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Alone in my bed...

...he woke up feeling a little groggy...he always had one too many when his wife was away, but at least he was a good boy this time and was alone in his bed. It was 6 am and as he yawned he felt his morning hard on press against his boxers. It was just natural to him to slide his right hand into his pants and cup his balls, they were warm and loose and he gave them a squeeze letting out a soft groan. His hand moved from balls to the base of his shaft and he slid it up to his head where he rolled back his foreskin. He loved that feeling when his skin popped under his head, he looked down, it was red and glistening, with a firm grip he slowly moved his hand up and down his shaft. He watched his skin roll back and forth over his head and smiled to himself. He loved wanking but he was alone this morning so needed to heighten his sexual arousal.

He rolled of his boxers and threw off the duvet, reaching into his bedside drawer he pulled out his cock ring and a butt plug. The ring was metal and leather, almost gladatorial and not easy to get on with a fully hard cock, but with plenty of lube he managed to get it between his balls and cock then over his felt so good. Next he lubed up the plug - it wasn't big but it felt good inside him he lubed himself up and reached around to press it inside his tight hole...he gasped as it popped, then sat on the bed so it stayed inside him. He rocked slowly massaging his prostate not touching his felt so good, his arse burned deep inside and he felt a little pre cum ooze from his head.

He couldn't stand any more and gripped the metal rings around his cock slowly moving up and down as the bit into his skin, he knew he couldn't last long and started to work harder bringing his hand hard down onto the top of is balls. He worked it for a couple of minutes while he rocked on the plug, the deep sensation driving him to new heights. Just as he felt his balls tighten he stopped and watched his cock twitch he was so close, but he controlled himself and slapped the head of his cock with the palm of his hand, not once but 2 3 4 times. He gasped the initial pain followed by the subsequent pleasure.

The slaps had stopped the initial urge and his hand gripped his cock once more, this time he worked up and down a little harder than before. Every nerve in his cock was being stimulated by the rings, it seemed like forever but could only have been a few more minutes before he let out a groan as a stream of hot cum shot from the eye of his cock and over his belly. His heart was pounding, he pushed down on the plug trying to get it deeper as he came, 3, 4 ,5 shots before he squeezed the last drops from his softening member.

He took a drop of cum from the head with his index finger and sniffed it before licking it off, his finger worked up his body, taking strands of warm cum onto his finger and into his mouth. He raised his ass and pushed slightly until the plug popped out.

He looked at his clock, 6.30am rolled onto his side and drifted off to sl**p with a smile wondering what he would dream about....

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