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My first time

my first time was with a girl i ment online. we had been talking online for a few weeks untill it got x rated. you would tell me how wet you were and how you wanted me to suck your tits. soon we talked about meeting after tellin me how to get to your place you told me to have my dick out when you ansered your door. i got to your door and knocked. you opened your door and look soo sexy. you had on a thight shirt and short shorts. you were short dark skined with meat on your bones just like i like it. big tits and ass and long hair. you seid "why is your dick not out" and loked at me with lust in your eyes. i walked in and kissed you deeply. sticking my tounge in your mouth graging your fat ass. i heard a little moan come out so i unbuttoned my pants and took off my pants and boxers. you stoped and looked at my big dick." your so big i cant wait to feel you inside me" you seid. i riped your shirt off pressing my self on you. you smailed pulled my shirt off. i kissed you and lifted you up and took you to the your bedroom. i layed you down and kissed your lips then your neck then your chest. soo i started kissing your belly untill i got to your pussy. i licked and sucked on you clit hearing your moan louder and louder. one hand on your ass and the other on one of your tits. you graved my hand and stuck two of my fingers in you mouth sucking on them. i felt yu start to tighten and you came. you puled me up and i kissed up your body. i put my big 9 inc dick in your wet pussy. i fucked yu harder and harded kissing you wit your nails digging in my back. after we both came to fucked for a few more hour. then i left. we fucked a few times after but thats was the end.

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