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I was cruising the web the other day watching some porn videos as usual and came upon one in particular that brought back some memories of a time when I was still a very young boy. The video was of a Mother and young son taking a bath together. I began to remember how my Mother would let me get in the tub with her and wash me all over, and she had me wash her back for her. It was a normal thing at the time since I was not quite 10 years old yet. After I turned 10 the baths with Mom became less frequent and nearly a year went by. One day as I got home from school it happened that Mom was getting ready for a bath. I was in need of a bath also after fooling around on the playground at school. As Mom headed into the bathroom I stopped her and asked why we didn't take baths together like we used to. She replied "I don't know son I guess because you were growing up and I didn't think you wanted to anymore." I told her "I always liked it Mom and remember how I would wash your back for you. I really miss the time we spent together in the tub."

She thought for a minute then said "Well I guess it would be OK you're still my little boy. I'll run the bath water while you get undressed and get some clean clothes to put on then you can join me in the bath." I went to my room, stipped off my clothes, grabbed my PJ's and walked into the bathroom and got in the tub. Mom had put some bubble bath in the water and we were covered by bubbles half way up our bodies. I sat between her legs with my back toward her as she began washing me down. She reached around me washing my chest and belly then did each of my legs. Then she washed me between my legs, I suppose just like she always had before, then she stopped suddenly holding the wash rag directly on my crotch area. She said "Hmm, something feels a bit bigger down there than I remember, you really are starting to grow up fast." I turned around facing her and said "Do you want me to wash your back now?" She said yes and moved aside so I could make my way behind her.

Now I sat with her between my legs as I scrubbed her back and shoulders. The wash rag slipped out of my hand and slid down her front, I reached to catch it but missed and my hand landed on her breast. She said to forget about the wash rag and just use my hands to wash her boobs. I took the soap and made some lather in my hands then reach around her and ran my hands all over her front. Her boobs seemed to be bigger that I remembered and when her nipples got hard as I rubbed them I felt my dick begin to grow and soon it was sticking out and was sliding between the cheeks of her butt as I moved around. I felt a little embarassed at that point, getting a boner was still very new to me. I finished washing her and we rinsed off.

Before we got out of the tub I said "Mom there's something I've needed to ask you about. You said I was getting bigger down there. Something I don't understand is why my willy is always getting hard and sticks out. Some of the guys tease me and say I have a boner." She got up sitting on the edge of the tub and told me to stand up in front of her. I did as I was told and she looked down at me, "Oh my word son, now that I see you it's obvious you have started puberty. I can hardly believe how big you are now. It looks to be about 5" long and it is quite hard isn't it." she said as she gently held it in her hand. "Mom what can I do, it happens all the time, like in the morning when I wake up. After I pee it goes away, but other times I don't know what to do about it." "Well son, since your Father is away overseas I guess it's up to me to explain some things to you.

What I'm holding in my hand is properly called an erection, the boys will call it a boner or hardon or a woody just to name a few. I can show you how to take care of it when you are alone. The easiest thing to do is to rub it for a while and it should go away." "Mommy can you show me how to do that now?" She laughed and said "I guess I could do that, but first I want to show you something that girls can do for you when you get older, it's called a blowjob and it goes like this." She leaned forward and put her mouth on my stiff little cock and moved up and down on it. I let out a loud moan when she sucked down on me. "Oh Mommy that feels so good, but I think you are making it worse. It's throbbing so hard." "That's OK it's normal. Now come closer and I'll show you something else." She put my boner between her boobs and squeezed them around me moving them back and forth. "This is called titty fucking and it can be a lot of fun. Does it feel good to you?" "Oh mommy it feels great, I'm getting all tingly between my legs and my balls hurt." She said "Don't worry, we'll be done soon. Just move your hips back and forth a little and let your dick slide between Mommies tits." I pumped at her tits several times and all of a sudden my body went stiff and a thick white goo was squirting from the tip of my dick. It wasn't very much and I felt a rush go through my body when I finished.

Mommy said "Congratulations son you just had your first orgasm. How do you feel now?" I gasped for air and said "I feel like I'm going to pass out, I'm so dizzy. Will it always be like this?" "Most of the time yes, sometimes its even better. As you get older you will see." She was right, and each time I jerked off it was wonderful. As a few more years passed my dick continued to grow and so did the amount of cum I could produce. When I turned 15 I was getting really good at masturbating and shooting a big load too. One day while Mom was in the bath alone I walked in, naked and stroking my hard cock for her to see. "Watch Mommy, I can cum really good now." and with a few quick strokes on my cock I shot my cum all over her tits as she sat in the tub. We laughed together and I said "Thank you Mom for teaching me so well, I love you!"

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