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The Joy of Momdom Part Three: The Education of a

This is part three of the story. Sorry it took so long. Again, the usual disclaimers apply. If you're under 18, you shouldn't be reading this. If you're offended by stories involving i****t, then you don't want to read this story.

In this story I inject an element which some who are offended by blasphemy/religious heterodoxy may not care to read. None of the characters in the story are under 18.

The Joy of Momdom Part Three: The Education of a Goddess.

My strap-on dildo wasn't any bigger than two fingers put together. My son Jesse’s full lips wrapped around it as he sucked. My fingers grasped his dark honey blonde hair as it slid back and forth in his mouth. Being new to sucking cocks, or at least their representatives in my toy collection, I decided not to overdo it until he had more experience. If he didn't feel any discomfort, then I would increase the size.

"That's it baby, you’re doing great." I said. "Are you okay?" I asked.

"Hmm," he said, "yes, fine."

"I love you, Jesse,” I said. “If you only knew how long I’ve wanted to see you like this. So submissive to me that no one else will ever take my place. You're being so good. Can you ask mommy to make love to you now?"

Softly he asked, "Mommy, will you please make love to me?"

A week had passed since I took my son as my love slave. I was still haunted by the night vision of the strange woman and the chanting. I assumed it was a kind of psychic feedback from actually following through with my taboo lusts.

During the week I had him fitted for a cock cage and I kept the key on a chain around my neck at all times.

But now my 18 year-old son was ready to be fucked.

“It’s important that you experience this kind of lovemaking, baby,” I said, “because it shows you trust me. Now pull your butt cheeks apart for mommy honey.”

I squeezed some KY jelly on his anus and worked it inside him. I put more lubricant on my strap-on. Next I positioned him on his back with pillows underneath him to give his bum easier access. Moving into position, I guided the head of my dildo to the entrance of his nether region.

“Ok, sweetie,” I said, “This is it.”

I pressed the head of the strap-on dildo into his anus. He tightened up immediately.

“Jesse, baby, you have to relax. Try pushing out like you were trying to take a shit.”

As he did this, my dildo sank effortlessly into his rectum. My son and I were now joined. My eyes bored into his as I held his legs apart. Slowly I began to move back and forth – taking him as gently as I could. He was now the focus of my love and domination.

“Oh sweetie,” I breathed, “can you feel mommy in you? Can you feel my cock sliding against your prostate? Mommy’s taking your virginity baby! Tell mommy how much you love her.”

“Aaaahhh,” he moaned, “Oh goddess, I love you! All my power I give you for your love!”

This was the right response! I grinned savagely. The friction of the base of the strap-on stimulated my clitoris and I wanted to go faster. I began to increase the tempo of my thrusts.

“Now baby, I’m fucking you!” I said. “I’m fucking your ass – it’s my ass now! Squeal Jesse! Squeal like mommy’s little fuck-pig! I know you love this!”

“OH, OH! OH! AH! AH! AAAHH!” he grunted. “Yesss! Mommy I love it!”

Wiggling my hips I f***ed my cock deeper into him. Dr****g his legs over my shoulders, I reached down and took his penis in my right hand and began stroking him. Slowing my tempo, I matched my thrusts to the stroking of his cock.

“Does it feel good when I go deep like that, baby?” I asked? “Does it make you want to cum? Do you want mommy to make you cum?”

In answer I felt his cock twitch.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes.’ Ok sweetie, here’s what you’re going to do. Mommy is going to jack you off, but you are going to repeat “Mommy I love you” until you do. Ready?”

Jesse nodded.

“I love you mommy, I love you! I love you mommy, I love you! I love you mommy, I love you!” he cried.

“Jesse, sweetie, you can do better than that!” I exclaimed as I pounded his ass and stroked his cock.

“I LOVE YOU MOMMY, I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU MOMMY, I LOVE YOU!” he screamed. Over and over, faster and faster I moved until our orgasms peaked together.

“I – LOVE – YOU – MOM-MEE!!!” he shrieked as I tossed my head back and roared “AHHHHHHH!!!”

At the instant of our orgasms I felt what was like shocks of electricity fill my body and leave me feeling insanely powerful. Jesse seemed to diminish. As the orgasm passed he lay limp and scarcely able to breathe.

“Mommy,” he whispered, “you took all my power.”

That night I was visited again by the strange woman. Again there was the chanting: “IA! IO! - IA! IO! - IA! PAN! - IA PAN PAN! - IA! IO! IA! IO! IA! PAN! IA PAN PAN!”

The bedroom was filled with a purple glow. The alabaster woman with the long black hair looked at me as if waiting for me to speak.

“Who are you?” I asked.

As before, there was timelessness about her appearance. Her smile never wavered and her reply was heard more in my head than from her lips.

“’Ismene’ I am called.” Somehow I knew that came out as a proper name rather a more cryptic hearing of “Is many I am called.”

“Why are you here?” I probed.

“I am sent from the service of the god Dionysus to instruct you on the uses of your power,” she answered.

“Power? What power?” I inquired.

“Today you took power from your son and drained him. Do not fear. He has already recovered. But the power is still within you; ready to be used. For the untrained, this is a dangerous f***e. I am here to guide you.”

And this she did. In ways which are far too complicated to explain, Ismene began to teach me how to use the power I regularly harvested from my son. His financial slavery continued until I was in a position; thanks to Ismene, to retire early and wealthy. My son is still my slave and always will be.

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