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My Grandma 7

My grandmother woke before me the next morning and when I woke she was lying there staring at me, her ass still in the air. After I kissed her lightly and wished her good morning she proceeded to apologize to me. She said she might have had too much to drink last night and was sorry things went as far as they did last night. I was kinda pissed thinking here we go again. I told her never to apologize, and told her I loved it and thought it was hot that she wanted it so bad. She blushed. And then she looked at my dick. The sight of her laying next to me with her ass in the air and the memories of the night before was getting to me already this morning. My dick started to grow right then in front of her eyes. She let out a "My goodness Johnny. You're always so horny."

I laughed and she started to rise when she suddenly stopped and grabbed her ass cheeks. She started to groan and said "Ugh, it hurts. It hurts." She was feeling the effects from the deep fucking I had given her sweet asshole. She kept groaning in pain kinda loud and I started to get really nervous. I was scared maybe I had hurt her bad, plus I was worried my parents would drop by to help us check out of the room. What if they heard her. I got up, which hurt a little because i was so hard now, and gently helped my grandmother off the bed. As she had her hands on her ass cheeks I helped her to the bathroom. I know she was in some pain but something about my grandmother and I completely naked in front of each other, and her holding her ass was really making me horny. Slowly I helped her on the toilet and she continued to inform me " It hurts, oh it hurts ugh. Ugh." I stood there and watched her feeling bad, but scared, yet getting more and more horny.

I told her she had to try and keep quite but she shook her head and groaned again, "I can't it hurts Johnny. You did my butt too hard. Ugh, it hurts. I can't shit." Oh god my grandmother said she couldn't shit. Not poop, not go to the bathroom. She said she couldn't shit. Fuck I don't know why but it did it for me. I stepped in front of her my cock starting to actually throb. She looked at it with wide eyes. " No Johnny no, don't get horny no." She told me.

I pushed my cock against her chest and she grabbed it. As she moaned about the pain my grandmother started to stroke me. It felt wonderful. But she was still so loud. I bit my lip and felt I had to cum, and keep her quiet. I then took her head and pushed it down so my cock could enter her mouth. With out a fight she took it! It was my turn to groan as I felt her wet mouth engulf my dick. With out hesitation I began to move my hips back and forth. I was fucking my grandmothers mouth while she was on the toilet. She really started to bounce her head on it as her throat continued to groan. My head went back and my hands were on the side of her head and I was biting my lips to keep my own self quiet. She released her mouth from my cock and moaned, " Oh Johnny, no, don't be horny. It hurts, oh it hurts. I cant shit."

I just pushed the back of her head back down and she put it back in her mouth and began slobbering and bouncing her head again. Her throat was groaning still and the vibrations traveled up and down my cock. It felt sooo good. I looked at my grandmother sitting naked on the toilet and sucking my cock. It was so hot I felt my self start shooting pre. She released my cock again and I saw her swallow the precum. She then tole me something like, "Ugh, Johnny its so hard. Oh my goodness. It hurts Johnny."

I lost control and f***efully told her "Shut up. Shut up and keep sucking it" I know that was mean but I just lost control. I didn't want her to stop. She quickly put it back in her mouth and started to really suck hard on it! I don't know if she just wanted me to hurry up and cum but she was really working it hard. She had only sucked me a little before and last night but this time she was really going hard on it. She even sucked it so deep that twice she choked and I thought she was gonna throw up. But she didn't just gagged and quickly put it back in her mouth and began bouncing her head really fast again.

Finally I couldn't hold back anymore and I grabbed her head and pulled it close. It shoved my cock deep and my balls exploaded. I felt her kinda push me but I didn't move. She then gripped my hips tightly as I just came and came into her mouth. It was mind blowing. I was cumming hard in my grandmothers mouth and she was swallowing it down! I heard her trying to breath from her nose and saw her eyes close tightly as she struggled to take it all. After what seemed like forever my cock finished and I released her. She pulled her head away quickly and some of my cum spilled from her mouth. She began coughing badly and gasping for air. She looked so hot with my cum on her mouth, her eyes watery, and naked on the toilet.

I took a second to get my head straight then quickly asked if she was ok. I apologized and told her she just got me so hot. She covered her eyes and was blushing and I felt bad. Then she shocked me by telling me, " I think I liked it Johnny." Oh my knees went weak and I almost collapsed right there. I felt myself stirring again and pushed her knees apart. She looked at me asking me what I was doing. I dropped to my knees and then pushed my face into her pussy, right there on the toilet. I was surprised to taste her pussy and find it was really wet. I remember I groaned so loud and then began eating her out right on the toilet. She leaned back and it was her turn. She held my head as I licked and fucked her quickly with my tongue. Even more shocking was after only a few moments of me eating her out she suddenly stretched her legs out and let loose a long loud squeal. It kinda scared me to be honest. But she started shaking all over and came very hard. I continued to eat that pussy right on the toilet until she was too sensitive and couldn't take it no more. We sat in the bathroom naked and panting in front of each other for a few moments.

We then realized we had to get moving before my b*****r and parents showed up to make sure we were awake. I helped her take a shower, then showered myself. She was still moaning that her ass was hurting, even when my f****y showed up. My father told her we would stop to get her some prune juice. There was something funny and hot about my parents concern about her bowls, when I knew I had fucked her ass hard the night before, and couldn't wait to do it again. We went to say good bye to my aunt and cousin and the rest of the f****y before ending the vacation and heading home. My grandmother was uncomfortable on the ride home still in pain.

I worried though after a hot week with m grandmother, what was going to happen when we got home?

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