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Yg Indian girl used in sauna

A few years ago when I was mid 40s I was lucky enough to have a very dark skinned, firm breasted, petite young Indian girl who was my occasional fuck buddy. She was very inexperienced (only one previous fuck with the local cop from her village before she came to England and he had not asked her permission first). I met her when she was 20 and she was incredibly willing to do anything I wanted which was incredible.

Looking back I took terrible advantage of her willingness to please me, but she did seem to enjoy the things I made her do, and she never seemed shocked. For example when my Collie showed a lot of inappropriate interest in her when I was shagging her on the living room floor one time, she didn’t bat an eyelid and I let him get to know her nether regions rather intimately. What a rush seeing that, but that tale is for another time and perhaps another site!

The times that really sticks in my mind was when my wife was away a her s****rs and I took my Indian friend to a nudist Health Spa and sauna that I often used to frequent in Brighton, on the south coast. I warned her that everyone would be nude and that other men there would maybe want to fuck her and that this was normal and she should not be upset or worried. Her English was not great, but she understood what I was telling her and to be quite honest, she was more excited about simply going on a day trip with me than thinking or worrying about what might happen in the sauna.

Once we got into the sauna I took her around to show her the steam rooms, Jacuzzi and saunas and of course she got many appreciative looks. It was not just her youth (most of the people who go to this sauna are 50s and upwards) but her perfect 32a tits, her hairy pussy and her tiny frame (she is 4 foot 10) all made her very very interesting to the old pervs that frequent the sauna.

I had pre-booked a massage for her to give me time to look around, give guys the chance to talk to me about her and see what other talent there was in the place. That first time there were no other couples and only one guy under 50 (he was about 24). I was happy about this because I was not looking for young studs to use my friend, I was really wanting to see old men have her. The older the better. I find contrast so fucking exciting.

When she got back from the massage I met her and gave her a shower and then took her straight to the upper area of the health spa where there are private and public rooms. To break her in slowly and to try not to scare her I went into a small private room first. I gave her a bit of a fucking and then told her I was going to open the door and let other men in. She neither agreed nor disagreed, I guess cus I had pre-warned her anyway!

As soon as I opened the door 3 guys came right in. One was the young guy and 2 were in their late 50s. One of the older men got straight down to licking her cunt and then tried to fuck her without condom. I pulled his cock out by hand and told him to get a condom! He apologised and backed off to get one. Then the younger man came forward. He already had a condom on but I was a bit worried because he was much bigger than me and therefore much bigger than she had had before (the Indian Policeman had been very small from her description). I told him to be careful and not to push too hard if she couldn’t take him. I need not have worried because she was very wet and he slipped into the hilt fairly easily. He fucked her missionary and it was fabulous to watch his very white, very big ( I guess 8-9 inches) cock fucking her very dark skinned and black haired cunt. He fucked her nicely and she came a lot. I kissed her as much as possible because instinctively I knew that she was only doing any of this because I made her and I wanted to make sure she realised I was there for her.

The guy came, pulled out and was replaced by the fat guy in his 50s who now had a condom. He was not very big and not very hard but he groaned and grunted and eventually came and left. The third guy was clearly more interested in watching the cock action than fucked a cunt and he didn’t have a go on her.

I thought that as a first session that was ok so took her down and gave her another good shower and then took her to the bar and gave her a cup of tea. I was very keyed up and couldn’t wait to get back upstairs but I wanted to make sure my friend was cool about things and not going to freak on me. The nature of our relationship was that she was just so happy to be with me for more than the 30 minutes or less that we normally managed to spend together that she was prepared to do anything just to be with me.

After tea I took her back up to the ‘rest rooms’ on the top floor and to the bigger lockable room where there was already a man sitting. A very old guy had followed us upstairs and he came in with us and so I locked the door. The old man (and he was old, I am guess about 70-75) came right over to lick my friend and kiss her tits. He got semi hard, but had trouble getting a condom on. I helped him a bit as I really wanted to see him fuck her. I held the base of his cock to help get some bl**d into his medium sized flesh. He got hard enough to insert himself in her cunt and began moving. I kept my hand between them to help keep him inside her. He thrust away for a very short time and then groaned and grunted and came, but there was hardly any swelling of his softish cock as he came. I still found it fucking exciting, helping a man more than 3 ½ times older than my friend to fuck her.

The other guy in the room was clearly just a watcher. He never came near and just sat and wanked. I therefore fucked my girl for a few minutes and then took her to the far end of the rest area which has several beds and no door. I laid her down and began to fuck her. I did it with her on her back and me kneeling to give the onlookers that soon gather a good view of he perfect youg body and my cock moving nicely in and out. Around 7-8 men came into the room and those closest started touching her, having had my nood of consent. A couple tried to get her to suck them but I told them only fucking was allowed.

I asked who would like to have her first and an exceptionally hairy, ill-shaven thick set Italian or Arab man of around 55 got stuck into her. He picked her up and moved her around and tried to fuck her in many positions. He planted her on his lap and f***ed her up and down by holding her waist, he fucked her doggie, he did various missionary positions. This rough treatment was clearly causing her a bit of stress as was his irritating insistence on trying to kiss her. It got to the point where he had her laid flat on the bed and was on top of her like a massive ape. I was enjoying seeing his thick, short cock moving in and out of her but she was now getting stressed as the position enabled him to f***ed his disgusting rough face down on her trying to get her to agree to kiss him. I told him to stop, but he didn’t so I took his arm and told him that was it, he must get off. He did as he was told but was all grumpy as though I was being unfair in some way; ungrateful bastard!

Then came a couple of guys in the early 60s, both of who fucked her gently and just enjoyed the chance to get inside a beautiful, nubile young girl. There were now still around 7 guys watching and wanking. I made her reach out and help the nearest ones with her hands as the old men fucked her. I got her to suck me at the same time. What a rush!

After the 2 old men I offered her to the other guys who were there but no one took up my offer. I suspect that some of these men are gay and just enjoy watching cock action. I went back to fucking her myself, in the same way I had been before so as to give the audience a good view and also a good target area for their wanking! By the time I was ready to cum 3 of them did toss off on her tits and tummy. I asked if anyone else wanted to fuck her or wank on her and with no takers I pulled out and came on her myself.

I then took her back down to the main health spa area and gave her a very good shower to rinse off all the cum and clean her cunt well (although all guy apart from me had used condoms)

In the car on the way home my little friend was still very randy! She was wearing a loose dress and I told her to take her knickers off and for most of the journey home I fingered her and from time to time she leaned over and sucked me. I gave her a damn good porking and amazingly she was not sore at all from her earlier ordeal. Just shows I guess that if a girl is horny enough and wet enough she can manage a hell of a lot of cock!

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