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First experience with my b*****r

I allways was very shy. as a k**, I didn't even dare to talk to a girl, let alone have sex with her. But I was very curious and had collected quite a collection of porn magazines. Being a k**, I didn't have much money though, so I had to make do with whatever I found, and one day I found this magazine with a skinny white guy being used as a fucktoy by two hugely hung black guys!

At first, I was shocked, but in time, this mag became my personal favorite, and I used it every night to jerk off to, cumming all over my belly and dragging my fingers through it to taste it.. I found out I rather loved the taste of fresh semen.

Then one night, my b*****r, who slept on the same room as me, found the mag which I had hidden out of shame. And went on to blackmail me into sex. I've been blackmailed only a couple of times in my life but this was the only time I was trembling in anticipation.. I had seen my b*****r in the shower after we played soccer, with the whole team, and I knew his cock was much larger then mine, even though I am normally built.

He was laying back on his bed, demanding me to pull back the sheets. As I did so, I saw I hadn't seen nothing yet, as now he was sporting a massive boner. He was two years younger then me, and allready his cock was over 6 inches tall, and massively wide. As I apprehensively approached his cock, after also stripping my underwear, he pulled me by the hair and thrust his cock into my mouth as far as it would go, and then some.

Gagging, I reflexively tried to crawl back, but this only put me into a position where my throat could be abused deeper. I nearly gagged, my eyes watered, his cock reeked revolting, and tasted foul at the start, but I was more excited then I had ever been, and my cock sprang at attention as I was being skullfucked by my b*****r!

He let his cock slide out of my mouth allmost completely, just a fraction of the head of his cock between my lips, and shoved it back in violently in a steady rhythm. it wasn't long before he started moaning, and I made an effort to let my tongue arouse him even more, when he suddenly proclaimed he was going to cum. I wanted to back away, but he just said.. "don't you stop sucking, you are my bitch now!"

true to his word, he pulled my hair hard, shoving his cock into me with a thrust that made my nose touch his belly, and his balls slap against my chin, and I felt his cock shooting straight into my stomach, so deep was his cock I didn't even get to swallow those first jets. after holding on for a few seconds, he released my head, thinking I would back away now.

I got a taste of his cum as it was nearly exiting my mouth though, and it tasted even better then my own.. I guess it tastes best directly from the balls.
So I made it my mission to keep sucking him good untill every drop was mine.. at the end, he shoved me away 'cause his dick was starting to hurt.

We lay there for a few more minutes, catching our breath, and I collected my clothes, thinking I'd love to do this again some time.
My b*****r gave me this odd look though, asking me where I was thinking I was going. as I told him I thought we were going to sl**p now, he just laughed, and said "you've only sucked me off, that don't count, I want to make you my bitch for real!"

I was afraid. up untill now, not even a finger had entered my ass! and now he was talking of shoving that huge tool of his up my back door!
I started to protest, but he just stayed silent and gave me that look that told me I better do as he told me or be sorry.. so I gave in!

I was still down on him, and started sucking his tool again, this time feeling it swell inside my mouth. It actually gave me a feeling of power, untill he pulled my hair back, and simply said "it's time!"

He instructed me to position myself on all fours. then he came behind me, breathing heavily into my ear. After a bit of fumbling about, his cock found the target, and part of the head of his huge cock entered my little hole. I let out a yelp of pain,and he pushed my face into the pillow, saying "you think that hurts? I just started entering, the head of my cock isn't in even by a long shot! and you better be quiet, or our parents will find out anyway, without me telling on you!"

I bit the pillow, now more afraid then ever, and my b*****r leaned in heavily on me, making my ass hurt like nothing I experienced before! it was like liquid fire being poured into my bowels. and then, suddenly, the head of his cock was in, and I found the rest of it followed quite easily, still hurting like a motherfucker but now a bit more manageable!

Since he had just been sucked dry by me, he could go on like forever, and that's exactly what he did. I must have been fucked over half an hour before I heard him start moaning. I begged him to withdraw, so I could suck him off again, but he slapped me on my head and told me to shut up and be a good little bitch and take it!

after a few more thrusts, my b*****r let out a deep moan of pleasure, while cumming straight inside my ass, as deep as he could thrust. after about a dozen thrusts, which I felt keenly, with the cum spreading in my bowels, he pulled out his cock, which was now smeared with a mixture of his cum and my shit.

NOW you can suck my cock again bitch, and make certain it is totally clean, or there will be hell to pay, you hear me? I was thoroughly disgusted, but, at this point, also aroused to the max, so without question or comment, I went and licked his cock clean, first with long licks from my tongue across his shaft, and, after cleaning off most this way, I took his cock in my mouth again and sucked it clean, half an inch at a time, untill his cock was completely in my throat again!

My b*****r didn't have any plans of making me stop, and I had no intention of stopping; either, even though my jaw started hurting severely. Then, my b*****r surprised me once more by producing our baseball bat.. a slim model, but still at least an inch thicker then my b*o's cock! He turned himself around on the bed, while hovering over me, his cock never leaving my mouth as he pulled my legs apart and back, and put the bat against my allready sore ass!

"you got hot from watching that guy being fucked by two huge cocks, no? you're going to feel what that is like now for real!"
At that, he started thrusting the bat inside my ass, allmost making me forget myself and clench my teeth.. I still wonder what punishment I'd have received if I had done thàt!

It wasn't hurting as bad as that first fuck though, and , while I was sucking him still, and he was fucking me with the bat, he also started sucking me.
my moans where coming closer together and my b*****r pulled his mouth away, continuing to jerk me off with a hanky wrapped around my cock. While he was stll throatfucking me with his cock, and abusing my ass with that bat, it didn't take long for me to come like a volcano. the hanky was positively soaking wet!

After he came in my throat for the second time, he made my suck the hanky dry.
This was my first experience with my b*****r, but definitely not my last. for about 5 years after, this continued on a dayly basis, some times even with him inviting some of his classmates to join in.

I've had several guys after. one of them with a dick that reminded me of that baseball bat.. but no guy has ever made me as hot ever after like my b*****r that very first time..

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