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My Girlfriends Mom

This story happened when I was a teenager. The girl I was dating at the time was a complete horn dog. We had sex all the time-not just regular sex but all kinds off sex. Rough, kinky, quicky, everything everyday! It was great. If we were not fucking then we were watching people fuck. Her mom and dad or one of her s****rs.

On this night her father had been out of town for a week and was not coming back for another week. Her mom had gone out with a few friends so Sarah and I thought we could sneak in some one on one fuck time. I had just got in deep in sarahs pussy when we heard her mom come thru the front door. We were not supposed to be there so we had to be quite. Her mom had brought home her two friends and several men that they had met at a bar. The women were very d***k and soon enough very naked. Sarah and I had a good place to watch and things got very heated very fast. And my dick is still in Sarah.

Sarahs mom was sucking some guys dick and another guy mounted her from behind. A bonde was on her back on the floor with her cunt facing us and a fat guy plunged in deep and banged away, Sarah and I got very turned on by watching this cock slide in and out of her pussy, he soon creamed in her pussy and withdrew his dick. Another guy jumped in. The third woman was getting it from behind, watching her boobs sway to the mans rythym soon sent my nut juice flowing into Sarah as that guy filled that womans pussy with his cream. The guys soon finished up and left. Sarah and I came out-the three women were passed out. Sarah and I were naked and were looking at the three naked women and their cream filled pussies. Sarah reached and touched one of the pussies getting cream on her finger and tasted it. Then she told me I ought to stick my dick in there. I looked at her moms neatly trimmed gooey snatch and slipped my dick in. It felt great, I sloshed in and out and then told Sarah to let me put it in her which she did. I fucked Sarah for a minute and then went back to her mom and soon dumped a big load in mom. We did the other two women also, draining my balls in each one. I felt pretty good having fucked four women in the same night. Sarah and I went up to her room to sl**p. Sarah's mom or her friends ever knew what we had done.

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