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Friday Morning; The Way There

It was early morning and still dark outside, but we wanted an early start. “So, do you think you’ve got everything you need?” I asked her.
“Yes, I sure do, I’m all packed and ready to go. I’m so excited that we’re finally able to have a weekend together, that we’ve been able to get both our schedules cleared for a romantic weekend away,” she replied, still a little sl**py, she never was a morning person.
“Yeah, me too.” I said. “We need to make us a priority, and do whatever we can to make the time together for just the two of us. Besides, I can’t wait to be able to spend some quality time making love to you properly, not just quickies whenever we can. I’m really looking forward to this weekend,” I said as I hugged her, kissed her hard and grabbed her ass.
“Mmmm,” she purred, as she touched the front of my shorts. “You feel like you’re ready right now, wanna go upstairs?”
“You always get me so hard, just being around you, you know that. We’ve got the whole weekend ahead of us, let’s hit the road, I’m eager to get there,” I said as I took her hand and leaned over to kiss her. It started as a gentle little peck. The next thing I knew her arms were around my neck, and her fingers were running through my hair. She always does that when she’s having trouble controlling herself. I always know she wants me when she does that. The next thing I knew, we were wrapped in each other’s arms and a deep, passionate kiss. Her tongue was searching my mouth for mine, and my tongue was doing the same. I could feel myself getting harder as our tongues met and I could feel her passion. I knew if I didn’t stop her now, we would be upstairs and we’d both be losing control. She was horny, and so was I. It was difficult, but I pulled away, took her hand and started walking to the car.
“Always the practical one,” she pouted, but I knew she wasn’t serious. She had that coy, flirty look in her eyes—that look that melts all my resistance. But, I knew she wanted to get to the cabin as much as I did. We’d both been working pretty hard, and hadn’t been able to spend much time with each other. We’d been sending each other erotic emails, and talking dirty to each other on the phone, and I told her if we didn’t go somewhere where we could act out everything we’d been telling each other, I’d burst, and she heartily agreed. “I’ve been going through a lot of batteries lately,” is the way she put it!
I had a buddy who told me he’d be more than happy to let me use his hunting cabin for the weekend. He hardly ever went there himself. The cabin is on a lake about three hours north of here. Not an ideal location for a vacation cabin. I remembered the small lake being over grown with weeds and lily pads, so no swimming or boating, and the fishing is crummy too. But it was a perfect place for a romantic getaway; isolated, with plenty of woods for hiking. It was early autumn, so there wouldn’t be any bugs, and we would see a lot of color on the trees. It was the perfect setting for a quiet, romantic weekend in the woods. I knew this setting would only turn her on more, and that thought drove me crazy. She was the horniest woman I had ever met. I was always surprised at how we both had pretty close to the same needs and desires, and she seemed to have the same problem I had—we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.
It was early Friday morning, just before the work rush, so we shouldn’t have any problem with traffic.
“I can’t wait to get there and get you naked,” I said, eyeing her tight t-shirt, appreciating the hard nipples pressed against her t-shirt. “It won’t take much,” she giggled, lifting up her shirt. “This is all I’m wearing! See,” she said, as she pulled down the front of her shorts with the other hand, showing me that she wasn’t wearing panties.
“Damn! You really are horny, aren’t you?”
“I can’t wait to fuck you good and hard,” she said, with that look that I knew so well, that told me to get to that cabin as quickly as I could!
“Then let’s go,” I cried, as we locked the house and jumped into the car. I reached behind the seat and handed you a towel. “Here,” I said, “You may need this under you so you don’t leak all over the seat. I know how wet you get.” I couldn’t resist, my hands needed to feel those nipples. The next thing I knew, my hands were cupped around her breast with her nipples between my fingers through her t-shirt, and my lips on that sweet smile. I could feel my hard cock pressing against my shorts trying desperately to get out. She reached into her shorts, put her fingers under my nose and then into my mouth so I could suck them clean. “I’m already soaked,” she purred. “And tasty, too!” I grinned.
