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The Audition 5

Part 5-The Fates are Laughing

"You crazy gurrl." Dennis said grinning with a bulge rising in his pants. My right hand was all over it rubbing up and down.

"Maybe when we're done here, you can get me d***k and take advantage of me. "

Dennis smiled. "I like that idea."


"Cut!" Ordered Nick. "Everybody Take 10!"

(Wow! They take breaks here too? Then again for all I know this is a union shop)

Everybody was clearing out except for Dede who still had to pull her pants back on. The delay gave me a chance to quickly ask her a question. I got up off the
bed just as she was buttoning up her tight jeans.

"Hey Dede! Can I ask you something? I was . . . "

"Let me guess," She interupted. "You want my phone number."

(Well, while that would be nice I. . .)

"Not really. That wasn't what I wanted at all."

"What a shame because I would have given it to you."

(Wow! But actually my radar is locked on someone else at the moment)

"No I was wondering if you people always stick to an exact script or if sometimes you just let things flow."

"Flow," Dede repeated while wrinkling her brow at me.

"You know," I continued. "You just follow the action like you're covering a sporting event."

"Sporting event." You would have thought I had just grown two heads.

"I mean like with soccer you always know the action is going to be where ever the ball is. And with porn even if you're recording an orgy you pretty much know where and how someone's getting serviced, right?"

"Oh you mean like freestyle." You could almost see the light bulb over her head.

"Yes! Freestyle!" Now I was the one echoing what she said.

But then Dede looked a little crestfallen.

"It's a nice idea but Nick and Hammer Man would never go for it."

"Nick liked my lipstick idea," I retorted.

"That was for a screen test." she explained. "And besides Hammer's away."

I was going to ask her to try and give more creative input but she was looking more and more uncomfortable.

"Look you're still new here, and I like how you still don't have an attitude, it's really like, fresh. But right now I gotta run for a cigarette or I'll explode."

Then she wrote something on a slip of paper before she ran off. "Here's my number anyway."

I watched her run out the door leaving me alone in the studio. "Um, thanks!"

And with that it was all quiet. "It's OK." I sputtered heading for one of the beds. "You people could at least have a vending machine or something! I'll just sit here with my dress undone and dealing with a massive hard on that just wants to EXPLODE!"

Dede stuck her head back in the door, an unlit cigarette in her mouth. "There's a mini fridge behind Nick's area. And there's paper towels and stuff under the beds for more, um personnal needs."

Before I could thank her she vanished again. I found some soda pop in the fridge plus all of kinds of things under the beds. There were paper towels like she said, moist towelettes, condoms, sextoys, a couple vibrators and another row I didn't dare monkey with.

After fluffing up a pillow I layed down on the bed to relax. It gave me a chance to glance around the studio at all their equipment. It reminded me of the public access channel where my high school sweetheart Sky had a summer job running their board at night. It gave her a chance to see if she really wanted to pursue a career in Tv and radio.

Sometimes she'd call me up and beg me to keep her company, which of course I always did. When I got there she might show me how she'd set up the studio cameras for someone. But most of the time she would just, unload one DVD or VHS and load up another. Meanwhile I picked up a few TV production buzz words along the way like, "flying boom, faders",and "wild sound."

Eventually we'd always wind up going to some back room and start making out. Sky always had the sound turned up so she could hear everything just in case. But we would be fucking to some of the oddest shows playing in the background. They had everything from hillbilly preachers to polka parties to some asshole who's big hero was Adolf Hitler.

Sky decided TV and radio wasn't for her. So she got into nurcing instead. After we broke up I heard through the g****vine she wound up marrying some asshole after he knocked her up. What a shame!

My reminising was interupted by someone's approach. He was fully dreesed and far more relaxed since I last saw him. But Dennis looked as cute as ever. With his top two buttons of his shirt undone Dennis looked really hot to bi sexual me.

He extended his hand to me and I motioned for him to sit next to me.

"Sorry about cumming in your mouth," he began.

"That's OK." I replied beganing to rub his back. "You just need a little practice. And I know just who can coach you." I added pressing
my face against the side of his.

"You crazy gurrl." Dennis said grinning with a bulge rising in his pants. My right hand was all over it rubbing up and down.

"Maybe when we're done here, you can get me d***k and take advantage of me. "

"Ohhh!" he groaned with delight.

"But we all usually go to Twisty's after. But man, that place is fucked up."

