to me, let me take it, let me take it, come on” so I let it go as I shot my load into her as I continued pounding her, she let out a long continuous wail as her legs began to shake, it was just as though an earthquake was going through her as she thrashed at the onslaught of my cock, she began to subside as she gently humped me with her hips “fuck I thought I was wild when I came“ said kim who was sat on the seat “mine was nothing compared with that but it was good enough” she said as she stood and kissed me, I am going to find Marco and fuck his brains out she said as she walked through the door and along the passage, her gorgeous naked arse swaying as she padded bare foot back to Marco’s room, I stood and watched on camera as she moved through each area of cover, I stooped and picked up my clothes and put them on, Hazel got off the table and put her dress on with nothing underneath, I sat down in the chair, she handed me the remote then walked out of the room, I glanced around and noticed that Maria was no longer in the room, my room was empty as Kim had found Marco, I checked the passageways but nothing, I heard the door closing behind me and turned to see Maria standing naked inside the door, she walked over to me and sat on my knee, dr****g the arm around my neck, please don’t think badly of me” she whispered, I was conscious of the heat in her vagina on my leg as she pushed the play button of the tape, the camera had all the view of the party, it showed the guests coming and going, it showed the woman that I had seen getting fucked by the two guys on the grass, it showed Maria getting d***ker, it showed her having her tits fingered and groped by the guy near the bar as he wrapped his hand around her tits and she kissed him on the lips flicking her tongue out at him, my cock stirred, she looked at me, he was groping her tits as she pulled off her top and threw it away as he sank and sucked her tits, she was tottering and laughing, some of his friends closed in on her as they fondled her tits, then she started to feel cocks and it showed the swimming pool shots as she wanked them into the pool, she shouted something in Italian “it means who is going to fuck me first” she whispered in translation, they jostled her out of the crowd around the pool, undoing her skirt and pulling off her knickers as they went, My prick was stiffening rapidly, she shuffled and it slipped between her buttocks and into her crack, she was naked on the screen, one of the guys opened his flies and got hold of her hair then pulled her head down while he fucked her face another guy shoved his cock into her from behind, fucked her then pulled his cock out of her and ejaculated on her buttocks again she shouted something in Italian “it means who is next” she whispered in my ear coming closer with her face, my cock was rock hard by now as she started to gently rock on it with her vulva wrapped around it, I could feel the wet leaking out of her onto my trousers, another guy lined up his cock and shoved it into her with such f***e that her head came up off the guy she was sucking the cock of, she was wanking him and he came onto her tits, she took a finger full of cum and stuck it in her mouth then smacked her lips, the second guy was finished as he pulled out and wanked onto her arse, by now my cock was jumping, she looked at me “are you excited, do you like watching me get fucked, do you want to feel my tits like they did, all of them, they groped me and fucked me, they held me down and they fucked my cunt, do you want to shove your cock in me now?” the film rolled on as two more guys stuck their cocks into her as she sucked off another, they each shot their loads either on her arse or on her tits or on her face where it ran into her mouth and she slurped it down she shouted again in Italian “it means come you fuckers is that the best you can do, is no one going to pump their cum into my hungry cunt” she whispered again, she had her fingers in my hair as she held her face beside mine and kissed me on the lips, she was still grinding her vulva and all it contained onto my cock that was still safely in my trousers, the film rolled on with at least 5 or 6 men fucking her or making her suck cocks but she was loving it, she was laughing and challenging them to fill her hole but none of them did, none of them would and I realised that the only reason they wouldn’t was because if this whore got pregnant to one of them she could sue for paternity and although they had a lot to drink, they did not want that, they were still fucking her as she spread her legs and let them into her, “you see how I spread my legs for them” she said “you see how I opened my legs and let them in, how I didn’t resist any of them she continued to whisper “ooo you like watching me don’t you, wouldn’t you like to fuck me like they did?” she whispered at my lips as she tried to stick her tongue into my mouth, the film ran on as the guys got tired or bored, she was covered in cum, naked, she stumbled and went down then one of the guys, the guy who she tried to drown, took out his cock and pissed on her, as she sat there on the ground and let him piss down her tits and onto her thighs, she tried to get into my mouth again, ”come on you fucking bastard let me in, you know you want to, let me in like I let them into my cunt, let them into your private little fucking empire, open your fucking mouth like I opened my mouth when My uncle shoved his cock into it and shot his load into me, open your fucking mouth like my father f***ed my legs open and fucked me, it was all coming out, all the years of self-torment, the suffering at the hands of her father, the fact that he had left her and her mother, “I need attention, I crave attention, my father gave me attention for the wrong reasons but if I can get attention by spreading my legs and letting them into my cunt then I will do it, getting fucked is a small price to pay, he gave me attention when he fucked me” she said, Roseanna came into the shot and they all skulked away, she took Maria back to the house and obviously cleaned her up before she came and fucked Sam.
I heard a noise behind me, Hazel was standing in the doorway, she was dressed in a cotton nightdress and with the light of the passage behind her it left nothing to the imagination “you see what a whore she is, what a fucking slut she has become, how she repays you for all your kindness, how she thanks you for making her respectable after she had become her father’s target for i****t, you would be far better off without her” she said venomously “ I will never be without her” I said as I picked her up and carried her back to my room, I put her down on the bed and she curled up into the covers, I sat in the chair watching her sl**p, the next morning I awoke, still in the armchair to find her gone, the bed was empty and so was my life, I had breakfast and said my good byes to Roseanna and Hazel who kissed me and said that if I ever changed my mind I knew where she was, I collected the ladies and drove back to the village, Kim was reunited with her uncle, she kissed me goodbye and thanked me for a fabulous weekend, different! but still good, I dropped Yvonne and Sonia off at Yvonne’s house, she kissed me as did Sonia who tried to stick her tongue into me, I noticed that the door of Yvonne’s house was open as I dropped them off so I drove back to my apartment and settled down to watch some sport, the doorbell rang, it was Maria, Ellie had brought her back to the village, she wanted to know how I was, how I felt, was I angry, was I sad, I said “I am in great pain for which there is no cure”.
I saw Ellie a few days later, she was in the factory and she said she wanted to see me, she told me that Maria had given her notice and was moving away from the village, she hoped I would still see her as she was very fond of me because I had shown her a new lease of life, I asked her how the sex with her nephew was, she asked me how I knew and I told her that even though she had disguised her voice she could not disguise her movements, hers style of having sex or those fabulous legs, she laughed, she told me it was most definitely a one off, was good but he lacked my comedy, my gentle firmness and of course my cock, I fucked her almost every week as I did Yvonne and the voracious Sonia from time to time, I serviced them at Yvonne’s house which she liked because I slept with her and she enjoyed having a man in her bed all night, I saw Maria a couple of times when she came to visit her mum but the spark had gone, it died at the party and deep in my heart I knew it.

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