The day was warm for this time of the year, sunny with hardly any clouds. As she settled back into her seat, she said, “Mmm, this warm sun feels good, it’s making me sl**py, too. You got me up too early this morning,” she said as we left the city limits. She let the seatback down all the way, yawned and said, “Wake me up when we get there.” “Alright, you get your rest, you’re going to need it, I grinned. As she lay back in the seat, I put my hand on her thigh.
I’d been driving for about two hours and we were now on deserted country roads, lined with tall trees. I was thinking I was getting tired of being in the car, and was feeling the need to touch her. I laid my hand on her thigh, lightly and gently stroking her leg as I slowly made my way higher. Small quiet moans started to escape her mouth, encouraging me to touch her. Slowly my hand moved closer to what I knew would be a dripping wet pussy. The sounds escaping her mouth were turning me on. I tried to feel her pussy through her shorts when she moaned again, yawned and woke up. She pulled the seat straight up again, and said, “Where are we?” “About an hour away yet, how you’re doing?” “Horny! You know me when I wake up!” She undid her seatbelt, and leaned over with a devilish grin on her face. She kissed my cheek, then my ear. Then she brought out her secret weapon, her tongue. The things she did to me with her tongue drove me insane! She started to lightly kiss my ear, then I could feel her tongue and a sensation I knew very well covered my body. Her sensual kisses had moved down to my neck. She knew that turned me on, and that fact alone seemed to encourage her. I could feel my cock getting harder and bigger as she lightly kissed and licked my neck. Her hands were now on my chest, her fingers looking for my nipples. She knew that always got to me. I love that about her, that she knows me so well.
Her kisses continued around my neck and down my chest. She was making it very difficult for me to concentrate on my driving. While she focused her kisses on my chest, she undid my belt buckle and unzipped my shorts. “Hey, I’m driving!” She pulled out my stiffening cock, and purred, “You pay attention to what you’re doing, and I’ll pay attention to what I’m doing. I can’t wait to have you in my mouth!” she said as she looked with hunger at my now pulsing cock.
She eagerly started sucking on the head of my cock, as her hand was pumping me, getting me harder. I let out a gasp at the sensation of her mouth pulling me in. I had to focus hard on the road, and thought about pulling over so she could have her way with me.
“Ooooo,” she said excitedly, “look at how big and hard you are. Sorry, babe, I just can’t wait!”
“Well, be careful,” I warned, “after that last letter you wrote me, it probably won’t take much to get me off!”
“Oh, goody, I love making you cum!” she said as she continued pumping me and licking the head of my cock, teasing me with her tongue. “Mmmm,” she moaned, as she then deep-throated me and started bobbing her head up and down. I couldn’t do it any longer. I pulled the car to the side of the deserted road, and rolled down the window to let in the cool air. Faster and faster her head bobbed up and down, her lips tight against my cock, sucking and licking me. I fumbled around until I found the lever of my seat and pushed the seat back. I could feel myself getting closer, the sensations of her tongue and mouth sending me into a state of ecstasy. Up and down went her head, then, lifting her mouth off of me, she continued the rhythm with her hand. “Oh God, I love sucking your cock!” she moaned as she looked up at me and grinned. I glanced down at her, “I love that look of lust and love on your face, dear. You’ve got me so close,” I said. “Mmmm,” she moaned as she wrapped her lips around me again. “Oh, god! I cried, “here I cum!” My whole body stiffened and I lifted my hips off the seat to get my cock into her mouth farther as I spurted into the back of her throat. “Aaaaaahh, yeah, baby!” I cried as I tried in vain to stop my eyeballs from rolling back into my head and felt my body going limp. She continued pumping me into her mouth and her hand, looking coyly up at me with that devilish smile on her face. She grabbed the towel on the floor around her feet and gently wrapped it around my still throbbing cock.
