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My True Gay Experiences - Part Two

I had another six month break between guys due to mainly the location I was living at the time. I had to take a course away from home and searched the Yahoo Personals (when they were free). Found a guy, hosting, who lives about 20 minutes away. Friday night after class, I showered up and hopped in my rental car and headed to his townhouse apartment.

I arrived, all nervous of course, and met this tall white guy, with blonde or light red hair in his late 30's. He was wearing a t-shirt and some type of pajama pants. It was very dark in the apartment but I could tell it was clean but heavily decorated. We talked for a bit, asked about my experience and told him the truth that I only been with a couple of guys. He talked about how he was totally gay and how he had a boyfriend who was a police officer but the cop's wife told him to stay away. While we were talking he pulls out this enormous 9 inch cock, shaved, with a cock ring. I took that as an invitation to grab it, it felt good in my hands. I sat closer to him and he started stroking me too through my pants. It was so nice stroking his hard but fleshy cock he suggested we watch some porn.

The gay porn he put on scared me, showed guys smoking cigars and putting them out on each other's balls. I was thinking I better run but I think he knew I was getting scared so he turned it off with the remote. He stood up and took off all his clothes and I did the same. When I took off my last bit of clothing I got on my knees and put his cock in my mouth. I had to stretch my lips but it tasted good, though he was getting a lot of teeth, but I assumed he liked pain so I didn't worry.. I just kept sucking as much as I could and looked up at him and he was looking down at me with a smile. I wished my cock was as big as his. He sat down on the couch and my mouth followed him sucking and stroking the whole way. He told me he wanted to fuck my ass.

I asked if he had condoms and lube and he went into the bathroom and got them both. He put the condom on and I lubed my ass and his cock. The only thing I had in my butt before were some of my wife's "small" toys so I thought maybe I was ready for this. He laid on his back on the couch and I climbed on top of him straddling his giant cock. I sat down on it, lowering myself slowly, the pain was immense but he didn't move for my sake. I could only get half his cock in and began to slowly rock though the pain was more than the pleasure. After a few minutes I had to quit and I apologized for not being able to handle it longer. He said not to worry and gave me a towel to wipe my wet ass. I sat down on the couch and he gobbled up my cock. His hair was slightly curly and I put both my hands on his head but didn't f***e him on my cock. I love it when hands are running through my hair while I am eating pussy or cock. He would deep throat me with his nose pressed hard in my pubic hair but when he would jerk me off with my cock slippery from his saliva, it felt even better. I remember thinking if he would just jerk me off like that, I would cum fast.

He only sucked and stroked me for a few minutes than he grabbed the bottle of lube and lubricated his own ass and climbed on top of me. I was thinking YES! I GET TO FUCK SOME ASS, however I asked about a condom, he said I didn't need it right now and at the moment I knew it didn't make sense but I really didn't care. My cocked fit easily in his ass and it felt so good, I could not remember it feeling that good in years. But it was very short lived, like two seconds, saying he couldn't handle it. Looking back I wondered if that was true or he was getting me back.

He got off of me and pulled my hips off the couch and laid underneath me with his head under my ass. He pulled my hips down to his face and he started licking my asshole. My first rimming, very interesting and it actually felt good, I proceeded to masturbate my dick still wet from his ass. He rimmed me the whole time I jerked off which took about 30 minutes, it always takes me awhile, unfortunately.

While he was laying in the same position, I just got up off the couch and sucked and stroked his cock some more. I really wanted him to cum in my mouth again but he came quickly when I switched to my hands. Wasn't meant to be this time I guess.

I left and saw him again a week later, pretty much the same thing that time, no cum in my mouth yet. The second time was so much better, I just started playing with his dick as soon as I got there, definitely a fun cock to play with.

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