"Forget hanging with these ass holes." I suggested rubbing my fingers inside his shirt. "They've been treating you like shit. We should go to a place like the Birchwood, just you and me."

Dennis smiled. "I like that idea."

I was about to unzip his pants when we heard voices approaching. Dennis jumped up and I whispered "Later," as he gave me a wink.

"Congratulations," greeted Nick sitting back at the control desk.

"You're officially a cast member at Wild Cresent." announced Bella.

"The girls have some things to go over with you, then you can freshen up in the dressing room," continued Nick. "And we can do your first real scene with Bella."

I followed the girls to the dressing and gazed at all the sights. It was like being in, she male, cross dresser and fetish heaven. There was an assortment of lingerie and shoes of every shape and size and color. They had corsets, belts, and even some bondage appearel.

"Here!" called Jackie. "We have something to give you."

Jackie handed me a business card. "Ever hear of the place? Nick wants you to get started before your first scene with Hammer."

"Sure!" I replied. "'Beyond your Dreams' is where allot of CD's and she males go for their personnal needs like . . . electrolyisis! Oh fuck, you don't mean!?"

"Look!" ordered Dede.

She pointed to the mirror and rubbed my chin. "We can already see hairs growing!"

"Yeah!" I agreed. "Usually I just apply some more make up."

"We shoot for hours on end!" declared Bella.

"You'd need a trowl by the time we were done." added Jackie. "They can start working around your chin for now and later we can work on things like your back and such."

Dede reached in a drawer and handed me a small bottle of pills. "Here," she said.

"Nick wants you to take one a day to soften your features, just a bit."

"Estrogen!" I shouted. "You want me to take hormones?"

"All the she males use them." Explained Bella.

I gazed at the jar and thought about all the rants I put in my journal about all the hormone taking, and electrolysis using whiners at the Pleasant Town Transgender Leauge.

"Oh no! The fates are smiling upon me and they're laughing their asses off!"

(Wait until I tell Maria about my change of heart)

Jackie opened a folder and handed it to me. "Let's take a look at your script and who you'll be working with."

Glancing down at the folder it was filled with nude pix from various web sites.

Dede sat down on the other side. "See how one's Asian, one's a black T-girl from Brazil and one's from Turkey. This is why Nick really likes you."

"What! I'm the token white bitch?"

Dede grinned. "Something like that."

Meanwhile I began to drool over the Turkish gurrl. S/he had the sexiest pair of glasses to go with hir soft flirty eyes and light brown hair. And of course s/he was holding a very tasty looking hard-on against hir milky white skin.

Her screen name was Zaza. All I could think of was Zsa Zsa Gabor an old TV and movie personality. If you ask me Zsa Zsa's s****r was more well though.
Eva Gabor starred in the corny sitcom "Green Acres."

Gigi my T-girl friend back in Boston had a thing for classic TV shows and the like. S/he even chose hir female name after hir favorite movie.
Most people go with the female equivelent of their given name or they choose what their folks would have named them if they really had been
born female. (In my case it was both) But "Eric" didn't choose "Erika" or "Jeanette" (which wound up being hir k** s****r's name)
s/he went with "Gigi."

Next I had held the pictures of the Brazilian. S/he had black skin,a tender petite body,long black hair and amazing bedroom eyes.

"Hello pretty princess" I said in Portuguesse. That made the three of them laugh.

"That's Nikki." Said Bella, "S/he just got hir Green Card."

Finally I gazed at the beautiful Asian. In most of the pictures s/he was was wearing a classic "French Toast" style school outfit complete with a white blouse, a black skirt, long black socks and the sexiest looking pair of black buckled shoes!

"Oh my!" I exclaimed. "S/he's got to be from Thailand!"

"Correct!" answered Jackie. "That's Francessa."

"Hello pretty princess" I said this time speaking in Thai.

They all really teased me at that one.

"Do you think that will help them like you?"

"Maybe s/he wants to travel to Brazil and Thailand!"

(Hell yes!)

"Perhaps we should teach hir Turkish so s/he'll know when Nick's swearing at us.!"

I was about to ask for some pictures of "Hammer Man" when Nick opened the door.

"You know I heard that!" he gruffed.

"Good!" All three said at once.

"Come on and get Jane prepped for the scene with Bella!" Ordered Nick.

COMING UP NEXT "The Belly Dancer,The Bear at Birchwood,and Playing Doctor."

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