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Caribbean Adventure

Last summer my wife and I decided to take a week
vacation to a small Caribbean Island. We were taking
her younger s****r as a High school graduation gift.
As background, I am a 28-year-old Stock Broker, my
wife is a gorgeous 24-year-old Marketing researcher,
and her 17-year-old s****r was getting ready to go
to a small Eastern College.

Both my wife, Ann and her s****r Dawn are blondes
with great athletic bodies. They are very close
despite the age difference, and I honestly had never
looked at Dawn as anything more than a k** s****r

Anyway from Florida we took a small 12 seat prop
plane to this tiny resort Island looking forward to
a week of snorkeling, tennis, and lots of sun. There
were 6 other people on the flight, a couple in their
sixties, 2 business men, and two other guys who
appeared to be from the Islands themselves.

As we gathered our luggage, the three of us were the
last to head into the small customs area. The 8
guards that were working there were all rather large
and very dark black men in Khaki uniforms with short
pants. Each had a sidearm and blackjack. The guards
were all smiles as we entered and they just seemed
to be laughing and joking a little too much. As we
go in it was obvious that these guys were either
drinking or smoking dope, but you could see they
were all slightly high.

As the "captain" asked me basic questions about what
was in our luggage, how long we planned to stay, and
things like that, I was very nervous with the way
the others keep eyeing Ann and Dawn, and making
joking comments to themselves. Ann and Dawn were
also looking very concerned. Suddenly the "captain"
told me that we would each have to be frisked to
check for i*****l substances. Before I could argue,
one guy had his gun out and the others were pushing
the three of us against a wall. While I was just
given a quick search I could see four black hands
each go all over Ann and Dawn. They were both
wearing halter-tops and short shorts.

As I watched in amazement, helplessly I saw these
large black "officials" pull the clothes right off
my wife and s****r-in-law. My wife has a great body,
34B -24 - 36, and very athletic. I was surprised to
see how great Dawn looked naked. Unlike my wife she,
who is trimmed down below, Dawn has thick blond hair
covering her snatch. This 17 year old was every
man's fantasy. And here I was watching as these
black men stuck their fingers into these two pussies
and tweaked those 4 beautiful nipples.

At this point the "captain" pulled a baggy of white
powder out of his desk and said we would all be
charger with possession of i*****l d**gs. Before I
could argue, he said we could handle this the hard
way or the easy way. The hard way was to be hauled
off to some tropical jail. The easy was to let them
enjoy the girls. Ann said, "Tim lets just do what
they ask, if they take us to jail we'll be ****d
anyway, at least this way we might get out of here."
I looked at her and Dawn, and saw that while Ann was
scared she was at least thinking straight. Dawn,
however had this distant look on her face, and I
realized she was much more excited than afraid.

The three of us were hustled off to a Quonset hut
area behind the small air terminal. There were more
crude dirty looking mats on the floor. I was taken
to a table and tied to the leg sitting on the floor.
I was bound both arms and legs, and couldn't move.
The girls were thrown to the mats and all 8 guys set
upon them. I watched as my wife's legs were pushed
open and a giant black cock was f***ed into her
pussy. Another guy just started mouth fucking her,
while two more violently played with here tits. She
was covered by black guys.

The same thing was happening to Dawn, but you could
see she was into it. She was bucking and moving in
rhythm with the guy fucking her. She was sucking on
the guy in her mouth, and was using both her hands
on the other two guys. Things were happening fast. I
watched each of the 8 guys cum on these two women.
Ann was fucked twice in the ass although that never
happened to Dawn. Ann just kind of took whatever
they did to her, but Dawn was the aggressor she went
after the guys. I could not believe it when I saw
Dawn start to "French Kiss' on the guys assholes. It
seemed like she just could not get enough. Each guy
had each of the girls more than once.

They ignored me. At one point I pissed myself
because I could not move. But after about 4 hours of
this they started to involve me. Ann was f***ed onto
my lap, and one guy made her blow him inched from my
face. Once he came, he made my wife kiss me, putting
his cum in my mouth. The whole time this was going
on these guys were drinking and smoking, they never
seemed to run out of energy.

One asked Dawn if she had ever been with me. He made
her blow me and licked my ass. They made my wife
watch as her s****r blew me. Dawn was unbelievable.
Ann had never swallowed my cum, in fact until today
I had never seen her do this. Dawn was really into
blowjobs. As I came I told her I was sorry, but she
said don't worry Tim, I was known as an "easy" girl
at school, I've dreamed of doing you.

We thought the nightmare was ending; we had been in
this hut for 6 hours. We were wrong. One of the guys
had gone to the village and came back with 12 young
black boys all about 12 to 15 years old. They said
they decided to give the local boys club a treat and
let them have some white girls today. And so it
started again as these k**s set upon the girls like
locusts. Black pricks were going in and out of
mouths and asses and cunts with out stop. Again Ann
just let it happen, but Dawn was into it. During the
course of the day various guys came in and out of
the hut. Some other adult guys showed up and it
seemed if they wanted, they just did one of the
girls. Even some local woman came by and watched.

The "captain" who still seemed to be in charge had
taken a dislike to Ann, and a like to Dawn. You
could see Ann was being treated rougher. She was
slapped and hit. I even saw her burnt with
cigarettes a few times. Dawn was allowed to walk
around; she was caressed, given water, treated
better. The captain decided he wanted to see the two
girls do each other. They had three guys fuck Dawn
so that she was really full of cum, and then f***ed
Ann to eat out her s****r's pussy. Each time they
thought Ann was not doing a good job, someone would
go over and fuck her ass.

They played a few more games toward the end. Twice
they placed me in position to fuck Dawn, and made
Ann lick my ass as I fucked her s****r. They also
propped Ann in a corner, drew a line about 5 feet
from her, made her keep her mouth open, and made
bets as they tried to spit into her mouth. Four
times guys went over and pissed in her mouth for no
special reason.

Finally it was over, almost 48 hours had passed and
the shuttle plane was due back in soon. I was told
that we should get back on the plane, go home and
forget this ever happened. That if we ever reported
this to anyone, we would be the losers. We decided
to do what they said and leave.

It's been a year now. Ann and I are still married,
but it is not the same. We have sex only if I
insist, and she just kind of closes her eyes and
endures it. Dawn is at college, and spends long
weekends with us. Whenever she is here, Dawn sl**ps
with me. Ann has no problem with this; I think she
is just happy it is not her. The last item of
interest is that at college Dawn only dates Black
men. She also has told me that she has arranges a
few gangbangs, and gets the most satisfaction when a
black guy totally dominates her.

I don't know where our lives will go from here, but
be warned never travel to a remote Island, stay in
the main tourist places.


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