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Cum Party

this was written for me by my former lover (we fantasized about being married and having fun like this).. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

As I told you all before my wife and I have been married for five wonderful years and our sex has been increasing with intensity, kink and lust each year of our marriage. My wife, Lee, is a gorgeous blue eyed brunette with big natural breast and face of an angle with long beautiful hair that most women would die for. Her girlfriend, Jen, is a tall sexy blond, cute face with fake but nice titties.

On day my wife and Jen were talking about there sexual fantasies and what they like to do. When they both found out that they like the same things and when Lee found out that Jen was a cum slut and had a whole bunch of guys that she can call on, my wife nearly fainted and her pussy immediately got soaked and throbbed uncontrollable. My wife also told Jen the one of her baggiest fantasy is to watch me suck cock and eat cum.

So with that Jen said she can set this up any time she wanted. She said she only needs two days to get my boys together and most of them have no problem being with a dude. They can cum anywhere and they are all clean and disease free.

My wife was ecstatic and when she told me I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. So Jen set up a date for all of us to get together and it was the next Saturday after they spoke about it. My wife and I still and no idea how many men Jen had or has sex with. When they started too arrived at our house we were overwhelmed. There were 30 guys standing in our living room. We all started drinking beers and taking the edge off. They were all nice guys and good looking too.

So we all started to migrate down to our basement were we have a big sex play area with a sex swing and toys and accessories but on this occasion we laughed at each other going down the stairs that we will probably not need any of that with all these cocks.

When we got there my wife turned to me and said “I am so fucking wet right now and I cant wait for you and me to eat lots of cum”. With that I put my hand down my wife’s paints and felt here dripping cunt. She was right, it was the wittiest I have ever felt it and my wife normal has a wet pussy but tonight it was literally running down her leg. When I pulled my hand out of here paints Jen was standing right next to us and she said “what are you guys doing starting the party with out me”? With that she took my hand and put my juicy pussy dripping fingers right into her mouth and then she kissed my wife with a long French kiss. Then Jen pushed my aside and started making out with my wife while all the guys watched. She slowly undressed her taking her shirt and bra off and spending some time licking a sucking on my wife’s nipples. She took her paint off and laid her down on the table and started to lick my wife’s wet pussy. They both moaned and gasped at the feeling and the fact that 31 guys were watching. Then Jen turned around and told all the guys to get naked and show Lee and her husband your big cocks that are full of cum. She then told me to stand over in the corner of the room and watch as your wife gets fucked by 30 guys and I will call you over when your are needed.

So without any more to-do the first guy was ready. He had a really big cock and Jen grabbed it and started sucking on in hard and deep. She then guided him over to my wife and pushed his cock into her wet pussy. I didn’t know how to feel watching my wife fuck this stranger. My wife had this look on her face that made me know it was ok and that she was so turned on. Jen told the guy to fuck her hard. “Hard and deep until you explode deep in her cunt”. It was obvious that Jen had done this before and all the guys new what to do. So the guy fucked my wife and I could see he was ready to cum and then he did. He appeared to cum a long time with his pulsating cock deep in my wife’s cunt. My wife was moaning with pleasure. When he was done she told him to hold his cock in here pussy. Jen called me over and told me to get on my knees. I did and then she had the guy pull out of my wife’s pussy and put his still hard cock right into my mouth. She made me suck on it and pull the last drops of cum out of it. Now I know my wife told Jen everything because this is my wife’s biggest fantasy for me to suck cock and eat cum. Jen then made me get up and go over and kiss Lee. I did and shared the guys cum with Lee and then she whispered in my ear “I love you so much, now go eat some more cum out of my pussy for me”.

Jen then pulled me back and said now get in between your wife’s legs and eat out that cum. I got down there and I just started to eat out my wife’s beautiful cum soaked pussy. The taste of my wife’s juices and the guys cum was so fucking erotic. I licked her cunt so good and I scooped out the cum with the tip of my tongue. Then Jen pulled my by the back of my hair and told me to spit the cum into her mouth. I did what I was told and there was a lot. Then she pushed my head back down to my wife’s pussy and said “keep eating it all until she is clean and ready for the next cock”. She said all that with a mouth full of cum. She then went up to my wife’s face and started kissing her. I watched them while my mouth was buried in my wife’s pussy looking over her pubic mound and tits and saw the cum drip out of Jen’s mouth into Lee’s. As soon as it was in me wife’s mouth her pussy literally exploded and throbbed uncontrollable in mine. They kissed for while and then she said to get out of there so then next guy can fill her up with cum. We were in for a long night of fucking, cumming and eating lots of cum.

