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My friend Julie ......Part 2

I have never had an orgasm so intense, it was fucking fantastic
Julie decided that we needed another person to join in, so she made a phone call.
Half an hour later there was a knock on the door, I went downstairs and let in the most gorgeous black guy I had ever seen he had a cheeky grin on his face. He told me his name was Vin, and I told him to join us upstairs.
We both went upstairs and Vin took a big double ended dildo out of the bag he was carrying and told us to make use of it.
I grabbed it and licked the end of it and inserted it up Julies wet pussy and I put the other end up my pussy then we both fucked each other fast and hard Vin meanwhile, was wanking his big black cock and watching us girls have our fun.
This went on a few minutes then Vin pulled the dildo out of my cunt and spread my legs wide and licked me from ass to cunt up and down again and again while rubbing my clit, well I was sooooo horny that I came very quickly and he lapped my cum up very eagerly. He then pushed his massive cock up Julies cunt and started fucking her doggie style I was so jealous as I wanted that black cock up my cunt, so I got on all fours beside Julie and waited. My wait was not long because before I knew it a big black cock was fucking my cunt oh bl**dy hell it was massive and hurt at first I could feel its girth rubbing up my cunt.
He pulled out and made me turn round and put it in my mouth and very soon he was pumping his load into my throat, I reached over for Julie and kissed her while giving her a present of his lovely cum to taste she then gave it back to me. TO BE CONTINUED LATER

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