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Belinda's Last Adventure (Continued)

Please Read Belinda's last Adventure before reading this part in order to catch up.

"yes honey! I know I told you I would be home tonight but these guys I met at the convention are hanging out for a few days to play golf and chill out and i really never get away so i thought you wouldn't mind."

As I worked on convincing my wife to let me stay in Vegas for a few more days, my cock was getting hard at the sight of Belinda laying naked on the bed smiling at me.

" I know sweet heart, I miss you too. I love you too! I can't wait to see you either. I'll be home on Friday. Bye!"

"I feel terrible that you had to lie to your wife but last night was the best time of my life and I want it to continue." Belinda said as she got up off the bed and walked to the balcony.

As I watched her from behind I couldn't help but approach her and rub my now hard cock up against her.
"Time to get fucked!"

As I pressed my naked cock against her ass, she reached over her head and pulled my face to neck and I eagerly kissed and sucked her neck. She turned and pulled my mouth to hers sucking my tongue in while reaching down to grab my cock in her hand.
As we kissed and sucked each others tongues I reached down to get a handful of her tits, pinching her nipples roughly which she seemed to like. After a minute or two, i decided that I needed more and i pushed her onto the bed. Like the slut I had recently trained her to be, as she fell to the bed, her legs flew wide open. I approached her pussy with my cock in hand and just as I was about to enter her, she stopped me. "Put it in my ass! Like you did last night."

"I need some lube."
I'm ready for you", she said.

Sure enough, when I placed the head of my cock at her tight little asshole, it was already lubed and ready to go. Apparently while I was on the phone with the wife, Belinda was getting ready.

Noticing the wetness of her ass, I wasted no time and pushed my cock into her ass. She was tight as could be, even after the pounding I gave her only hours before. Her ass felt really good and I didn't hold back. I pushed my cock all the way in and than pulled it all the way out. With every thrust back in, Belinda would squirm a little and let out a little moan. After a short while, I started pounding her ass harder and harder. I grabbed her legs by the ankles and raised them high so I could get I could get in deeper. As I pounded her ass hard, I watched as she grabbed her tits to stop the from violently bouncing all over the place and squeezed them roughly. As soon as she started pinching her over sized nipples, I lost control and filled her ass with my warm cum.
I continued pumping slowly even after I had shot my last stream and than pulled out of her ass slowly, a river of white cum following.

After I had my way with her ass, I collapsed onto the bed and we fell asl**p for a while. We were exhausted from our late night of drinking and fucking.
When we awoke, at about 2 o'clock in the after noon,we decided to order some room service. While we were waiting for the order to arrive, we decided to clean ourselves up and jumped into the shower. Belinda talked mostly as she lathered us up with soap.
"I feel alive for the first time in my life. It seems like my whole life I lived scared. Scared to experience things. Scared to have fun. If I wasn't dyeing, I may not have ever had a single day of fun my entire life."

"What will you do after Vegas?"

"I don't know. I may stay a while. I may rent a car and see some sights."
As Belinda rambled on about her future, she decided that my cock was really dirty and began working to clean it. Just as my cock started to respond, there was aloud knock at our door. " holy shit that food got here quick!"
I quickly jumped out of the shower and grabbed a robe from the back of the bathroom door. " Hang on" I yelled as I struggled to dry myself a little.

I exited the bathroom and opened the hotel room door. On the other side was a very young looking man in a uniform holding a large tray. "Hello. C'mon in." I said as i held the door open for him.
"Where would you like me to put this sir?"
"on the bed is fine."
As the waiter placed the tray on the bed, i noticed him taking a hard look at the bed bed sheets, especially the huge wet spot on the right side.
Just than, I had an idea.

After the young waiter left, Belinda and I ate as we watched some television. While we ate, i asked her if she was up for some more adventure. She reluctantly said yes but mentioned that she was up for anything as long as I would be there.
After we were done eating, we started making out on the bed and i could feel through her panties that her excitement was rising. In between kisses, I tried to speak, " I have a surprise coming. Do as I ask and i promise you will have a great time."
"I will." she answered as she sucked my tongue back into her mouth.

Not long after her response, there was a knock at the door. I immediately got up and went to answer it. Belinda looked concerned but not scared.
I opened the door and it was Bobby, the waiter that had delivered our food. He handed me an envelope and i instructed him to wait out in the hallway. I closed the door and went over to Belinda.
"I want you to close your eyes and lay across the bed."
She said nothing and did exactly as I asked. I took a look at her as she laid the with her eyes close. She was in panties and one of my white "wife beater' tank tops. Her tits were spilling out of the sides and there was a wet spot on the crotch of her panties.
I went back to the door and opened it wide. "C'mon in."
Bobby walked past me and than a parade of young guys followed. The parade ended when the tenth young man walked past me. I closed the door and joined them.

