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Bi Sexual Hubby with good morning surprise for cum

this story is written for me. Imagine the narrator as a 50yr normal looking man with a nice cock and writing to me (voluptuous insatiable horny 40 year old woman)

One morning you woke up extremely horny and wanted really hot kinky sex and it just so happened two of my bi-sexual boyfriends stayed over. So I went out to them and told them that you were extremely horny and that we both love lots of cum and would they come in a join us. So you were all ready playing with yourself and were so wet just thinking about what was about to happen. I told George to lie on the bed and I started to suck his cock while you watched and played with your pussy. I spit on his cock and deep throated it several times until he was rock hard. Your pussy was dripping now and I never seen you this wet even when you licked my ass for the first time. I leaned over George so I could lick your pussy juices up. Then I took you by the hand and guided you over to George and made you straddle him. I took his cock in my hand and slide it right up in to your soaking wet pussy. Then I came up to your face and kissed you nice and deep and long so you could taste your juices and my spit and just knowing I had his cock in my mouth made your pussy flood all over George’s balls. Then I got behind you and bent you over so I could get in-between his legs so I could lick your pussy juices off of his balls. Then I would slide my tongue up to your ass and just lick your ass long and deep. I must of stayed there licking your ass and his balls for a good 15 minutes while you slowly fucked him. Then I got up and my face is soaked with your pussy and ass juice. Then I got on my knees on the floor so you could see me and then got Richard to stand right in front of me and took his nice big thick cock and started to suck it while you watched and fucked George. I sucked Richard cock for a while and I could tell he was getting ready to cum so I stopped and told him to get behind you so he could fuck your ass. He got behind you and I spread your ass cheeks apart and licked you real good and put my fingers up your ass. Then I took Richards cock in my hand and guided it right into your ass. I watched as the head spread your asshole open until it just rapped around it and then it went all the way in. I had my head right down there watching both cocks go in and out of your body and watching a steady stream of pussy juice come out of your pussy and all over Georges balls. I came up to your face now and started to kiss you and you licked all the pussy juice from my face. We swapped our spit back and forth to each other. Then I stood up so I could fuck your mouth with my cock and I could see everything in the mirror. You had three cocks in you right now a triple pentration. I grabbed your head and started to fuck your mouth slowly and deep. I could feel the back of your throat. I could hear both George and Richard getting more and more excited and you knew they were both getting very close to shooting their hot cum deep into your ass and pussy. I know it too and it was getting me harder and harder and my balls were acing to cum and just the thought of licking your pussy and ass clean was getting too much for both of us. You wanted my cum so badly. So all of a sudden you could feel Richard hard cock pounding your ass and exploding so much cum deep into your asshole. Then George popped his load deep into your soaking wet cunt and that’s when I could not hold it anymore hearing your moans of pleasure. I pulled my cock out off your mouth and held the base of my cock real tight so I could shot a big load into your face. It came out with such f***e and the first shot hit the back of your throat, the second when up across your face forehead and into your hair then next 7 eruptions covered your noise, cheeks, lips, open mouth and dripped off your chine and all over your tits. It was one of the biggest loads I have ever had. I just stood there looking at your cum soaked face and came down to you and kissed you so sweetly and you pushed to cum form your mouth into mine. We swapped the cum back and forth until we swallowed it or it dripped down out chests. When I was done kissing you I got off the bed and Richard slowly pulled his cock out off your ass. I got behind you so I could see your gapping asshole and started to lick it nice and gently. I could immediately taste his cum and sucked it out of your ass. I put two fingers into your ass and spread your asshole open and spit the cum back into your ass so I could suck it out again. Then I went down and slowly pulled George’s cock out of your pussy and started to suck on it to taste your juices. The cum started to pour out of your pussy and I caught most of it into my mouth. You then turned over on to your back and laid down. I came up to your face that was still drenched in my cum and I started to kiss you again. This time my mouth was full of George’s and Richards cum. I made you open your mouth and I let all the cum in my mouth drip into yours. We kissed a long time passing the cum back and for until it was all gone. You were so fucking hot right now and had two orgasms already while you were getting fucked playing with your clit and watching my suck cock. I went down between your legs and started to kiss and lick you everywhere. I licked your ass some more and your pussy. You kept pushing the cum out of you ass and pussy and I was eagerly licking every drop op. Now I started to finger your pussy and ass so I could get more cum out. I would pull my fingers out of your ass and show them to you and put them right in my mouth licking up the guys cum. I fingered your pussy harder and harder and you were pushing on your bladder and all of a sudden when I pulled my fingers out you could not control yourself and squirted so hard and so long that you filled my mouth up with your sweet pee. It came out so hard it when everywhere. My face and hair was soaked but I didn’t move and wanted all of it. I stayed until you were completely finished and I licked your pussy clean and your clit over and over until you had the most incredibly orgasm. I stayed down there and gently kissed your clit, pussy and ass until you had no more orgasms to give. Then I came up to you and kissed and held onto your body until we both fell asl**p with all of the sex juices all over our bodies.

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