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My s****r and I

It was always hard living in my older s****rs shadow. She was miss perfect, Daddy's princess and could do no wrong in his eyes. I was always compared to her, she was a very good student A's and sometimes B's in class and I stuggled to get C's in my classes. "Why can't you be more like your s****r" I heard all my life from teachers and my parents.
My own friends seemed to be on her side sometimes, I remember being young 9 or 10 years old, doing homework with a friend at our kitchen table and my s****r who is 3 years older came in the house through the kitchen door. She smiled at my friend and stuck her tongue out at me."Your s****r's pretty my friend said". "Yeah I guess so", I said rolling my eyes.
She was always taller than me, both our parents were tall dad six foot four and mom 5 foot 7. My s****r was 5 foot 11 and towered over me when were young. She did very well in sports playing basketball and volleyball in high school and in fact got a volleyball scholarship to college.
Because I was short and skinny as a k**, she was always picking on me, popping me in the back of the head after we passed in the hallway, "oh, sorry" she would say laughing she wasn't sorry. When our parents were gone out she would challenge me to wrestle, on the living room floor. She would always win, she was quick and fast and stronger than me and if we were in pajamas, she would pull my pajama pants down and smack my bottom.
I had to admit though she was sexy, a b*****r shouldn't say that about a s****r but, it was true. She had a great body, tall thin, she had long blonde hair and she loved wearing as little as possible or as little as mom and dad would let her get away with wearing.
Lucky for me I had my growth spurt at 15 and shot up to six foot two. I was finally taller than my s****r and sure the teasing would end. No such luck, she would punch me in the hallway and say "sorry". "I can still kick your ass little b*****r" she said one day. "Oh yeah, want to try"? I said , certain I could finally beat her at wrestling.
Mom and dad had gone out of town to our aunt house for the day. We were getting ready to go out to our swimming pool when she said that, both of us in swimsuits. I wearing swim trunks and her in a cute yellow bikini, which I must say did not cover much of my sexy s****r.
Do you want to put a shirt on first I asked? "No right now let's go just like this let's go". she was anxious to fight me.
She made a very quick move and pinned me to the floor twisting my arm and pushing me down face first. I felt her tits pushing into my back and much to my surprise I started to get hard. As I lay on the floor I thought how can I turn over without her seeing my boner. She made another quick move and flipped me over on my back, I was taller than her, but, she was was much more coordinated and stronger than me, a very good athlete. I was still no match for her. She flipped me on my back and then pinned my arms to the floor laying on top of me.
She jumped off me for a second got on her knees and yanked at my swim shorts pulling them down and exposing my full boner. She slapped my cock with her hand and laughed "You pervert you got a boner for your s****r"? "What a pig you are". I flailed my arms trying to grab hold of something on her and try to get an upper hand. The only thing I got a hold was the string on the back of her bikini top, pulling it, her top fell off. Here I was naked with a huge boner
and my s****r on top of me topless.
She slapped my face, slapped it hard, you like looking at your s****rs tits you bad boy, you are bad I never knew that, when she slapped me, her small but, pert tits were jiggling all over. You like your s****rs tits, you want to jack off on them don't you. She then held my arms down, "say it, say I'm a pervert that want to jack off on my s****rs tits. Say it or I won't let you up".
I said it in part because I knew she wouldn't let me up unless I did and also because it was true.
"I'm a pervert and i want to jack off on my s****rs tits". She then got up letting me up , then she lay down on the carpet in our living room. I sat on her belly and started to jack off. It didn't take long for me to shoot my load, it went on her tits her belly some on her neck and even a little on her face.
She started laughing like I had never heard her laugh ha ha ha ha my b*****rs a pervert ha ha ha. Her small tits bouncing and jiggling as she laughed. "So are you" I said. "I know I am" She kept laughing mom and dad think I'm a good girl. Well now you know different". She lay there scooping my cum eating some then the rest she cleaned off with a towel.
My s****r and I had many fun times together over the next few years, until she got married and settled down, but what fun we had before that day came. Mom and dad never knew.

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