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Frankie meets Bob for the first time

Frankie walked into the house and did a quick run around with the hoover, cleaned the litter trays and set the kettle boiling, this wasn’t how she had planned her first meeting to be, but in five minutes he would be here.

She rushed upstairs and put some makeup on, thankfully she had just been to the hairdressers so her hair was great anyway.

Earlier in the day she had preened her pussy and now it was itching like mad and sore in places, not a good start!

She had met Bob three weeks ago, well when I say met, she had started a conversation online with him two days before he was going away to work, but those two days had been amazing she had done things online she would never have dreamed of before, including having the most fantastic orgasms while she watched Bob pull his cock until he came, it’s ironic really because she wasn’t even going to talk to him when he popped up in her messenger, because sometimes she can be shallow and his look didn’t suit.

But within just a few lines he had her splitting her sides with laughter and had won her over. She was soon undressing for him and playing frantically with her pussy while he encouraged her, loving every minute.

This morning after she had preened her pussy, she had pulled on his favourite red pants thinking you never know what might happen.

She jumped as the doorbell rang and didn’t really know what would greet her when she opened it, as soon as she saw him she knew the red pants where the right option.

Bob walked in laden with gifts of booze and chocolates and Frankie kissed him in thanks, just a quick peck on the lips.

She walked to the kitchen and made coffee and they sat and chatted very naturally for a while, including discussing their feelings and what they would like to do to each other.

Frankie rose and went upstairs to empty her bladder and felt her wetness and, she knew just what she was going to do when she walked back downstairs.

She went up to the blinds and pulled them closed and walked over to the sofa he was sat on, I am wearing the red pants she purred, would you like to see? She pulled them above the top of her jeans and felt her pussy twinge with the soft lace material, Bob pulled her not too gently towards him and undid her belt and jeans, pushing his fingers towards her waiting pussy lips, she was soaking wet and the feel of his tongue when she leaned in to kiss him told her he appreciated the wetness.

Frankie wanted to feel his cock though, so she fought with his belt and jeans until it sprung free, already stiff and the most tantalising precum oozing from the tip, she felt compelled to taste it as she rubbed the tip with her finger it created more precum, she raised her finger to her lips and sucked it, relishing in the taste of him, with Bob’s fingers feeling their way round her wetness she bent over and licked the tip, it tasted divine and she lapped at his cock feeling it swell even more, she wanted his cock inside her now.

Frankie tried to stand with Bob’s fingers playing with her pussy she grabbed his hand telling him she needed him in her bed. They both practically ran up the stairs and Frankie threw herself on the bed stripping the remaining clothes off her she fell back her amazing tits bouncing as she landed.

As Bob stripped off she rose from the bed and pulled at his still precum wet cock, wanting to taste him again, he pulled her down turned her round so she could continue to suck his cock while he played with her pussy, fingers at first and then she felt his mouth blowing gently on her clit as her ass lifted involuntarily off the bed willing for his tongue.

Instead of feeling tongue he pushed two fingers straight in and she nearly came in one go, jumping all over the bed while still trying to lick and taste his cock, she stopped him wanting to feel his cock inside her. She rolled him over and straddled his cock, pushing slowly down on him till she reached the hilt, as she slowly started to ride him she could feel the onslaught of her orgasm, just as he pulled her off him.

She turned back to taste his cock, with her juices mixed in with his own, devouring him and willing him to cum in her mouth as he gently fucked her mouth pushing his fingers back in her pussy as her mouth rode his cock and her pussy rode his fingers to a crushing orgasm which seemed to take over her whole body, as she tried to recover she felt the onslaught of his orgasm building up in the shaft he pulled out of her wet mouth and came over her tits.

Frankie put her hand up and rubbed his cum into her while her pussy continued to squirt juice from her own orgasm onto the bed below, she licked her own fingers tasting his cum as his cock twinged back to life watching her.

He cleaned up and started to get dressed, Frankie couldn’t help feeling somehow not spent even though she was, the thought occurred to her and then she said it out loud not realising, “So you fucked me now you are leaving”, she said it a jovial manner as he quickly replied, “no, I would never do that to you”, she said “it was ok” and watched him continue to dress, she appreciated he had to be somewhere but she wanted to feel him inside her again.

She pulled her dressing gown on pulling it close for comfort as it dawned on her this was probably a one off and wouldn’t happen again, he had explained earlier and to be fair to him had been very honest with her that he was still married though separated and his wife still lived in the house, at the time she had agreed to it but now she suddenly felt empty.

Still cuddling the gown to her for comfort she followed him down the stairs as he headed for the door he turned to kiss her goodbye with a f***e she hadn’t felt from him before, he pushed her against the wall forcing his tongue down her throat, she nearly came in an instant, as he pulled away he ripped the gown open and his tongue found her waiting nipple, he bit it gently at first and then more firmer until it hurt, but the pleasure she felt far outweighed the pain as she started to slide down the wall, she had just about got to floor her legs spread as he rammed two fingers inside her soaking pussy.

He fingered fucked her with such speed and f***e that she squirted all over fingers in an instant but he didn’t give up as she rode her orgasm he continued to bang his fingers at her g-spot until she quickly came again soaking the floor in the hall, but he wouldn’t submit he licked and bit her nipples one after the other and his fingers pushed and punched inside her as one orgasm after another flowed from her, she had never squirted so much in all her life but he still wouldn’t let up he wanted her completely sated and wouldn’t stop until she begged him too.

Bob then pushed four fingers into her pussy and his thumb played on her clit pulling her towards him she could stand no more as she collapsed to the ground with her final earth shattering orgasm she pushed his fingers out and laid on the floor, shaking from head to foot with the power if it all.

Bob bent down and lifted her back into his arms and held her close feeling her breath start to slow at last, he pushed his soaking fingers into her mouth and kissed her at the same time, she could taste her juice all over his fingers and her pussy was still soaking wet.

He released her and went to clean up, not wanting to leave her, even though Frankie didn’t know this, he thought it was maybe too soon, but Bob knew when he left her that day that he would definitely back for more.

After Bob left Frankie went in the shower to clean up all that Bob had helped her deliver, as she washed her throbbing pussy her fingers found their way to it and started to play with her clit, hadn’t she had more than enough for one day, no she wanted just one more orgasm, as she pushed one finger into her pussy and wet her clit with her thumb she could feel it building up inside her all over again, she repeated Bob’s finger bang on herself and instantly fell to the shower floor as her orgasm knocked her over, she sat on the floor of the shower and pulled her knees to her chest and luxuriated in the feel of the water splashing all over her.

She finally found the energy to stand up, got out of the shower and got dressed, she took time over her hair and reapplied her makeup.

As she got downstairs she noticed a missed call from Bob and rang him back, thoughts going through her head that he was ringing to tell her it was good but we couldn’t do it again, he didn’t answer and it went to voicemail so she chose not to leave one and disconnected the call.

She went to make a coffee and thought what was she thinking, this was only ever meant to be a one off so why was she thinking she wanted more. She would just accept a great afternoon of fantastic sex and move on. The phone ringing broke into her thoughts as she answered it she didn’t have time to think as Bob told her he wanted her to know that he had had the most fantastic time ever and he really meant that, as Frankie waited for the but, it didn’t come as he said he would see her again very soon and would ring her tomorrow.

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