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Old girlfriend

One of my old flames found me from out of the blue one day. She was married and unsatisfied. She had put on a few pounds in the 10+ years I had not seen her, but she was still sexy and it just made those jugs of hers bigger.
She was proud of her nipples, she would say "I have nice aerolas, don't I" and she still had dynomite legs with a grasp to hold my ass into that hole.
I went by her house during the day when her husband was gone. She had me sit on the couch next to her. Cuddling led to breast fondling, led to clothes off and she got my face in between her legs.
She was wet upon contact. Her hole was loose and she loved to have my hand working in until I had four fingers in massaging the inside of those pussy ridges and feeling the contours of her vagina.
Then she was working my cock to the point I could take no more and turned her over for some doggie style entre. It did not stop there. She wanted on top and that dick in her ass up and down, watching those boobs bounch.
She told me her husband would turn on the Spanish language tv shows at night and watch all those Latinas with their boobs, but he wouldn't come to bed to mount. Man, what was this guy thinking?
I laid her on the couch and drove my hard 71/4 x 6 in - she said she missed that big dick.
It was the first of many visits that lasted for many months.
I hope she calls again.

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