They were all young, not a one of them older than 20 in my estimation. They were all standing silently looking at Belinda on the bed.
Belinda was trembling a little bit. I'd image she could feel the eyes upon her.
"She's all yours guys."
Belinda had not opened her eyes but she heard what I said. The young guys didn't move. They seemed to be overwhelmed by the sight of her lying on the bed, half naked.
I decided to get the party started. I approached Belinda, grabbed her tank top strongly and quickly ripped the shirt completely open. The f***ed caused her middle aged tits to bounce side to side. The sight of this excited the boys as some smiled, others giggled and they all began nervously moving around. One young man, a light skinned black fellow could take it no more and immediately got on the bed and began sucking on her tits. Belinda gasped as he took her nipples into his mouth and sucked.

The other guys seeing that it was alright, started to join in and one by one started feeling her body, anywhere they could get a hand in. To my amazement, Belinda kept her eyes closed.
In no time, the guys had pulled her panties and top completely off and were attacking her body like a****ls. Four of the boys were now naked and stroking there cocks while the light skinned black guy whose name was Ben moved up to Belinda's head. He opened his pants, pulled out his cock and pressed the tip at her mouth. Without hesitation, she opened up and took his cock in as deep as she could.
I sat to the side watching the action from a chair while I smoked a cigarette. While watching, I opened the envelope Bobby gave me. Just as I asked, there was $1000 in the envelope. $100 per guy.

I couldn't help but turn my attention back to the bed. The young men were letting loose in full f***e now. They were all naked. The skinny young white guy who was eating her pussy was replaced by another heavy set white guy who started fucking Belinda's pussy hard and fast. Belinda had a cock in her mouth and a cock in each hand. Her body had red marks all over it, especially her tits from being grabbed and groped. There were such marks all around her nipples from being sucked on. As I looked on, I noticed that Belinda's eyes were wide open now. I made eye contact with her and asked her if she was alright by silently mouthing the words. She nodded yes and would of smiled if it wasn't for the hard cock being thrust in and out of her mouth.

It wasn't long before the young guys began to burst. The Black k** Ben blew his load first and to Belinda's credit, she tried to swallow it all however he seemed to have fired a gallon of cum in her mouth. The white guy pumping her pussy filled her up and the young guys to her right that she was jerking shot his load right on her tits. One guy who was watching in the back jerking himself shot a long stream of cum all over the carpet.

As the guys who came retreated back, the others stepped and replace them.
As the next group got in place, Belinda quickly had a new cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. One little mexican guy,obviously tired of stroking himself, pushed past the rest, climbed on top of Belinda and started fucking her tits using the puddle of wet cum recently shot on her as lube. It didn't take him long. Within minutes the mexican guy shot a thick gob of cum right on her neck. This set of the guy she was sucking and he pulled out and fired 8 streams of cum into her open mouth and all over her face.
I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. The most impressive thing was that Belinda was having the time of her life. If i had to guess, I would say that she had at least 5 orgasms that I noticed.

After about an hour and a half, things had settled down. Three of the guys had left and the rest were recovering. Belinda was on the bed being fucked by Ben doggy style as some of the guys watched television. As I watched Belinda get pumped, I stroked my cock.I had already cum twice watching her get fucked by all these guys and I was hard again. She looked so good as Ben fucked her from behind. her tits swaying with each thrust. As Ben pushed his cock into her pussy, I could see all the fluids running down her thighs. I think Ben was having trouble feeling anything due to the amount of cum that had been shot into her so he decided to try her ass.
He pulled out and lined his cock up at her ass. As he did, Belinda gasped and instructed the young guy, " yes! Push it in.'
As Ben f***ed his cock into her ass, the momentum caused her body to slump forward. She was now lying flat on her stomach as Ben pumped her ass. As he fucked her wildly, she looked over at me breathing heavy and than closed her eyes. I watched as Ben's body tensed up and he filled her ass up with a load of cum and than collapsed on top of her.

I didn't realize at the time, but when Belinda closed her eyes as Ben came in her ass, it would be forever. The autopsy report showed that the brain tumor hemorrhaged while she was getting fucked and killed her.
As I write this, I am serving a 20 year prison sentence. Although Belinda had the time of her life before she left this world, she wasn't around to testify to that fact and the Las vegas court system threw the book at me. I lost my everything including my wife, my c***dren, and my business. The world now knows me as the pervert that k**napped the middle aged home maker and sold her ass for profit.
As for Belinda, I know I gave her the thrill of her life during her last days and I can appreciate what she experience because since I've been in this place, I have had more hard cocks in my ass and mouth than I can count.

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