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Leslie Gives Her First Blowjob

Leslie was a super hot girl I dated in college for a few years. I originally met her in high-school and she was a few years younger than me. She always flirted with me and showed a lot of interest as did her older s****r who was my age. I had a steady girlfriend at the time but the s****rs did their best to tempt me. In one occasion, we had a large group of friends that went on a picnic by a lake. While I was swimming, her s****r Jill, who had a great body, swam up to me really close saying she wanted to talk and we were standing in neck deep water, but since I was taller, Jill wrapped her legs around me and then her arms and started flirting. Almost immediately, Leslie, who was very competitive with her s****r, came right over on the other side and did the same thing! Needless to say I had an instant raging hard on, which the girls noticed and they both started kissing me and swam away. What a tease! I went away to college and didn’t see them much for quite a while after that.

Two years later upon graduation Leslie decided to go to the same university as me. One day she called to tell me that she was going to come up and visit the school for a few days for an introduction to the university. She was planning to stay with an old girl friend of mine, Ellen who lived in a nearby dorm and Leslie said that she wanted to see me. One evening she called and asked if I could see her now. I hadn’t seen her for probably a year. When she stopped over she was alone and boy had she changed.

Leslie was extremely beautiful, about 5’7” and had always been slim with a very tight ass. However, like her older s****r, now she had a very nice set of tits and her frame remained slim and her ass tight. She could easily be a model. Wow! That semester, I had a dorm room all to myself and without much furniture the only place we really had a chance to sit was on the bed. It didn’t take long to get re-acquainted and before long, we started kissing lightly and then more passionately.

I knew she was not sexually experienced, but I hadn’t realized how inexperienced. Her parents had really restricted her during high school and she said she had no opportunities to do anything. I started undressing her and she started undressing me and when she saw my hard cock, she admitted she had never handled a cock before and wasn’t ready to fuck yet. Nevertheless, she grabbed my hard cock at the base and started running her fingers up and down the shaft, examining it. She giggled and said “I like this, I did this to you and make it hard!” I said you sure did and it really likes you, “Do you know how to give a blow job?”

She said she didn’t quite know what to do. I said, “Think of it like a tasty popsicle you’ve just unwrapped and it needs to be licked”. So she wrapped her fingers around the base and ran her tongue from the base up to the tip. I said, “What you can also try is putting your lips around it and suck the skin on my shaft”, which she promptly did as she kept tonguing the shaft and alternatively sucking the back of my cock. “You’ve got the hang of it, now the next thing is to put the head in your mouth and move your tongue around the head and suck on the head”, which she promptly did. “Now that you’ve done that, see how far down you can go and keep moving up and down on it and just play with it – it’s your new toy”.

Leslie was really getting the hang of it and was enthusiastically giving her first blowjob. Now I positioned her around to sit that nice tight butt on my face and now in the 69 position, started licking her clit which she was enjoying thoroughly.

Just then, the phone rang for Leslie. It was Ellen, who had taken responsibility for Leslie’s visit and was concerned her visit was lasting longer than Leslie told her it would. Leslie got a little freaked out and said she had to go.

This was maddening, but not the end of things with Leslie and me. Blowjobs and much more in the future…

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