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Couples fantasy comes true

I guess all couples have fantasy's we have many and have made a few come true but this one is the best.My wife works at a c***d care centre and she has got several k**s that the parents trust her to do a bit of private babysitting for.Great bit of extra pocket money and a peaceful night in for me can't get better.Well thats what i thought but how wrong i was.One of the boys she had got really close to he was a bit of trouble at the centre so all the staff got my wife to deal with him cos they just couldn't handle him ,so her bond with him got really good and because of this she had a lot of contact with the parents . I always new she had seen them that day cos she would always come home horney,the boys dad really turned her on and each time she came home we would have really great sex and on many occasions she would imagine me being him and i would encourage her to call me by his name Andy.This went on for a few months and she even started, on the odd occasion to babysit on a sat nte for them,again when she got home she would climb into bed wake me up by either giving me a blow job or just sitting on my face grinding her pussy on me till i woke up.This went on again for a few months and i kept pushing her imagination to its limits ,then one day she came home really really horney ,she just came in grabbed my hand pulled me up stairs once in the bedroom she just ripped mine and her clothes off and fucked me as hard and fast as she could after we just laid there catching our breath and i just said "andy was it" yes she replied i caught him eyeing me up and down so i did the same to him ,but when i got to the bulge in his trousers our eyes met i blushed that i had been caught he just gave a knowing smile .Omg i want to see his cock she exclaimed. I just said i don't mind as long as im with you. Well we left it at that until 2 weeks later she to;ld me she was babysitting for them on saturday . Well i thought nothing would ever happen until that evening i noticed her getting ready to go,she had put on her suspenders and real sexy underwear then she put on a tight blouse showing her lovely formed breasts and a fairly short skirt(not to short but short enough).When she left she gave me a kiss and said "see you later i will im sure wake you up " i laughed and said have fun.Well later i phoned her and she said andy's wife said her appologies as they left cos she was gonna get totally sloshed and wanted to appologise now incase she wasn't capable later .I just said well if she's passed out andy will be all alone haha.At 1 am i got a call i woke me it was the wife going can you pick me up my car won't start, so like a dutiful hubby off i went 5 mins later i pulled up got out i had a spare key on my ring so i just tried it myself and guess what it started straight away.Weird i thought so i walked up to the front door tapped gently so not to wake the k**s up and andy answered and invited me in coffee he said Oh ok 2 sugars ty .He showed me into the lounge where lisa my wife was sitting on the couch ,her skirt had ridden up a fair bit and as i glanced she noticed and smiled swinging her legs open and closing them several times,each time i got a glimpse of her stocking tops and just a bit of her black silk knickers(boy she looked fucking sexy). I told her i got the car started she said Oh really and smirked thats good then.i sat in a arm chair just slightly opposite her as andy came back in with my coffee . He sat in the other chair opposite lisa and we just started chatting i asked where his wife was and apparently she was in bed totally out of it he had to carry her up stairs .He even joked he wouldn't be getting anything tonight we all laughed and carried on drinking.Then i noticed lisa swinging her legs open/closed again and i knew he was getting a perfect view as did she .After a few minutes you could tell it was having the effect she wanted cos the bulge in his trousers was easily noticeable as was mine.
Then lisa totally to my disbelief said to him " you enjoying your view" i nearly choked on me coffee cos this was not like her at all normally all talk no action.He nervously looked at me i dumbly smiled he then just blurted out what i can see looks fantastic.With that she pulled her skirt right up feet up on the edge of the coach.We now had an even better view but she went further 1 hand suddenly was on her knickers and pulled them to one side and within seconds 2 fingers had slipped straight in her cunt. It was obvious she was soaking cos as she started fingering herself you could hear the moisture slapping about,i was ready to explode in my pants andy just stared in total ore. Lisa looked at me and said "come on then" i just jumped up went over next to her and started kissing her my hand went straight to her blouse and i pulled it staright up then my hand was under her bra squeezing her breast hard she moaned .I could hear her fingering getting really fast then she moaned loadly as she came.i pulled her bra up over her tits exposing them to andy i then started sucking and biting them my hand then went down to start fingering her and as i ran then down over her bald mound i found her soaking wet lips she pulled hers out and i slipped mine straight up her and started fingering her realy hard and fast.her hand was now frantically unzipping me and getting my hard throbbing cock out and started to wank me.She was now frusting up at my fingers moaning again getting ready to cum again i then looked round to see andy standing up pants /trousers round his feet wanking his hard cock as well. I just said to lisa look hes enjoying the show and as she looked she moaned again and then squited big time i pulled my fingers out just at the right time so andy could see my wife squirting her juices.I then got betwwen her legs and thrust my cock deep inside her and started plunging in and out slapping my balls against her . i then noticed andy kneeling up on the couch next to her she looked at me i just smiled she then gave him a hell of a blow job,wanking him in her mouth till he gave out a cry and shot his load in my wifes mouth this was to much for me i came deep in her and just seemed to keep coming for ages.Then all of a sudden we all just stopped hardly a word was said we tidied up got dressed and said our goodbyes.He even paid her for the babysitting and as we left asked if we could do it again we laughed and smiled lisa just said we will have to see . it has but thats another storey.

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