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Camping with Stepdaughter continued

The next morning I woke up early. I felt guilty for what had gone on the night before until I looked down and saw her lying beside me. She looked so beautiful. As I got out of bed I pulled the covers down so that I could get a full look at her womanly curves. She was no longer my stepdaughter she was my young lover.

I got up and went out to cook breakfast for the two of us. When everything was ready I poked my head into wake her up. She sat up exposing her firm breast and toned stomach. She smiled and said that she would be right out. When she stepped from the van she was wearing one of my wife beater shirts. It hung down about two inches past her dancers’ ass the sides of her firm breast were visible through the sleeve holes. Her nipples got instantly hard as the cool air hit her beautiful skin. Her red hair shined in the morning sun. She walked up to me and threw her arms around my neck pulled her body to mine and we locked in a long passionate kiss. She pressed her body tightly to mine and with a smile she said wow good morning is that for me. I said yes but we had better eat before we get to that. She gave me a little pouty face and grabbed my hard cock that was straining to be free of my shorts. I gave her a swat on her hot little ass and said that we had all day to take care of that.

As we ate breakfast we started to talk. I asked how she had seen her mom and me. She said that she would sneak up from her room and stand in our door way in the shadows. She shocked me when she said that she would slide her hand down her panties and finger her pussy while she watched. She then told me that her friend had come over to watch a movie. They had been going through the tapes and found the one that had no label. They put it in and there was her mom sucking on my hard cock. It was the first that they had seen and they thought that it was huge. I don’t have a monster, but I am hung much better than average. She said that she had fantasized about me from that day on. That she would lie in bed and finger her little pussy and think about me.

Half way through breakfast I dropped my fork. When I bent down to pick it up I saw that Lesly wasn’t wearing any panties. I looked at her pussy and it was open a getting very wet. I was smiling when I came back up. I asked her if she was horny. She said yes very. Right then a man walked by and saw Lesly and his eyes about pop out of his head. My hot little daughter got up and went to the cooler. She bent over at her waist and gave him a perfect view of her tight little ass and her sweet wet pussy. She then turned while still bent over a showed him her tits. She came back to the table and sat next to me. She spread her legs wide to give him another look. I asked her what possessed her to do that. She said that she thought that I would like it. I told her hell yes. I grabbed her hand and we went to the van.

I went in the van first. She stopped just outside the door and got a devilish little look on her face. She looked around and pulled the shirt up over head and threw it into the van. She saw the man again and said that she would be right back. She walked back to the table and got her drink. He walked within twenty feet of her. She said hi to him and all he could do is stammer. She slowly walked back to the van while he watched.

She stepped into the van and said that she could not believe that she had just totally showed a stranger her naked body. Her body was shaking. Her nipples were hard as rocks and looked like two erasers. I looked down and her pussy was so wet it was running down her thighs. I pulled off my shorts and motioned for her to come over to me. She knelt down between my legs and looked up at me. I put my hand behind her head and pulled her to me. With my other hand I lifted my cock up to her lips. She said that she had never done this before and said that she was afraid that she wouldn’t be any good at it. I told her to do it like she had seen her mom doing it on the video. She grabbed my now aching cock with her hand and began kissing it. She backed of and licked her lips and asked me what was on her lips. I told her that it was pre cum for lubrication. She smiled and told me that it tasted good. She then licked around the head and up and down the shaft from my balls to the tip and back again. It felt like she had been doing it for years. I saw her mouth open and she sucked the head of my cock in. She sc****d me with her teeth and I jumped. I explained to her how to fold her lips over her teeth and she went back at it like a hungry a****l. With each down stoke of her head she would take me in deeper. Soon she was able to take the full length of cock in and down her throat. She now cupped my balls. She stopped and told me that my balls were huge. I asked her if she could swallow my load when I was ready and she said that she would try. I was skeptical when I cum there is a very large volume and it shoots out like a fire hose. She quickened her pace and I could feel my nuts starting to tighten up. I told her I was going to cum. Then I blew my load. She took as much as she could but there was too much. It was oozing out from between her lips and my cock. I pulled back and shot the rest of my load on her face and her beautiful firm breasts. She looked a little shock, but started cleaning off her face and breasts with her fingers and slipping them into her mouth. My little girl was a real little cocksucker. I gave her a towel and she cleaned the rest up.

She looked up at me with a look of satisfaction. She knew that she had pleased me and pleased me well. She sat on the bed next to me and spread her long legs. Her pussy was wet and open. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes and said that she needed my cock in her now. I pulled her off the bed and bent her over. I wanted to look and her tight young ass as I fucked her hot little pussy. I slid my cock between her lips until I was hard again. I positioned it at the opening of her little love hole and had no more than touched it when she thrust back against me. My cock slid four inches into her. She looked back and said it was easier if it went in fast. I grabbed her slim hips and buried my cock clear up to my balls. She said that she wanted me to fuck her hard so that is what she got. I was hitting it hard and fast. I could feel my big balls bouncing off of her belly. I reached up and grabbed her breasts a squeezed as hard as I could. Her juices were squirting out of her with every thrust of my hips. She was screaming and telling me to fuck her like the little slut she was. I looked out of the door and the man was behind a bush watching us fuck. I moved Lesly over so that she was facing out the door. I whispered in her ear that her friend was watching and told her to look over at the bush. She saw him and started slamming back into me harder with ever thrust. She came and came and came. I told her that I was going to cum again. She turned around with her gaping pussy facing the man in the bushes and took me down her throat. I came and filled her mouth again. She then sucked me dry and then turned and smiled at our voyeur and went in to clean herself up.

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