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Grace 2-The Dark Forest

The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of groupsex and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Grace 2-The Dark Forest (Four people mate like a****ls in a dark, wet forest)

It had been four weeks since Grace’s experience in the dunes. She was at the University library, reading up on mathematical formulas. The mid-year exams were coming up and a lot of hard work was required to achieve good grades. Neither her parents nor her fellow students ever found out about the dunes incident. They would be appalled and shocked.

The couple, which witnessed it al, stopped contacting her after she was f***ed into a threesome with them (part 1). She did like the experience though. It was her first time with multiple partners. She was not the promiscuous type. She had only had three boyfriends till now but this was a whole new incredible world. She had been masturbating furiously at night and had trouble keeping her urges under control.

That evening she found a card in one of her pockets. It was from the woman she mated with in the dunes. Her name was Alex, her house was a few streets away from her parent’s place.

Friday arrived. Grace packed her weekend bag, caught the train and arrived at her parent’s home mid-afternoon. Her parents were delighted to see her; hugs, kisses and news were exchanged.

Soon after she called Alex. She was happy to finally hear from Grace. They agreed to meet at her house around five. Grace told her parents she was going to meet a friend and would be back very late. She arrived at Alex’s house just after 5pm. She wore jeans, trainers and a loose white shirt. Her house was on the edge of a local forest. Alex was not alone. Two male friends were with her. They had drinks on the lounge and chatted for a while. Alex apparently had told her friends about her encounter in the dunes. The men were pleasantly surprised with what they saw. All Grace wanted was sex. She was hot as hell. Her genitals were twitching. She desperately squeezed her legs together.

Alex told Grace about an upcoming hot party of a friend of hers in the city. He was looking for an extra girl to attend. Alex wanted to go by herself but it collided with other appointments. She asked Grace to consider it and give her a call. Then she and her friends got up. They would go for a walk in the forest. She asked Grace if she would like to join them. They would enjoy the fresh air and talk a bit more.

She took a small shoulder bag and together they followed a small dirt track into the lush forest. It was warm and damp. It had rained all morning. Everything was wet and muddy. There were large puddles on the track. It was dusk by now. The sun was going down. It looked like more rain was on the way but for now it was dry. They walked for miles deep into the forest, talking about their dunes encounter. Grace’s hormones ran wild. Alex saw how aroused she was.

The light was fading fast. They stopped at a tiny clearing. Alex asked the guys to stay behind. Together with Grace she continued down the dirt track. She told Grace that she liked to go nude in the forest. They both turned around and saw the men about twenty meters away as a shadow. Alex looked Grace in the eye and slowly started to unbutton her shirt. She then opened her jeans and slid the pants off her legs. She removed her shoes and her panties. Grace followed suit, intently staring at the men while taking her clothes off. They were both naked and loving it. She felt the damp air caress her body. Grace and Alex folded their clothes carefully and left them in a plastic bag on the side of the dirt track.

Naked they slowly walked further down the track. The men followed the girls at a distance, They were mere shadows in the dusk and saw how Grace and Alex went down in the mud and grass to dirty themselves. The girls were lying on the dirt track, frantically kissing and rubbing each other.

The men now slowly took their clothes off. What they saw in the distance aroused them. They stored their clothes in bags alongside the track and slowly walked towards the girls, their cocks rock hard between their legs. Grace saw the men coming and went on all fours, spreading her legs and pushing her ass in the air. One of the men buried his face into her crotch, his tongue incessantly penetrating her. She felt how he entered her cavities. He licked into her slit, through her crotch and into her anus.

This is what she remembered from the Dunes. That hot feeling of tongues ravishing her. That’s why ever since she couldn’t sit still long enough without squeezing her legs and her pussy lips.

She opened her legs wider to give him deeper access. After a few minutes she felt his hard cock push into her slit. She arched her back and pushed up her ass. The man banged her violently. By now she felt like a dog on heat. Alex in the meanwhile sucked off the other guy, suddenly running naked into the dark forest. The man pursued her.

By now it was raining lightly. Grace was drenched. Alex quickly found a fallen tree, sat on it and leaned backward supporting herself with her stretched out arms. She slightly pulled up her legs and spread them wide. The man briefly licked her openings but then quickly mounted her, stabbing his red-hot pole into her dripping slit. By now both girls were without rational thought. They both were fuck meat and wanted the men desperately.

Alex threw her head back in between her stretched out arms. Her holes belonged to that big hard cock. After ten minutes of insane fucking the man paused. Alex got up and ran off, further into the dark forest. She crashed in the grass on the muddy forest floor. She instantly submitted, arching her back, pushing up her ass to present her openings. The man slammed into her, pushing his meat into her asshole. She let out a little whimper, but quickly composed herself. The penetration was relentless.

Grace was still on the dirt track. Overwhelmed by her carnal instincts she jumped up and ran after Alex into the dark forest. The rain had turned torrential. It was hot and humid in there. After a while her eyes got used to the dark. She made out a few moving silhouettes in the distance and followed the sound of people panting and groaning. She saw Alex in the grass on all fours and quickly joined her. The other man immediately took her from behind. For the next hour they fucked each other like a****ls in the driving rain. Covered in mud they were shadows in the dark forest.

Grace felt hot liquid shooting into her holes. Tongues went deep inside her crevices. That eventually drove her over the edge. She shuddered and squealed as her orgasm overwhelmed her. She sprayed her juice all over the others, then fell down in the mud and rain and stayed there for a while. She was spent.

They all finally got up, collected their clothes and left the forest. Grace walked back into the house naked, sore and dirty but nothing a hot shower wouldn’t fix. She would definitely attend that party in the city.
At one in the morning Grace came home. Clean and neatly dressed nothing reminded of what had taken place. Her mum was still up. Grace told her she enjoyed her evening with her acquaintance.

Her mum didn’t know her daughter had been naked in the forest fucking with other people and that she had developed an interest in groupsex. For Grace, her extreme behavior was her deepest secret.

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