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Black cock in me

I've never been a sissy outside of a bedroom around a dominate cock. Most would think I was
a ladies man outside of the bedroom. But once inside with a man its up to him to take charge
to bring out the female slut inside me.
I'm a handsome male by ladies standards. I work out during the week and play on the weekends.
Women to me are easy for me. Call it game or what ever, but I want to be more like the female
type. I like bringing out the a****l in men and pleasing him,kinda like I'm better than any
female. I like my men to be average looking,no pretty boys.Guys in their 30s to upper 50s.
I was never with a black guy, until the night I met Kevin.
I was in a bar called the Cove. It was a mixed bar,black, white male and female,and only one
thing on their minds.....SEX. I saw Kevin standing at the end of the bar talking to two younger
women. Seeing him standing there kinda shook me in sexual standards. Being in this bar trying to
pick up a straight male was always a challenge to me. I liked it though because it brought more
out of me. He was 6'2" slight hair and very muscular.He wore a polo shirt and had on docker pants.
I thought of ways to draw his attention to me even though I thought he was going in for the kill
on one of the two white women was were there talking to him. Maybe befriend him and watch him.
Now guys here leave with guys, women leave with women and its pretty much a free for all. I thought
I stood no chance. I thought to myself, I never been with a black guy but it wasnt for the lack
of trying. Kevin just made me hungry.
I spotted a pay phone near where he was standing and I looked for my play to use it.
Once near him I made it a point to bump him to get his attention, touch is the first trigger to
sexual aggression with humans. Either it was going to be bad or it was going to work out.
Since these were my 420 days I could make the excuse I was stoned, sorry and be on my way. That
was one way of looking at it. But as I walked towards him my heart started pounding faster,my palms
started to sweat. I looked pretty weak but I was upright and did what I set out to do.
As I bumped into him he looked me right in the eyes, we both had that deer in the headlights kinda
look as we we glantzed at eachother. His look stopped me in my tracks only stop stop for a moment
he grabbed my hand and then let go. Shock waves entered my body as I fumbled with the phone.
When I turned around he stood behind me,looking at my ass like a piece of pounding meat.This guy
was hungry and I was going to soon become the object to satisfy that hunger. he introduced himself
to me as I tried to walk by him. What was going on? he had two ladies and he was looking at me?
I told him my name and he introduced me to Karen and Belinda. I wasn't interested in a 4 some with any
women so I felt odd, like a fake as I shook hands with the girls. "karen works for me in my Diner
down the street, and she is her s****r". Was I relieved at that? Nope. But I thought what the hell
lets stick around to see whats going to happen. I like games.
I stood there as Kevin asked me what I was drinking. "I'll take a Mickeys" I responded, knowing dam
well that Mickeys gets me in a horny mood and I thought for a minute that I was going to be be odd
man out. We got our drinks and Kevin waved the girls off and put his arm around me as we walked up
to the bar.This was working out way to good to be true. Still shy of what was happening I sat down.
"This is a hustlers bar, did you know that?" kevin asked. " I been in here before but never saw anything
that appealed to me".I explained.
"What are you into?"Kevin asked. "Well I'm into men really" I answered. "What kind of men and whats
your price?" "Or is that pussy free?' kevin asked me. "I dont have a type and I'm not a hooker or
looking to become a hooker if your a pimp". Kevin laughed. You ever been with a black guy?' he asked
giving me a surprised look. "Not for the lack of trying" "I once again answered him.
The fact that he mentioned me as pussy got me stirred up. I just didn't want to say lets go so I let him
do the leading. "I want some of that ass tonight".Kevin told me,looking like it was about to be go
time."Well I love sucking cock" I told him to get his mind off of my ass for the minute.
" Thats ok you can suck it all you want,you can suck this black steal till your mouth gets sore but
I'm fucking that ass". I thought to myself I have a wicked mouth and if hes got a nice cock I'll suck
him dry and he'll forget about my ass. Rarely do I give up the ass when I don't know em and I would
guess hes going to bare back me if he gets the chance. So my challenge was confirmed to me so I waited
For his cue to leave which was about the time I got my beer done.
