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Tony Next Door.

Usual Disclaimers apply.Check you're legally entitled to read this filth.If you are then unzip,flop ya knob out and stroke away.I wanna know the spunk's squirting.Oh,and cheers for the feedback to my last story.

I was just shy of my 14th birthday & had been tugging on my knoblet almost daily for well over 2 years,& swallowing down my own decent thick loads of boy-spunk more or less from day one! Fuck,I LOVED the taste & feeling of my jizz sliding down my throat.Come to that,I loved swallowing spunk period.Yeah,I was a little slut,awlays noshing down on my mates' bone-hard cocklets whenever they wanted sucking off.There were a fair number of older lads and men in my neighbourhood who'd caught my eye,even some of my mates' dads didn't escape my roving eye.One dad,well step-dad to my good mate,Chris was particularly lush to my young eyes.Me and Chris had been wanking & sucking each other for a couple of years & he loved spunk as much as me.We'd chat with his step-dad,who usually wore plain grey trackies and a white vest which perfectly showed off his rigid nipples.God,I'd have given up a month's pocket-money to slobber all over 'em.With him the subject always focused on sex and he'd be pretty full-on about how big his knob was etc.But he's a topic for another story,sorry.
The main focus of this one is my next-door neighbour,Tony.Hell,my bell-end drools just thinking about him! Tony Anderson was about 23,24 I guess & to my young teen eyes he was a fuckin' GOD! He stood about 5'11" and had a wirey fairly muscular frame.Now his favourite passtime were cars.When he wasn't at work he'd be fiddling with some car or other.Best bit for me was that he wore those navy blue cover-alls that mechanics wear and they'd be dirty grease stains all over them,quite a few round his crotch,like he'd been scratching,or rubbing?,his ball-sack! In the warmer weather he'd have the top half of his coveralls tied round his slim waste so that I'd get a good look at his hairless tanned chest and the big dark brown nipples.Naturally,as soon as I'd see him heading outside to tinker with yet another car I'd find some reason to be outside! Sometimes he'd tell me to shove off 'cause he was busy but other times he'd let me help him,passing him a tool of some kind.My own 'tool' would have it's usual mind of it's own,lol,& being a little slut-boy it didn't occur to me to try to hide the tent in my pants.When he'd lay on his back under the car he'd be working on I'd cop an eyeful of what looked to be a decent sized adult cock hanging down his coverall leg.Every so often I'd catch a glimpse of it twitching.Now,would that be because of me I'd wonder,or maybe he was thinking of some tart he'd shagged.Yeah,you guessed,I'd always imagine it was me his knob was twitching over.
So,onto the particular day I actually got to slobber all over his big,veing uncut slimey man-cock.I'd woken early with another raging boy-boner but something prompted me to not toss one off.Don't know what it was to be honest,'cause usually I'd be pulling my pud at least half a dozen times in any one day.I quickly found out that mam had gone into town with my aunties for their usual saturday morning coffe/shopping/gossip,whatever.Dad had gone into work to do over-time and my s****rs had gone off to the local catholic orphanage to piss themselves over the cute babies.Not literally piss themselves,lol.They were 15 & 16 and anything to do with babies had them doolally.My b*****r,the sodding nightmare,six years younger than me, was inhaling a bowl of Frosties in the kitchen,like he'd never been fed.
"Christ,Peter,take a fuckin' breath between mouthfulls,yer like a soddin' pig"
He just gave me his cheeky wink,which he'd copied off dad & said,"Oink,oink" I couldn't help laughing at the little fucker.
"So listen,what are you doing today? 'Cause you aint hanging around me"
I was well chuffed when he said he and his mates were going to kick a ball about across in the field from where we lived.
"Well ok,'cause I'm gonna see if Tony next door needs me to help with his car"
My b*****r smirked and surprised me when he said,
"You like Tony,don't you? Mam says yo're always pestering him.You're worse than a girl,mam says"
At this,I lobbed the tea-towel at him and told him to 'fuck off'.
