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I met my wife Jackie when she was 14 and I was 17. I married her when she was 19 and we had never been swingers, we had a normal life until our son went to University, it was then that our lives changed for good.

Jackie was 43 years old and still as stunning as she was when she was 23. 5ft 3inch tall, blond hair, blue eyes and small tits with huge nipples.

It was a few weeks before Christmas when I was surfing the porn sites that I found Blacks on Blonds. I was fascinated and I guess it was fulfilling a fantasy of mine.

I Talked to Jackie about the site and pictures of black guys fucking mature blond housewives, just like her. She did not respond much, just said I was perv, but I did notice that she got more excited during our love making after I had talked about the subject.

When Christmas came around, I printed some pictures of young black guys with huge cocks fucking little blond wives like Jackie, I made a calendar for Jackie with 12 pictures. The blond in the first picture had the same hairstyle as Jackie and looked a bit like her. I also purchased a big black vibrator that was moulded from some black porn stars cock, it was 8 inches long and very thick.

I gave them to her later on Christmas eve when our son was not around, she hung the calendar behind her wardrobe door & locked it.

Over the following weeks I used the big black vibrator on her and she loved it, I asked if she would love a real black cock, but she never would answer me.

Then one day I caught her looking at the calendar. She went red with embarrassment and asked me if I thought the pics were real and if white couples really did meet black guys. I said yes they did and there was loads of black guys that would line up to fuck here. She told me not to be silly, who would want her at her age.

That night we made love & she was wetter than ever and the big vibrator slipped in real easy. She said that I would never agree to let another man fuck her, let alone a black guy. I told her that I had seen the way she looked at black guys on the TV and I would if she wanted to.

Over the next couple of weeks I encouraged her to sit with me on the computer at night. We started to talk to some black guys on AOL. She thought it was fun & felt very horny when they said the pictures of her were stunning. After a couple of weeks she allowed me to take more pictures of her that showed her wet pussy with her black vibrator pushed in deep, she would giggle and say this is unreal.

Then I pushed her a bit further, we should choose one of the guys to meet with, she was still unsure but went along with me. We was talking more and more to one guy called Michael.

I started to leave Jackie alone at the computer to talk to him. One night he asked Jackie if she would like to come over to his place for a drink on Sunday afternoon, she said she would talk to me and get back to him.

When I spoke to Michael, I said we would come and meet him for a drink. I told him that I had had a vasectomy and Jackie did not practice any birth control, If Jackie felt did comfortable about it all and wanted to take it further, he would have to wear a condom.

I told Jackie that I had agreed that we would meet him for a drink and take it from there. If she wanted to leave at any time we would.

I could see on the Saturday that she was both excited and apprehensive, she was trying on all her sexy outfits and finally decided on a black Basque, trimmed with red lace, it had no bra, just pushed her lovely tits up. On the Sunday she put on a very short red flared skirt, long black boots and a black see through blouse and I could see her big hard nipples, she looked stunning, even though she had to wear a long coat to go out in.

We arrived at Michaels and Jackie was physically shaking, she held my hand and said are we sure about this, I said yes it will be OK.

As we walked in Michaels house he made Jackie feel at ease, he told her she look wonderful, he gave her a peck on the cheek and patted her bum. He was wearing loose joggers, and it was clear that he was not wearing underpants as his limp cock looked huge. He left us for a few mins alone in the lounge. I directed Jackie to sit on the double settee and I sat in a chair opposite her.

Michael returned with a bottle of wine and poured us all a glass and sat next to Jackie. After a glass of wine I think Jackie had decided we would stay, Michael said that I was one lucky guy to have such a beautiful wife. Jackie looked at him smiled, he took this as the opportunity to move close and kissed her, this turned into a long passionate kiss and continued with many more, I could not stop watching and my cock was rock hard. Michael placed his hand between Jackie’s legs and I see her move them apart a little. Her skirt had moved up and I could see him working his fingers into her pussy. After a few mins he showed me his wet fingers shinning with her juices, your wife is one hot bitch Simon, I think it’s time we took her to my bedroom. I was stuttering and asking if I could video, he laughed and said of course u you can.