“Wow,” she gasped laying her head against my legs as she looked up at me, still licking my cock, “that’s a lot of cum! You’ve been saving it up!”
“Not really,” I said, breathlessly, “you just make me so horny! I was watching you sl**p over there, realizing that you’re not wearing any underwear at all, and plus I’ve been anticipating this weekend so much. I’ve been hard most of the drive up here!”
“I love you baby, I love making you cum” she purred.
I began driving again, wanting to get to the cabin as fast as I could.
“I love you too. And what you do to me!” I said, “You make me feel so good.” “Take off your shorts, I want to see your wet pussy.”
“Yeah, I’d like that,” she said, grinning. She looked around at the deserted tree-lined road, giggled, and pulled her shorts off. She left them on the floor and turned in her seat leaning her back against the car door. She spread her legs as wide as she could, presenting her open, wet pussy. She was so wet, her hair glistened with her juices. I could feel myself getting hard again. She put two fingers of her right hand into her soaked pussy and then put them in my mouth, letting me suck and lick them. “Oh god, I’d love to go down on you right now, but we’ve still got about an hour until we get there,” I said.
“That’s alright,” she said, “I can wait a little longer. I get so much pleasure sucking your cock anyway,” as she eyed my cock as it was slowly rising again.
I smiled, and caressed her thigh, moving my hand lightly in lazy circles up and down the inside of her leg. “Mmmm, I love your touch,” she murmured, tilting her head back. My hand grew bolder with its’ wanderings, and soon my fingers were brushing her closely cropped blonde hair, more than slightly damp with her wetness. “Ooh,” she whispered, closing your eyes, leaning her head back a little further, smiling as she pushed her hips into my hand slightly. My fingers grew more insistent, moving up and down her wet slit. She shifted in the seat so as to open up her pussy as wide as she could. I took the not-too-subtle hint and pushed two fingers into her. “Aaaah,” she gasped, “Yeesss, baby!” I pushed my fingers into her as far as I could reach while still trying to be a good driver. I moved my fingers easily up her slippery pussy to her “special spot” that was already quite extended. “Oh Yeah!” she cried, “That’s it!” I swirled my fingers around and around her hard clit, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, fast and then slower.
“You going to cum for me, baby?” I whispered.
“Oh, god, that feels sooo good. You keep that up and I’m gonna cum right here!” she cried.
Then I quickly rubbed her clit back and forth, faster and faster. Her moans were now louder and her breath was coming in short, quick gasps.
“Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, oh, oh, aaaahhh. Yeeesssss!!” she yelled, as her thighs closed on my hand.
“Aw, yeah, baby, that’s it!” I said. “Oooo, I sure like making you cum! That was an awful lot of fun! I wasn’t sure if you wanted to cum in the car like this, you really are horny this morning!” I said, licking off my fingers. “God, you taste so good,” I smiled.
“Oh baby, I cum so hard with you. You make me feel so good. I can’t wait until we get there so we can fuck, I really need your hard cock inside me right now! RIGHT NOW!” she purred, snuggling up to me. “Well we just passed the general store, so we’re getting close now.” She snuggled for a few more minutes, then started putting her pants on.
Fifteen minutes later, we turned down a road that was so closely overgrown with trees, we almost missed it. It took another fifteen minutes on a road that was dark, bumpy, dusty, and with many twists and switchbacks. Then, the overhanging trees opened up to a bright, sunny clearing, and we could see the cabin about 200 yards ahead with the lake beyond it. The cabin was made of unfinished wood planks, and looked like it was well kept. I had remembered the lake being overgrown, but it looked a lot different now. There was a boat tied to the dock, and a raft anchored in the middle of the lake. I pulled the car next to the cabin, and said, “Here we are, we made it!” When I looked over at her, she had that lusty look of love in her eyes again. I knew this would be a busy, fulfilling weekend, with very little sl**p!

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