Now that my wife had a second cock in her Jen straddled my wife in a 69 position so she could watch the cock fuck her pussy and have my wife eat and lick Jen’s pussy. Then Jen said to another guy “come behind me and take your big cock and fuck my pussy right over Lee’s face”. The next guy was all too eager. So now Jen and a big cock fucking her and right over my wife’s face and I could see her reaching up with her mouth licking Jen’s clit and the cock going in and out of Jen’s pussy. Jen said to the guy “come on fuck my cunt hard and fill me up with your cum so I can feed it to Lee”. She also side that to the guy fucking my wife to fill her cunt up with cum too. With all that said both guys came almost at the same time filling both cunts up with cum. Jen told me to get behind her so when the guy pulls out that I should lick his cock clean for Lee’s viewing pleasure. I did it and while I was sucking this guys cock right over my wife’s face I could see the cum starting to drip out of Jen pussy. This feeling was almost overwhelming for Lee as she was watching me suck a pussy drenched cock, her own pussy was full of cum and being licked out by Jen, she was ready to explode again. When I pulled the cock out of my mouth a gave it to my wife and she sucked it eagerly. Then we pushed him away and we both stared at Jen’s dripping cunt. My wife leaned her head up and took one big lick and got a mouth full of cum. We kissed and played with it felling the texture of the cum in our mouths. Then we both licked Jen. I was licking her ass and Lee was licking her clit. Then Jen could not control herself any more and started cumming hard. Her cunt throbbed and with each pulse of her pussy muscles the guys cum dripped out and all over my wife’s pretty face. When Jen was done cumming and Lee took her tongue off of her clit I proceeded to lick the cum off my wife’s face.

Now all the rest of the guys have been watching us for the last hour fucking and eating cum and all of the dicks were ready to explode. So my wife and Jen had more plans that I was unaware of. The both got up and told me to sit down on my knees. They both sat on the table looking at me and said to the guys “ok now go fuck his face hard and then cum on his face”. So I sat there and started to suck these guys cocks one and two and three at a time. I could see Lee and Jen just watching me while the kissed each other. So at one time I had one dude fucking my face and I was jerking two others off with my hands. They were already to cum having watched that unbelievable sex show. So the first guy got off right in my mouth. He came with such f***e that half his load when right down my throat. I started to gag and he pulled out and sprayed the rest of his load all over my face. Then almost simultaneously the other two cocks I was jerking off started to cum. So I pulled them closer to my face and jerked them off really fast and hard and let them both cover my face in more cum while I looked right at Jen and Lee. Now there were five more cocks ready to cum so I just put my hands down and let them come over to me and release all their jizz on my face. One guy was behind me and came right on top of my head, two more were on either side of me and the shot there loads on the side of my face and it ran down my back and chest. Another guy amid it right between my eyes and it just cover my forehead and dripped down my noise. I never thought I would enjoy all this cum and to share it with my wife was awesome.

Now I was sitting there drenched in cum and I was watching both of the girls kissing, playing with each other wet pussy’s. Then they crawled over to me and started kissing me. When my wife’s mouth touched mine ever so gently I could feel her warm breath breath into my mouth and then she licked my lips to taste the cum. Then Jen started licking my face and Lee got more cum and then we all started kissing back and forth swapping the cum into each others mouth. We did that for awhile and until all the cum was off me face and dripping down our chests.

Now Jen said “ok now the cum feast finally”. So Jen was kneeling sitting on her heels and Lee was right next to her. Jen made me lie down under both of their tits so I was looking up at them. Then she said “ok guys come over her and give us all your cum now”. So with that they straddled over top of me and Jen and my wife started to suck and jerk their dicks off as I watched from under there titties. It did not take long before the guys started to shoot their loads and what loads they had. Form my vantage point I could see their cocks exploding as they went from my wife’s face to Jen’s face and all the dripping cum went onto their tits and onto my face and body. I reached up to lick the dripping cum of my wife’s nipples and then I went to Jen’s tits. I could tell my wife was pleased with me because she was touching me and rubbing the cum into my chest and face and I could feel her pelvis thrusting on my head. This went on for about 45 minutes while each guy took his turn to dump their load onto the girl’s faces. Sometimes there were three guys cumming at once and the flow of cum coming down my wife’s and Jen’s tits was overwhelming and I tried to keep up and lick it as it dripped on their tits. By the time they were done they had about 25 loads of gooey cum driping off their faces and tits and my face and body was cover from what I could not keep up with licking it off their tits. I watched as Jen and Lee kissed all the while the cum was shooting. I know my wife came at least three times as this was happening because a felt her hand between her legs. She even felt up Jen’s pussy and made her cum too. Then they pulled me up and we all started kissing as all the guys left us dripping in their cum. When the last guy left we just stayed there kissing and smelling the cum and rubbing it into our skin. Then they took me by the hand and lead me to our bedroom and they laid me on the bed and started to fuck me. First Lee and the Jen got on top of me. Then they let me fuck them doggie style I went form my wife’s pussy then over to Jen’s pussy. I did that for a while until my wife said “ok you can cum now”. So they both turned over and laid next to each other and Jen said “yes we need more cum now since we all are officially cum sluts come up to both of our faces and spray us with all you got”. I was in fucking heaven. I positioned myself over both their faces and my wife made me sit on her face. She put her tongue so far up my ass it made me squirt uncontrollably. I stopped rubbing my dick and let Lee lick my ass real good. Then Jen put her mouth over my cock and sucked it. I was losing my mind and all control. So with the last hard thrust of my wife’s tongue up my ass and Jen’s hot mouth over my cock I exploded uncontrollably and filled Jen’s mouth up with so much cum until it was overflowing and dripping out of her mouth. As my pulsating cock slowly subsided I pulled my cock out of Jen’s mouth and let it fall onto my wife’s face. I rubbed it all over her face and forehead and Jen went down to kiss her and I watched the cum pour into my wife’s mouth. I then came down to my wife and we all shared my cum until it was all dripping down my wife’s neck and into her hair. We all just curled up in the bed with all the sticky smelly cum all over us and feel fast asl**p.

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