Michael led Jackie to his bedroom and took off her skirt & blouse, laying her on the bed he removed her G string and placed his tongue in her wet cunt. He licked and finger fucked her for about 10 mins. Jackie had already had 2 orgasms when he stood up and removed his Joggers. Jackie looked at his cock and nearly passed out, it was huge, it was not just long but very very thick.

Michael climbed on the bed and placed his cock in front of Jackie’s gapping mouth, she was only able to get a few inches in her mouth and her cheeks was bulging. She sucked him for a few mins & liked the precum from his slit.

Michael said are you ready for me babe, she nodded and said do you have a condom, he said dam I forgot to get some. I said don´t worry I have some in my coat pocket, I rushed off and on my return he was laying alongside Jackie, she had his cock in her hand and they was kissing passionately.

I handed the condom to Jackie, she fumbled it out of the rapper and rolled it over his enormous cock, it just covered the bulbous head and about 2 inches of his shaft, clearly too small.

Michael placed his cock at the entrance of her waiting pussy, she moved up to meet him and about 5 inches disappeared into her cunt, she gasped and looked at me. He pulled out slightly and then pushed the rest into her, all the way to his balls. Jackie was already starting to climax, but he just stayed there, deep inside her, she was gasping for brief and moving her hips, but Michael just moved in close and kissed her deep, he kissed her like this for about 10 mins and was whispering in her ear, she was nodding and nearly cumming.

Michael pulled out of her and asked her if she wanted to be fucked, she could not speak, looking at me again and nodded yes to him.

This time he drove his cock hard into her and she screamed, he fucked her hard for a few mins and pulled out, Jackie squirted a huge spray over his cock, I had never seen or felt her do that. Good girl he said, your mine now. It was then I noticed there was no condom on his cock, it was on the bed under Jackie’s ass. He drove his cock back into her and she went wild, she could not stop her orgasm, I thought at one point she was going to pass out but he pulled out and she squirted again. He pushed back in slowly and started kissing her again passionately, just laying there with his hard cock deep inside her, Jackie was slowly moving her hips, working his cock.

When he fucked her hard again he drove deep into her and shot his sperm deep into her womb, Jackie held him there with her legs ****d around his back. He kept his huge limp cock in her for about 30 mins, all the time he was kissing her and whispering to her again.

After he pulled out and they separated he asked me to get the wine, when I came back Jackie was cleaning his cock. We all d***k some more wine & he asked if I had enjoyed seeing my wife fucked, he could see I had as my pants were soaked.

Jackie sucked his cock some more and he become hard again. She spread her legs for him and Michael moved and positioned his cock at her swollen pussy lips. He slapped her pussy with his cock and asked her who’s cunt it was, Jackie replied yours. He told her to beg him to fuck her and she did. He said do you want a real man to fuck you again in front of your little cocked husband and she said yes. My wife was begging him to fuck her again as she lifted her ass of the bed to meet him, I could see her white hand on his cock as she placed it back inside her sopping wet cunt.

He fucked her like this for 6 hours, dumping his sperm into her at least 3 times, he was a heavy cummer and his cum was thick like double cream. When he cum the second time he said he had not fucked for 3 month & Jackie got the lot.

We did not talk much on the way home, I think Jackie was in shock. By the time we got home the car seat was wet and sticky from Michaels cum leaking out of her.

We went straight to bed, I wanted her badly, but her cunt was big and slack, so I licked her pussy until she cum, I could smell and taste Michael in her. I guess I was now a cuckold husband.

As we laid there, I asked if she enjoyed it, she said it was beyond her wildest dream, she said she loved sex with me but this was different, he made me climax more than I have ever before, she said I have had more orgasms today than I have in a year. Then she said, what happened to the condom, he came in me loads of times.

She said she had not realised the condom had gone until he cum in her, she could feel the head of his cock right up into her womb when he exploded a huge load. She said I will have to go to the pharmacy tomorrow and get the morning after pill.

I asked Jackie what he had been whispering to her. She said he had told her that she was his slut now, that Simon would never be able to satisfy you with his tiny cock again. He told her that would be begging him to fuck her again in a few days, she would not be able to live without his cock.

Well he was right – see part 2

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