We walked to his car,it was nice BMW with leather seats,he was getting in the door and he told me,"were
going to a sleazy motel, hope you dont mind, but they have good movies there". I told him it was cool with
me and we left. My heart was racing as we pulled in. I didnt know if he was aggressive or he was going
to have me undress myself. We got out and he went to take care of the arrangments.I stood outside and
I heard a couple having sex.Were the walls that weak? I'm loud myself.I didnt want to draw attention
to myself. We walked into the room,a dim light was on in the corner. A movie screen and a what looked
like a hot tub which he flipped the switch to start it. It started to bubble and he lit an incence.
The room smelled like raw uninhibited sex. As the light went out the movie started to play. Kevin
started taking his clothes off as I watch with hunger. I eyed what I though was a really nice black
cock,much darker than its owner. I myself got undressed and he lead me to the hottub and he picked
me up with both arms like he was taking me across the threshold.
As we both got in, I felt the warm water on my legs and ass. Once he was in he lit a joint and passed
it. A cock sucking trigger if I ever had one was 420. This was really good weed and we both got high and
I watched my first interacial porn flick. If for that fact I had a burning desire burning in me.
"Nice" he said as he tweeked my nipples that were fully erect. "That bed makes nosie and you can hear
other people fucking in the next room but I dont know how loud you are?" He explained to me.
As he stood up his cock was getting nice and hard, As it was outside the water I saw that it was more
than a nice cock.It was big black and mean. I went into a hypnotic trance looking at his cock.
He pulled my head over and my thick lips were soon wrapped around my first big black cock.
The power of his cock soon had my mouth in a fever cock sucking mode as I worked his big cock, sucking
him all the way down to the pubes as he growled with pleasure.I tasted his precum and I stated to enjoy
taking him balls deep,taking it out and licking his thick black shaft. I started teasing the head of
his cock licking the piss slit and under his head.Then I worked all of his head then desended the
length of his cock down to his balls swallowing him then assending back up till my head bobbed up
and down his big black cock moaning and moving my head back and forth milking his waiting sperm built
inside his mean cock. Bursting his sperm in my hungry mouth I swallowed as I tasted him. Warm thick
sticky sperm. That fact that he shot his load didnt bring his massive cock any smaller. He was still
very hard and it was throbbing for ass action. I stood up placing my hands on his muscular chest.
Kissing him our lips became intangled.Serching for our next sexual high,I told him to take me to bed
I was his slut for the night and he could do as he pleased to me.
He pulled one of my legs over his arm and picked me off the ground as he went for the other as my hungry
hole waited hovering about his mean black cock. He slowly lowered my till his cock head was at my hole
he let up then f***ed his cock inside me, I gasped with a loud moan as he entered me,bucking his hips to
deeper inside me. Soon he was in,buried deep inside me he slowly fucked me to get my ass wet before he
started getting agressive with his mean black spam hammer. Soon we in the bed as my ankles were over
his shoulders."Your going to know black guys know how to fuck" he blurted out at me. Kevin pounded my
hole like he was the new owner of it.If this was sex I wanted more of him, his staying power and the
sexual power he had over me as he covered my face in hot sticky sperm. I licked the sperm from my lips
and took my index finger and whiped it from my face licking my fingers as I went. "sexy bitch" he said
to me. He then stuck his cock back in my mouth and I sucked him some more till he was ready for another
round of fucking my hole. He had the ace and he got my ass 3 times that night till he left me sl**ping
in the bed. I woke up knowing I had really great sex with a great guy.
I sometimes return to the cove looking for him but I never can find him. I had 2 more guys from the cove
since then but havent been back in years and was the same. I often think about Kevin. I find myself
thinking about the fucking he gave me and the hot sucking I did to his big black cock. Ok Im horny
again,Time to find a new ruler of my mouth. A big mean cock full of hot sticky sperm.

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