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How This Married Man Used My Virgin Asshole

My name is Erin. I'm an 18 year old girl living in the little town of Lewistown, Montana. A couple of months ago this married man named Jeffrey came into town to do some work on an IT contract. I ended up spending two nights with him in his motel room. Back then, Jeffrey's wife was refusing to have sex with him because he wouldn't indulge in her sex fantasies. And Jeffrey wasn't giving her any spending money because she was holding out on him. It was to the point where his wife, Caroline, was threatening to file for divorce and take full custody of their two young boys.

During our first time together, i did what i could to get their marriage back on track. How did i do it? I made him indulge in my sex fantasies and give me money. I figured that giving in to me would make it easier for him to give into his wife. Of course, to do all of that i had to blackmail him. I got Jeffrey to tell me his home address and i told him that if he didn't obey me then i would tell his wife about our relationship. You can read about our first encounter here

Last week, Jeffrey called me. He was coming back to town to follow up on his work project. Or so he said. He wanted me to stay with him in the same motel. I was anxious to find out if our first sex session had improved his marriage. Of course, i wanted a couple of days of his hard 8 inch cock also. So i said yes.


I checked into the motel early. When Jeffrey arrived, i was leaning over the dresser and looking in the mirror while i applied my eye shadow. All i had on was my smiley face panties. He had his own room key and walked on in. Without as much as saying a word, Jeffrey got on his knees behind me and pulled down my panties. Then he started running his tongue back and forth between my pussy lips and my asshole.

I finished doing my make-up and said, “Jeffrey, please take your head out of my ass so i can ask you a few questions.”

Jeffrey followed my order and went over to the bed and took all his clothes off. My heart skipped a beat when i saw his big cock, but i kept my composure.

“Jeffrey, is your wife giving you any pussy? Are you paying attention to her sex needs for a change?”

“Yes, Erin, i'm getting her pussy again. Even though we don't like the same things, it's worth indulging her if it saves our marriage. And our marriage is going good now.”

“Then why do you want my pussy?”

“Come on, baby girl, my wife won't do hardly anything except the ordinary stuff. Besides, nothing beats a tight teen pussy.”

Jeffrey had a point there. Then i asked him, “And are you meeting your wife's financial needs. You know, giving her some spending money?”

“Absolutely. I write my wife a $750 check each week to spend anyway that she wants to.”

“You know, Jeffrey, i never believe anything that a man tells me without proof. I don't believe you.”

“Well, Erin, what can i say? You'll have to trust me on that.”

“Jeffrey, do you have online banking?”

Jeffrey said he did have online banking. So i took hold of his cock and led him over to my laptop computer.

“Jeffrey, log onto your bank account and lets have a look at your bank statements and photo images of your cashed checks.”

Jeffrey brought his account up. Sure enough, week after week there were checks for $750 made out to his wife Caroline. The cheater was telling the truth.

“Okay, Jeffrey, one more question. Do you want to have anal sex with me? I've never done that before.”

Jeffrey looked upwards as if he was thanking God and his cock was rising also. That answered that question.

Then i said , “One last thing before we fuck. I need to groom my pussy. Come on over to the bathtub and you can watch me.”

Jeffrey followed me like a puppy dog over to the tub. I got in the empty tub and went to work. I keep the area around my pussy lips bare, but i have a thick brown patch of pubic hair above my clit. I hear that my kind of grooming is called the Brazilian Look. I call my patch of hair my landing strip so guys will know where the launching pad is for their heat-seeking missiles.

Jeffrey offered to help me shave. But i don't trust a man to do such delicate work. Still, i gathered up some of my cut pubs and packaged them in a little plastic bag for him to take home as a keepsake. Then i spread my legs and asked Jeffrey to pee on my pussy and wash all the loose hair away. He aimed his penis just like he was standing over a toilet and hit my clit and everywhere around it with his hot piss. Then i told Jeffrey that it was time to fuck.

Jeffrey lifted me over his shoulder and starting spanking my ass as he carried me to the bed. Then he tossed me down and just started going crazy with me. He was manhandling me. Fucking my pussy in every position that i've ever known. Fucking me hard too. Totally out of control. Just like that Pierre Woodman guy in those porn casting movies where he pummels those pretty girls in some motel room. Not i was complaining, mind you, because there is nothing better than a good hard fuck.

Finally, Jeffrey got me into the doggy position and he put his hard cock right on my asshole.

“Erin, i'm going in. Are you ready?”

“No, Jeffrey, i'm not ready. I've been waiting for this moment all my life and we're going to do it my way.”

“What's your way, Erin?”

“See that piece of paper on the dresser next to my eye shadow? Read that. That's how i want it to be when i have my first anal sex.”

Exasperated, Jeffrey got up to go get the piece of paper and started reading it. It was an xhamster story that i printed out called “Mikey's Guide to Great Anal Sex”. You can read it here

Jeffrey rapidly worked his way through the story and then said, “This is total bullshit. Give an enema, take a nice long shower, something about a 30-gallon water heater, use an ear syringe and water soluble lube...Fuck this. I probably can't find any of this stuff in this little hick one-horse town that you live in.”

“That's not true, Jeffrey. I have the enema kit, ear syringe and water soluble lube all here. In the bathroom medicine cabinet.”

“I don't care, Erin. Besides, it's way too complicated.”