He seemed to be taking way too long to finish his cereal so I snatched the bowl away and told him to go brush his teeth and go meet his mates.His bottom lip trembled and a tear appeared so I quickly hugged him,eugh,& bribed him with 50 pence to get a wriggle on.That did the trick,lol.Soon as he'd left the house I raced over to the lounge window and was glad as fuck to see Tony's tanned hairy legs poking from under his latest car.Yup,you read it right.He wasn't wearing his coveralls this day.Mind you,it was damn hot,baking hot.So I dashed upstairs to my bedroom and reached under the bed for my favourite little y-fronts.Mam wouldn't buy me any other kind! They were my favourites 'cause being the devious little perv' I am I'd wanked and spunked in them for weeks and they were prcatically standing up on their own.When I din't swallow my boy-muck I'd dump the load in the undies.Once I'd got them on under my white nylon footy shorts I had to practically crack them to get them to mould to my smooth bollox. But I was a lucky bugger in that even as a 13,almost 14 year old I produced a fair amount of pre-cum so they were soon nicely snug against my drooling piss-slit and boy-balls,mmmmmmmm.Slipping on a white vest which was a size too small I gave myself a slap on my cute little arse and headed off to see my prey,er,Tony next door.Now,I could make out the smell of boy-goo coming off my shorts so I'd hope Tony would as well.See,just as I told you,a regular little slut I was.I just never sensed danger in what I did.
"Hey,Tony,you need a hand with owt?"
A thud follwed by a ,"What the friggin' hell........" and I realised I'd caught him off-guard and he'd smacked his head on the car's exhaust pipe! Oops,not the best start to my seduction plan,lol.Hauling himself from under the motor on his 'push-board' he glared up at me,one arm over his eyes to block out the sun.His hairy arm-pit was soaked in sweat and a faint odour of adult sweat wafted up to my nostrils.
"Fuck's sake,k**.You nearly gave me a bleedin' heart attack."
He rubbed at the reddening spot on his grease-streaked forhead and muttered under his breath.
"Sorry,Tony.Would you like me to get you some aspirin or owt?"
Still glaring he snarled,
"Too soddin' right,k**.There's some in me bed-side drawers.The front door's not locked.Be quick an' all,me head's throbbin'"
Oh hell,I was gonna get to see his bedroom,where he slept,(naked?),and wanked and spunked-off! Moving like an express train I rocketed up his stairs,not even wondering if his mam and dad were in! Phew,they weren't,the house was silent.
Stepping into his bedroom I breathed in deeply and got such an odour of him that a few drops of spunk spat out into my y-fronts,I k** you not.On the chair in the corner were his dirty coveralls.Oh,I couldn't help myself,(like I tried,lol), and in an instant I'd got hold of them and was sniffing away at the crotch.I slid my tongue over the material and got a definite tang of salty,bleachiness,tinged with,yup,PISS-stain!
"Whoa!What the chuffing 'ell's goin' on 'ere,then?"
The voice behind me made me almost hit the ceiling.I was so wrapped up in my pervy game I hadn't heard Tony enter his bedroom.Even though he was right where'd I'd imagined him to be,in his bedroom with me there,My heart skipped about half a dozen beats.Before I had time to answer Tony sneered down at me and sniggered,
"So,the little queer-boy from next door's got the hots for me skanky stained work clothes,has he?"
Christ.Instead of being scared,his angry,dirty tone made me want his big cock even more.And if the bulge in his denim cut-offs was anything to go by he was gonna make sure that's exactly what my slutty little mouth would get.
"Yeah,ya didn't think I knew ya lil' game,did ya,k**?Too soddin' right.I can sniff out a lil' cock-sucker from yards away.Teasing me with your fuckin' hard-ons in yer tight shorts,dirty fucker.Shit,I can smell the spunk flooding off ya.You been dumping yer boy-muck in yer kecks,then,have ya?"
By now my knoblet was strainging in my shorts,soaking the front with pre-cum.And Tony was licking his lips and rubbing at the throbbing bulge in his cut-offs,thrusting his slim hips out at me.He reached out to me with one grimey,greasy hand and tweaked at my pink boy-nipple.Growling,he twisted it making me yelp.
"Yeah,fuckin' love those lil' pinky boy-tits."
Standing so close to him,legs trembling I got a great whiff of his greasy sweaty smooth body.Lifting up one arm he sneered at me,
"Can tell you love me stinky pits,don't'chya,k**? Well,you's gonna start me off by getting yer lil' tongue in there and lick me man-sweat off,DO IT" Oh,hell,this was bliss.Standing on tip-toe I sunk my face into his hairy,sweaty pit and started suckling and slobbering,getting all his morning's worth of ripe,tangy sweat in my mouth! Tony was groaning like an a****l and urging me to lick his 'fuckin' pits clean'.
