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My Father-In-Law's New Bride Ch. 03

It had been almost two weeks since Tom had caught me wearing Donna's wedding dress and in that time I was well into my training as his new play thing. He had done everything to make me feel like the woman or the whore he wanted me to be from servicing both him and other men in the picture theatre, to where would take me out late at night to some clubs he knew. He would ring me at work and tell me what to be wearing when he would be over as Donna was still away on business and we would have the house to ourselves. Tom would make me wear some of Donna's things and he had also taken me shopping to purchase others for my exclusive use. Donna rang me on the Thursday evening and told me that her job would keep her in the city for another week and that she would return by Thursday, the week of our wedding, which was to be on the Saturday. I was glad to have that time, as I needed to sit down with Tom and explain that this cannot go on as I will soon marry Donna and that once we were husband and wife, there would be little time nor opportunities for him to use me. It was while planning my talk that the phone rang.


"Christopher Andrews."

"How is my little fuck toy?"

"Hi Tom."

"Listen, I want you dressed real nice as I am taking you somewhere special tonight."

"You can wear that nice long red dress of Donna's with matching underwear."

"And I want you to be a blonde."

"Tom, I really can't tonight," I interrupted.

"Listen to me you little slut."

"If you don't want people to see the pictures of you dressed, then you will do what you are told."

"Tom, it's just."

"Never mind the just bit you little bitch."

"You will do what ever I want?"




"Now I will pick you up and you better be ready or else."

I hung up the phone and headed upstairs to prepare.

I went to Donna's wardrobe and picked out the evening dress Tom had ordered me to wear, then located a red lace ¼ cup bra and thong. I also found some red heels and a pair of flesh coloured sheer pantyhose. I showered and checked my body for any body hair, which may have been visible, then exited the shower and got dressed. I applied my makeup and slipped into my panties, pantyhose and heels, followed by my bra and finally my dress. Last came my blonde wig and red lipstick with a final coat of lip-gloss. I had become very proficient with the makeup and when looking in the mirror I could pass as a woman to almost anyone. I grabbed my purse and took the lipstick and perfume, together with some money and waited for Tom to arrive. He was right on time as I locked the front door and headed for his car.

My heels clicked on the concrete path as I opened the door and slid into the passenger's seat. Tom was smoking one of his cigars and he greeted me with that evil grin.

"Wow you sure look good."

I smiled in acknowledgment as the car moved away from the curb and headed into town.

"You look good enough to eat if I was that way inclined," he laughed.

"Now here's the deal."

"We are going to an exclusive club."

"We will have dinner and that will be enough time for guys to check you out."

"Then you are to pick up someone in the bar and you will do what ever that person wants."

"I don't care where or what type of sex you have but you will do it."


"Yes Tom."

"I will be watching you and if you don't do as you have been instructed the pictures will be on your boss's desk on Monday morning."

"Is everything clear?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Now we have a little time before we get to the club so why don't you slide over here and show me how much you want to please me?"

I knew what he wanted as I moved closer to him. I undid the belt on his trousers and then the button, pulling the zipper down and slipping my hand inside his trousers pulling his cock free. It was almost hard as I began to massage the shaft long and slow. In the dim light I could see the precum ooze from the eye and it glistened as it leaked over the head of his cock. I lowered my head onto it and let my tongue do the work rolling it around and over the thick mushroom head. I could taste him as I ran my tongue under the shaft and to his swollen balls. He began to moan as I continued to lick his cock shaft and concentrated on pleasing him. His hand moved behind my head as he pushed it further down. I opened my lips and mouth and let it enter my opening as I moved my head up and down letting my lips massage his shaft. He pushed and pulled my head on and off it, increasing the rhythm to where my head was working on his cock without ant assistance.

"Oh yeah that's it."

"Suck daddy's big thick cock."

"I'm so fucking close."


"Oh fuck."