“Oh, Jeffrey baby, i thought you were smart. You went to Stanford.”

“I am smart, but i didn't go to nursing school. Now knock this nonsense off. Your way of having anal sex would take all day. I don't have all day.”

“What do you mean you don't have all day? Where else are you going today?”

Jeffery sighed, “My wife is expecting me back in two hours. She's staying at a motel a few blocks away with the k**s. We're on a road trip trip and i detoured here and told her i needed to do a little work this afternoon.”

I couldn't believe it. This guy had a lot of balls to fuck me in a motel room while his f****y is a couple of blocks away.

Then i said, “Well, i guess that you are just not going to enter my backdoor then. Sorry about that.”

Jeffrey was pissed. “Where's your damn Corona bottle, Erin? You know, the one that you used to ream my asshole the last time we were together.”

“Sweetie, i didn't bring my beer bottle. And even if i did, i wouldn't let you bottle fuck my asshole with it.”

“Okay, well where is your strap-on dildo then?”

I had no idea what Jeffrey wanted with my strap-on dildo. But i told him that it was in my purple purse in the trunk of my car and i gave him my car keys. Jeffrey put on his boxer shorts and shower shoes and went outside and down the stairs to get my strap-on. Fool. What if his wife happened to pass by and see him like that.

A couple of minutes later, Jeffrey returned. “So, Jeffrey, do you want me to fuck you with my strap-on like i did the last time?”

Jeffrey took off his shorts and said, “No way, bitch. This time it is your asshole that is going to take it.” Then Jeffrey strapped on the dildo and pointed it at my asshole.

“Jeffrey, i told you how i want my asshole fucked. Whether it is with your cock or that dildo, i need you to follow the instructions in that story. Don't look for a loophole.”

Jeffery was clearly flustered and looked really silly with that strap-on dildo around his waist.

Then Jeffery jammed his middle and ring fingers up my asshole and reamed me with them.

“Jeffrey, take your fingers out of my asshole. If you don't then i'm going to tell your wife!”

Jeffrey withdrew his fingers. “Erin, you know what you are? You're a petulant teenage bitch tease.”

“Jeffrey, stop using those big college words and just fuck my pussy like you were doing before. Fuck it, you cheating pervert.”

I guess i touched a nerve because Jeffrey got up and pulled the AC adapter cord from my laptop. Then he came back to the bed and wrapped it around my upper body so that my arms were tied to my sides.

Then he yelled, “I've had enough of your smart ass talk, you little bitch. I'm shoving my thick cock down your big mouth to shut you up.”

Then Jeffrey savagely face fucked me. Almost to the point where i felt i was going to choke. My make-up was running and i did look like one of those racoons.

After what was way too long, Jeffrey took his cock out of my mouth and got behind me and pulled up my ass. Then he opened my asshole with his hands. I was sure that he was going to fuck my ass. Instead, he jacked his cum into my asshole.

Then Jeffrey got up and said he had to get back to his wife and k**s because they had dinner reservations.

I was crying. But i did manage to ask Jeffrey if he could at least untie me. He was nice enough to do that. Then the creep walked out the door. After i had composed myself, i picked myself up, washed up and went home.


The next morning i was on my way back to the motel room to pick up a few of my belongings that i had left there. I drove past the motel where Jeffrey and his f****y were staying. I noticed his car in a restaurant parking lot that was next to the his motel. I pulled into the parking lot and went into the restaurant.

I didn't see Jeffrey, but i saw his wife and their two little boys sitting at a booth. I knew the woman was Jeffrey's wife because he had showed me a picture of her on his first visit up here. I took a seat in the booth behind them. The boys were full of energy and were jumping all around and playing peek-a-boo with me.

Then Jeffrey's wife, Caroline, said, “Boys, behave yourselves.” Then Caroline said to me, “Please excuse them, i'm sorry.”

I like happy k**s so i told Caroline that it wasn't a problem with me at all.

Then i asked Caroline if she lived in town or was just passing through.

“Oh, my husband and i are on our traditional late fall road trip. We're traveling from California to visit my parents in Minnesota. My husband had some work to do in town yesterday so that's why we're here. Besides, he had so many good things to say about Lewistown. He calls it an 'oasis in the boondocks'. He's right. This is a charming place.”

Just then, Jeffrey came back from the restroom. When he saw me his face turned completely pale. Like he had seen a ghost. Caroline introduced me to Jeffrey. He sheepishly nodded and then starred down at his scrambled eggs.

Then i said to Jeffrey, “Your wife was just telling me that you are in town doing a little work. What type of work were you doing.”

Jeffrey mumbled, “It's too complicated to talk about. I really can't explain it here.”

Caroline chimed in, “Don't feel bad, dear. He never tells me exactly what it is that he does at work either.”

I'm looking at Jeffrey and he's pouring epic amounts of ketchup onto his scrabbled eggs. He was clearly a nervous wreck. Sweating bullets.

Then, all of a sudden in a panic, Jeffrey got up and practically dragged Caroline and the boys out of the restaurant even though they had just started their meal. Hurriedly, Caroline and boys waved goodbye to me. Such a sweet f****y. Most of them anyway.

During my time at the restaurant i never once considered mentioning anything to Caroline about Jeffrey's “work”. She seemed happy with him and i'm certainly not a home wrecker. But i'm glad that i got a chance to torture Jeffrey. Just like he had tortured me the day before.

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