"Oooh,fuck yeah,ya lil' perv'.Now get that wet tongue in my belly-button,lick all that slimey swaety fluff outa there"
Now,ok,the sweat,no problem.But it was a bit gross to be having his hairs and fluff sticking to my tongue.But he'd got his meaty greasy hand on the back of my head so I didn't really have a choice.Moaning,he muttered,
"Fuck,got me own personal slut-boy right next door.Right,time for the real prize,k**do"
And with that he reached for his zip and yanked it down.He shoved his grimey hand inside and flopped out his throbbing,hairy slimey uncut adult cock.Skinning back so his big purple flared slimey bell-end appeared he slapped his hot throbbing prick over my smooth pale face soaking me with pre-slime.
"Ah,ya nasty lil' fucker,get ya tongue in me piss-slit,yeah,taste my gunk"
I was in hog-heaven,the salty,pissy tang of his slime had my eyes almost rolling back in my head.Slapping me on my head Tony ordered me to slide my sweet mouth over his big bell-end and start sucking! Now although I'd been sucking cock for a couple of years I wasn't well-versed in deep-throating.Besides,most cocks I'd sucked so far were my mates,easier to swallow.And the adult cocks I'd sucked weren't as meaty as Tony's.As my lips formed a seal over his veiny throbbing man-cock he shoved forward and his spongy cock-head prodded my tonsild.Shit,my eyes flooded instantly and snot drooled from my nostrils.But Tony held my head in place and he was grunting and groaning as his cock filled my throat.
"Fuck me,you cn suck a good cock,ya lil' freak.Aint gonna take me long this time to flood yer belly!"
As much as I'd craved his cock I was secretly glad he'd be spunking soon,'cause my throat was stretched and I thought I'd pass out.I could taste Tony's salty-sweet syrupy pre-cum coating my tongue & my own pulsing boy-knob was filling the front of my shorts with my own pre-cum.As he fucked my mouth his heavy sweaty hairy balls were slapping at my chin which clearly he loved 'cause he kept groaning and going on about his big spunk-filled bollocks.I sensed he was ready as his big gnarly hands tightened their grip in my hair,
"Ooooooooh fuck,fuck,fuck.Ready,kikd,you FUCKIN' READY?"
Drool was leaking out of my mouth as he neared his climax,soaking my already damp vest.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaagh,yesssssss,fucker,swallow me fuckin' load.DO iiiiiiiiiiiit"
Now,I have never spunked at exactly the same time as any other cock.But hell,as Tony's boiling hot,thick gooey chunks of man-spunk gushed into my throat my own smaller boy-balls erupted,spurting my gunk into my y-fronts.I was bucking my hips as my sensitive piss-slit widened and spewed out it's juice.Tony's grip on my hair was starting to hurt but he was busy squirting his heavy load into me! I honestly thought he wasn't gonna quit.But eventually his sperm slowed and with a deep growl Tony's still hard cock slipped from my aching mouth.
his own panting and heaving matched my own,and we were both incapable of doing anything but pant,me on my knees,Him with his slime-coated adult cock just inches from my face.
The sound of car doors slamming quickly got our attention.
"Fuck,k**,that'll be me ma' and pa'.Quick,get the fuck up and get in the bathroom.I'll tell 'em ya needed a slash"
By the time I reached their kitchen Mrs Anderson was putting their food-shopping away and Tony's dad was sat at the kitchen table reading the sports pages.
"Alright,mate,you done yeah? Ok,well cheers for helping me out this morning,I'll see ya to the door"
Once it was just him and me he put his hand on my arse and gave it a quick squeeze.
"Ya horny lil' fucker",he whispered,"You can help me with my motor anytime ya like.Oh and yeah,keep dumping yer boy-spunk in those dirty undies,'cause next time you take 'em off give 'em to me,I wann be chewing that nasty junk outa 'em"
And with that I was back in the street,just in time to see mam steeping off the bus on the corner.I had to get to my bedroom sharpish so I could get outa my drenched y-fronts and hide 'em.Wouldn't do to get the old bat wondering,lol.

Well,I know this was a pretty long-winded attempt,for which I apologise.I'll try to get better at not waffling,lol.Hope you all still enjoyed it and that you dumped a goodly loada boy-spunk/man-spunk!

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