"Oh Shittttttttttttttttttttttttt," he yelled as the first jet of his hot cum hit that back of my throat. I gulped it down as one after another stream of his hot sticky liquid entered my mouth. I closed my lips tight so as to not let any escape. I gobbled it up until I felt the last of it drain from his penis. I left my mouth on his softening cock until I had licked every last drop from him and then rearranged his attire. I took out my purse and applied another coat of lipstick and some lip-gloss, then straightened my hair. I was now ready for my next encounter.

We had arrived and as the doorman opened my door he caught a good eye full of my stocking encased thigh. As I exited the car thanking him and his "thank you ma'am," brought a smile to my face. If only he knew I thought to myself as I followed Tom into the club where we were shown to our table in a small-secluded cubicle which was well out of sight. He ordered champagne and the waiter pulled my chair out and let me be seated. There were several men at the bar and there were some indeed that were checking me out. I smiled at a few as Tom watched me work the crowd.

"That one," Tom pointed out.

There at the end of the bar was a short, overweight and balding man who looked like a salesman at a sales convention. He wasn't the best looking guy in the place but Tom was insistent that he would be the one. His eyes met mine and he smiled as I acknowledged him. I too another mouth full of my champagne and then slid from my chair and headed in his direction. As I walked toward him I could hear other men acknowledge my existence as I now approached the man at the end of the bar. I stopped and stood next to him.

"Hello," I politely smiled.

"I'm Christine."

He took another mouthful of his drink and turned to me.


"I'm Steve."

"Steve Briggs," he replied as his hand reached out to mine.

His handshake was that of a wet fish and I could feel the sweat of his palm.

"Nice to meet you Steve."

"And nice to meet you Christine."

"Tell me Steve are you here alone?"

"Yes I am."

"Do you have a room here in the hotel?"

"No I don't."

"But I have a car in the carpark out back."

"Is it a big car?"

"Why yes it is."

"I like big cars."

"Would you like to show it too me?"

"Sure," came his eager reply.

"Then let me grab my purse and we can go."

I walked back to where Tom sat and grabbed my purse.

"His car in the carpark."

"Beautiful," Tom replied.

I joined Steve and headed for the carpark, which was at the end of a small alleyway. As we moved out of sight Steve grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. His mouth was immediately on mine as he kissed me roughly and his hand pressed against my thigh trying to hitch my dress up. I struggled but he was stronger and his tongue now entered my mouth where he used it to explore every inch of my oral cavity, My hands pressed against his chest as I again tried to push him away. Another couple walked by and they looked at us. All they would see was a guy and a girl in the midst of some heavy petting in a cold and dark alley. The guy smiled at Steve with that look of give the bitch a good fucking. I continued to try and reason with him but appeared to be of little use.

"Steve please not here," I begged.

"Christine you are one hot bitch and I want you."

"Please Steve lets take it a bit slower,"


"Sure Christine," Steve hissed as he ushered me to his car, where on arrival he opened the door and I was ushered into the back seat where Steve climbed in behind me. I settled into the soft plush leather seat when he again grabbed me and pressed his mouth on mine. I struggled to breathe as his tongue again entered my mouth at the same time he pushed his hand up my dress.

"Please Steve, relax, and take it easy."

"Come on Christine you wouldn't have asked me out here if you didn't want sex."

"Let's take it slow ok?"

"No," he shouted.

"Don't give me that shit."

"Please I don't think that you understand the situation," I told him.

"Oh I understand you prick teasing bitch," he hissed as his hand leashed out striking me across the face. His stare told me that he meant business as I tried to again reason with him.

"Please Steve let me go."

"No you cock teaser."

"It was your idea to join me and I'm going to fuck you."

"Oh god no Steve, please let me go?"

He pushed me back into the seat and hitched my dress up around my waist, exposing my pantyhose and the lace panties I wore beneath them. I panicked, as I knew that as soon as he realised that I was not what he thought that he would hurt me. It was no use protesting as he was going to have his way with me. His hands grabbed the crutch of my pantyhose and he tore a large hole in them. His stubby fingers reached for the soft material of my panties and he pulled them to one side and my penis sprung free.

