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Enjoying Shawn's cock....

I loved my Aunt. She was gorgeous and looked cute. She had nice full boobs. Her nipples could be seen protruding below her blouse.Uncle used to work on ship and used to be on sea for months. I could imagine her living alone for months without her hubby around. She had the company of a young college going cousin, -Shawn. He too was smart and manly.
I had gone to her to spend my vacations. We were only three people in her big mansion. It was a lovely mansion with nice garden and a swimming pool. I loved my vacation at her place. We all three were having a lovely time. We used to swim and then sun bathe by the pool side. I loved to watch my Aunty as she looked so killing in her swimming suit. Her boobs were the most attractive and could attract anybody's attention. Shawn too looked so manly in the swimming trunk and I loved to watch his bulge. I could clearly see the outline of his soft cock and sometimes imagined as to how big it could grow when hard and stiff and whether it could be easy to accommodate......
I used to sl**p with Aunty in her bed. The bed was very spacious. She used to cuddle me often and caress me in her arms. Some times she used to kiss me on my lips. I loved her hands on my body.
One day I was sl**ping on her bed after lunch. Aunty entered the bedroom after lunch and lied down besides me. My eyes were closed but I was not in deep sl**p. I could feel her looking at me and slowly her hands moving on my body. She was moving her hands on my boobs and her caressing was becoming more and more intimate. She was cupping my boobs and trying to locate my nipples. Once she thought, I was in deep sl**p, her caresses became more aggressive. She slowly opened my blouse and started fondling my boobs. Her hands felt so nice. I kept on pretending I was in deep sl**p. She had exposed my boobs and was now freely playing with my boobs. She sometimes sucked my nipples and her lips on my nipples felt so hot and exciting. After she had exposed my boobs and played with them to her heart's content, she raised my skirt up and her hands started moving on my crotch. Then she slowly inserted her hands in my panties and was playing with my pussy. My pussy had already become excited and was dripping wet. She was exploring my knob. My knob had become all stiff and her hands felt so nice. Her hands had become very bold and aggressive. Her fingures were freely going in and out of my wet pussy. Her fondling of my body felt so nice. I kept pretending in deep sl**p. Then she put my panties back in position and she walked out of the bed room.
Next day again after lunch I was resting in her bedroom with my eyes closed. Aunty entered the bed room . But today she was not alone. Shawn was also with her. They both rested on the bed on either side of me. I could soon feel her hands on my body. I loved this and wanted to enjoy it with shut eyes. I could find Shawn also joining her and soon both were caressing my body. I kept my eyes shut. I could experience some hand opening my blouse and my bra hooks. I could soon experience my boobs were pulled out and exposed. I was enjoying both their hands caressing and fondling my boobs. Soon I found my nipples were being sucked and I was almost shivering with pleasure. When they saw I was still in deep sl**p, their actions became more bolder.
" Shawn, now pull down her skirt. She is in deep sl**p." She has grown up into a fine young lady. Her healthy body needs some release"
I could experience Shawn's hands were pulling my skirt down.
" Now pull her panties too". I could hear Aunty telling Shawn.
Soon I found Shawn pulling down my panties. Now I was totally exposed. I could easily visualize both of them looking at my exposed young body.
" Aunty, she looks beautiful. Look at her boobs, so full, and so soft. Look at her legs and her thighs. Look at her pussy...See how it is dripping wet." Shwan was complimenting my charms.
I was enjoying the whole feeling pretending as if I was in deep sl**p. They wanted exactly this. Their touch was becoming very intimate and I could feel Aunty sucking my nipples and Shawn playing with my stiff hard bud. Suddenly I could feel my bud being sucked by Shawn. He was nibbling at my rose bud. I could not take this excitement and my whole body started trembling in excitement.
" Did I not tell you, she has a great body" ? Aunty was asking Shawn.
"Yes I do agree with you totally. She has great boobs and her pussy is also beautiful. I would love to enjoy her pussy." I heard Shawn telling Aunty.
"Go ahead , but be slow. Her body is already responding to our caresses and she has become all wet, so it will not cause any difficulties to your stiff cock." I heard Aunty telling.
" Shawn you have a nice cock too. See how the devil has become all hard and stiff. Let me feel it" saying Aunty slowly pulled out Shawan's cock which I could see from my half closed eyes. The cock was huge and thick. It was bouncing in Aunty's hands. Aunty was lovingly playing with it. I could see the crown of the cock had all become sticky and it was almost bouncing uncontrollably. It was far bigger and stronger than my Boyfriend's cock.I would have loved to take that nice stiff cock deep inside me.
I could feel my legs being slowly pulled apart and my wet dripping pussy was all made ready to receive the strong assault. Aunty was lovingly caressing my knob. She was holding it in her two fingures and pinching it lovingly.
" See her knob too has become all stiff like your cock. The naughty little soldier. It needs to be punished by the stiff cock.Come on, be slow, don't make haste. Give her slow long strokes. Let her enjoy your nice stiff cock." So saying I could see Aunty holding Shawn's stiff cock in her hands and placing it at the entrance of my pussy.....
"Give a slow push....Let it go in slowly. Let the hard cock feel the wet soft pussy folds,--- embracing it softly-- while allowing it to advance in..." Aunty was instructing Shawn.
I could feel the stiff hard cock now slowly entering the secret depths of my pussy. The Pussy wanted the cock badly to pound it in and out. It was all excited to receive the intruder. The thick hard long cock went almost to it's full length. I could feel it touching me deep inside. Then the cock was slowly pulled out and again trust to enter deeper. Shawn was giving slow, long stokes with his stiff cock and was churning my depths in and out.
" See her body is shaking. It is loving the cock. Now slowly increase the pace of your strokes." I heard Aunty telling Shawn.
Shawn was giving longer and harder strokes now and his speed was increasing. My whole body was floating. I had my eyes still closed, but my body could not pretend any more. It was all shaking vigorously...Aunty was caressing my boobs and sometimes touching Shawn's cock while it was going in and out of my pussy. I just could not pretend any more. I clutched Shawn with both my hands and pulled him towards me . I wanted to feel all his cock deep inside me. Shawn and Aunty --both noticed my condition.
" See, Shawn, she is fast approaching her orgasm. Hold her with all your f***e and pound her deep with your cock. Let her feel the charm of the throbbing cock deep inside her. Increase the pace of your strokes."
Shawn's grip on my body also became tight. We were holding each other with all our f***e and he was pounding my depths with all his relentless fast strokes. I could not take it any more and I reached a shattering climax. I let my body totally loose in his strong embrace and could feel the pulsations of the throbbing cock and depositing it's hot essence deep inside me, in squirt after squirt. I could feel at least ten squirts coming out of the throbbing cock,-- deep inside me -- and the feeling of the vibrating cock felt so nice...
After depositing all it's cream, the cock was gowing softer. After sometime, Shawn withdrew his cock. Aunty pulled me close to her And held me in her soft embrace. Her lips were sucking my lips and her tongue f***ed it's entry in my mouth. I had let my body all loose in her embrace. I once again closed my eyes and let my body be played with in her soft hands. I was floating in heavens.....
It was a great vacation and we all three enjoyed it thoroughly.....

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