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Camping with Stepdaughter 4

When I left after my last post Lesly was in the van sl**ping. I waited about an hour or so and went to check on her. She was awaked but very upset. I asked her what was wrong. She thought that I was mad at her. I asked her why. She said that she thought that she took it to far with the stranger and that she wanted to finger herself for me first. I told her that it was for me and that I was watching her at the same time as the man was. It had turned me on to no extent. I gave her a hug and said lets go for a bike ride. She pulled me close a told me that she was mine and that she meant what she said anything to please me. We fell into a long sensuous kiss. I said get ready and I will get the bikes down.

She came out in a tube top and pair of cut off jean shorts. The crotch was cut very narrow and her outer lips were peeking out. We took off and I let her lead. I just couldn’t get enough of her hot muscular ass. When it comes to being on a mountain bike she has the skills. She could race if she wanted to. We made a little wager the winner to the top of the trail got to tell the other what to do. I am no slouch on a bike either.

We came to a technical area on a steep down hill and her tits popped out of her top. She had to keep her hands on the bars or she would crash. Waiting to come up the hill was a man and his wife. The man turned his head and watched her tits go bouncing by. His wife slapped him a yelled out keep your tits in your top slut. I was laughing so hard I just about crashed. We road for about an hour and yes she won. I asked her what she wanted me to do. She told me that she wanted to watch me jack myself off. She sat down on a log in front of me with her eyes glued to my crotch. I pulled out my cock and started pumping my hand up and down full length of its shaft. She yelled faster. I could tell by the look on her face that she liked being in control of the situation. I did this for about ten minutes and told her I was going to cum. She pulled off her top and told me to cum in her mouth and on her tits. She took the head of my cock in her mouth and ran her tongue under the tip to my sensitive spot. I started shoot and didn’t think I would quit. It was in her mouth all over her face and dripping off of her tits. Once again she cleaned it up with her fingers and swallowed every drop. I sat and rested for just a bit before we road back to camp. I told her that it would be her turn tonight to play with her sweet pussy just for me. To be continued

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