"Please Steve, I can explain," I pleaded.

His eye lit up as they focused on my prick.

"Oh yeah baby." he remarked.

"It looks so good."

His head moved forward and his lips opened, taking my cock into his mouth. His head began to bob up and down on it as he sucked and licked the shaft. My mind went numb as his mouth worked my shaft. God I was hard and I wanted to cum so much in his hot mouth. His finger slipped between my legs and probed my anal opening as he continued to stimulate my cock. I could feel myself moan deep down in my throat as it found its mark and entered me. Steve began to finger fuck me as he sucked my cock. My hands gripped his head as I pushed my cock deeper into his mouth.

"Oh yeah lover," I moaned.

"Suck my man clit," I cooed.

Steve was now working on me and my cock was so fucking hard. The light in the car came on as the door opened and Tom slide into the back seat with us.

"I see you like Steve, Christine," he smirked.

"Oh fuck yes," I hissed through gritted teeth.

"I thought you might," he again smirked.

Tom unzipped himself and pulled his cock free, and then he grabbed my head and pulled my face toward it. My mouth opened to accept his cock as my new lover continued to lick and suck me at the same time his finger tickled my prostate. I too worked on Tom's cock taking it deep into my mouth. Steve's mouth now left my cock and he readied me for my fucking.

He pushed me onto the seat and spread my legs wide as he positioned himself between them and steered his cock to my anal opening. My legs were now over his shoulders as his cock pushed against the resistance.

"I forgot to tell you that Steve likes girlie boys especially their man pussies," Tom smirked.

I now knew that this was a set up and that Tom was letting another of his friends use me. Steve pushed his cock into me and it was stretching to accommodate him. He grunted and groaned as he fought to push it deeper and deeper. I lay motionless letting him enter me, as I knew that if I struggled against him he would hurt me.

"So I told you that she was hot Steve," he smiled.

"Yeah Tom she is one horny little bitch."

"I'm going to enjoy fucking her cute arse."

"I'm sure you will enjoy my little slut," Tom laughed.

"She is so tight and hot."

Steve was now inside me as he started to fuck me hard pushing deeper and deeper with each shove. I had been used several times already and my man pussy was now starting to accept cock without as much pain as the first time. He spat on his hand filling the palm with his wet saliva as it found my cock. He wrapped his fingers around its thickness and began to stroke it in rhythm to his cock pushing and pulling in and out of me. I was being fucked like the slut I had become and Steve liked the thought of it being against my will. He pulled the upper half of my dress down over my shoulders exposing my tiny lace bra. Next he pulled it down exposing my nipples. His mouth was on one and he pulled the other between his thumb and forefinger. My nipples were so sensitive as the pain radiated from them throughout my body. I was panting like some wild a****l as I lay there letting both men use me. I was so hot and I wanted to be fucked and feel Toms cum in my mouth. I would not have to wait too long to have my wish granted.

Steve pounded my man pussy as Tom continued to fuck my mouth. My cock was rock hard and I wanted to shoot its load all over my body. I could taste Tom's precum and his cock began so secrete even more. It caught me un prepared as he thrust again and his cock shot its first load into my mouth. He pulled his cock from between my lips and I watched as he masturbated it, letting the rest of his cum shoot over my face. It hit my nose, my eyes and landed on my neck. It dribbled from my cheek onto the seat where Steve had watched this as he too pushed one last time, with his cock exploding in my anal tunnel. He continued to thrust into me shooting more and deeper into my bowel. I felt him slump forward as he finished everything. Tom pushed the last of his load from the eye of his cock and he used it to spread the now cooling liquid over my lips and mouth. Steve pulled out of me and I could now feel his seed ooze between my legs. I would be f***ed to lick both their cocks clean and I again had been prevented from satisfying myself.

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