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Hot Weekend At Gay Resort

I haven't had much to post since my last sexual adventure a few months ago. I was going through a dry spell, tried picking up guys on Craigslist but I just couldn't find anyone who would interest me that much...I used to "settle" but now I have standards with whom I choose to go to bed with. I was working a lot and needed a break, so I took a long weekend and booked a room at a gay resort near Palm Springs, CA. I have never been to such a place, and told myself that I wouldn't fuck anything that moves and be a little more picky in whom I would choose to sl**p with while there...trying to keep in mind I was horny out of my skull and really just wanted to spend a weekend fucking and sucking.

I flew down to Palm Springs and took a cab to the resort (which will remain unnaimed) I checked into my room and decided to see what the place had to offer...this was a clothing optional resort so I decided to strip off my cloths and take a walk. At first I only ran into two older dudes making out in a hottub...The place seemed quiet for a Friday afternoon, I walked into what they call the Video Porn Room where there was nobody to be seen...the pron was okay (I'm pretty picky about porn) three different gay porn flicks up on large screens in a room with a few couches and large beanbag chairs. I walked downstairs into the "dungeon" and noticed a fuck-swing and a few chains, whipps and a S&M gay porn playing on a smaller TV screen mounted above the swing...again, nobody there. I finally found about six guys swimming naked in the pool (with two sunbaithing naked) I noticed one guy (guy in his late 60's who was overweight and hairy) watching me and trying to make eye contact...I brushed him off...A few of the guys were kind of cute, one (his hame was Pete) who was about 45, started talking to me, small talk at first but then it moved more personal...he asked me how long it had been since I had last been laid, I told him and he was amazed...said a cute guy like me should be getting it a lot more often, I told him that's why I came do the resort...He wasted no further time...He took me by the hand to his room near the pool, we got inside he dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock....It felt so good to finally be blown again after more than three months...I was pretty wored up and craving a cock in my mouth so I grapped his shoulders and pulled him up where we kissed long and passionate while we rubbed our hard cocks together...I kissed my way down his chest to his hard 7-inch cock...I started with his balls, nice and shaved, and licked and sucked them as he moaned then worked my way up to the head of his penis and took him in my mouth...I sucked his cock for less than two minutes when he moaned "OH SHIT...OH SHIT!! I'M GONNA CUM IN YOUR MOUTH!!...I could already taste his salty semen on my tongue so I decided to let him finish inside my mouth, I licked his cock clean and then the guy thanked me and said maybe we can see each other again before the weekend ended...just like that...he had no stamina, and he was a blow and go (I hate these type of guys) type...I told him "if that's your idea of a hot hookup, fat chance...good luck" he called me a "bitch" as I slammed his door behind me. Great looking guy, seemed smart and sensual at first, I thought I might spend the weekend fucking him but instead it lasted all of about 10 minutes...LAME! I decided to relax in the steamroom, maybe I could pickup where I left off...No old and fat guy in there who was stroking his cock while he was looking at me so I left and went back to my room and jerked off to some porn...I was pissed that I paid all that money for a plane ticket and for a room at this place when it seemed full of creeps.

I cleaned up and went to grab dinner...I sat down at a table and that's when Chris approached me. Chris is 25, very handsome face, nice smile and was in good shape. He asked me if anyone was sitting at the table with me and I said no, I said he could join me if he'd wish. It was nice, we had a grat dinner and a few drinks after...we sat there getting to know each other for several hours. We took a walk afterward...he slipped his hand in mine and we made out by the pool...he was such a great kisser! we were building up the passion knowing we would be spending the night together. I whispered in his ear to come back to my room with me...we walked back to my room, stood before the bed and kissed some more before undressing each other slowly. Chris looked excellent naked, nice twink-like ass, smooth and round...cock was about average maybe six inches...I took him in my arms and we lay on the bed kissing and touching each other...I kissed my way down to his throbbing hard cock and licked the shaft up the the head...I took him in my mouth and sucked him and licked him while he moaned and told me how great it felt... it was a huge turn on! It was nice to finally give a guy head who knew to just enjoy in and not blow his wad not two minutes after we started...He pulled me up to him and turned me over on my back, then went down on me, his mouth was amazing...he sucked me like a pro, knowing how I liked it, using his tongue and lips the way he knew he should. I was close to cumming so I finally pulled him to me and we kissed and touched for a long time, feeling each other's bodies against each other, wanting each other more, He asked me to fuck him, so i reached into the bag next to the bed and grabbed a condom...he helped me slip it on, I got on top of him as we kissed,his legs wrapped around my ass, I grabed a tube of lube and put some on my fingers then moved to his hole, massaging the lube in hearing him moan as I finger fucked him, getting him ready for my cock..I slowly entered his ass, while we kissed, feeling his legs wrap around me and his hands on my ass as I sank further and further into his asshole...we started a rythem fucking slow then faster, we both moaned with pleasure...I turned him over onto all fours and entered him from behind...fucking his incredibly cute ass from behind slow then fast, I reached around and started pulling his cock jerking him as I fucked him from behind....he told me he wanted to be on top, so we got in posistion, he sat on my cock and I lookedin the mirror as I could see him riding my cock as I jerked his...he looked in my eyes and said gently, "I'm getting ready to cum" and I told him "oh, yeah baby, cum, cum for me, I want to watch it gushing from your cock as you ride me" At that point I started to cum...I let out a loud yell "YESSSSS!!" and he yelled "OH GOD!" I watched cum spew from his came in buckets landing on me and seeping onto his balls...I filled the condom as he spewed all over the both of us. We collapsed in each other's arms, spooning and talking afterward...but we weren't done...Chris and I made love three more times before 10am the next morning!

Over the cours of the weekned, we had a great time together...later the next day, we made love in the sauna while two old guys watched and jerked off...that night we were invited to a little party in another couple's room...the four of us had a great time.

By Sunday night, I was sore and my balls were aching but I was feeling much mor weekend in a looooong time! Chris, by the way is coming up here to spend a weekend with me next month...We plan on picking up where we left off!

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