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The Perversion of Bev - Part 1: The Beginning

“Some fucking romantic weekend this is turning out to be” thought Bev as she sat alone in the hotel room. Phil had told her he’d booked something special to celebrate their Silver Wedding anniversary and she’d been so looking forward to a weekend away without the k**s. The first setback was a phone call from Phil to say he’d been delayed at work but she should still go to the hotel as planned and he’d meet her there. Now, with the Friday rush hour traffic clogging the A1, he reckoned he wouldn’t be getting there for at least another couple of hours. “Just wait till he gets here” thought Bev, “I’ll give him such a tongue lashing – and not in the way he’s been hoping for”.

“Oh well”, she said to herself, “nothing for it but to get a drink of water from the mini-bar and try to relax. Shit! – fucking mini-bar’s empty! Trust that fucking cheapskate to book us into a shithole of a hotel. Suppose I’ve now got to go down to the hotel bar just to get a bottle of water. Phil, you’re fucking dead meat!”

When Bev got down to the hotel bar, it was empty – empty, except for a young black girl serving behind the bar. “Typical”, thought Bev “nobody else must be dumb enough to stay here”. “Bottle of water, please”, said Bev – “Sorry” said the barmaid “we’ve run out at the moment. I’ll have to go to the storeroom to get some more, but I can’t leave the bar as I’m the only one on duty”. This was the final straw and Bev decided to let the poor girl know in no uncertain terms what she thought of the hotel and life (and particularly men) in general. “I’m sorry” said Bev, instantly regretting her outburst and holding back tears, “I know it’s not your fault, it’s just that I was so looking forward to today and everything’s going wrong”. The barmaid couldn’t help but feel sorry for her and said “Look, my name’s Donna. Why not sit here and have a glass of wine to calm down. I’m off duty in half an hour, I’ll bring a bottle of water up to your room once I’m finished here”. Those were the kindest words Bev had heard all day. One glass of wine followed another and Bev learnt from Donna that she was totally off men. They both agreed that men are complete bastards – and that Phil is the biggest bastard of them all. All too soon it was time for Donna to cash up. “I’m off up to my room now” said Bev “When you come up with the water make sure to knock loudly as I’ll be taking a shower”.

Bev let the warm water run over her body as she let the day’s troubles wash over her. “It wasn’t all bad” she thought “Donna turned out to be quite a laugh and quite a looker too, if you like that sort of thing”. She stepped out the shower and looked at herself in the mirror. Not bad for a 43 year old – slim body; smooth firm arse; nice, full 36B tits with those pert long nipples that Phil loves to suck so much. Further down a few wisps of soft brown hair perfectly framed her sweet pussy lips, which were now beginning to take on a purple-pinky hue as they glistened in the bathroom light – getting slowly moist as Bev let her imagination run wild with erotic thoughts she never knew she had. “You fucking idiot, Phil” she thought “how could you let all this go to waste?” Bev was then quickly brought back to reality with a gentle knocking on the door – Donna with the water! She quickly pulled on the black lace panties she’d been keeping as a surprise for Phil and threw a robe around her shoulders as she went to the door.

As Bev opened the door, she could feel her breath escape from her in a sharp gasp. Standing there was Donna. But not the “Hotel Donna” that Bev had been talking to in the bar. Instead of a dowdy hotel uniform, Bev had changed into a tight black latex mini dress that barely covered her powerful ebony thighs. She looked absolutely stunning. The latex shone in the light from the door. Bev could see that Donna was bra-less – in fact, that tight, shiny material was barely sufficient to restrain her enormous breasts and her hard erect nipples were like bullets against the smooth contours that extended down her hips and over her sexy arse – an arse that could only belong to a beautiful black girl. Donna reached into her bag and brought out a bottle of Evian, so cold that drips of condensation were running over Donna’s slim fingers. “Come in” said Bev nervously “and thanks for remembering the water”.

Donna stepped inside the room – long, slow steps as she carefully balanced on her 6 inch stiletto heels – before sitting on the bed. As she did so, her dress rode up even shorter and Donna crossed her legs to emphasise her toned, taut calf muscles and slim, sexy ankles. “I thought we could carry on where we left off” said Donna seductively. Bev’s head was in a spin at the sight of such a beautiful woman. Feebly, all she could nervously say was “I like your dress, Donna”.

“Tell you what” said Donna surprisingly “why don’t you try it on?” “I couldn’t” said Bev. “Why ever not? – we’re just a couple of girls having a laugh” replied Donna. Bev could feel herself blushing. Was this blushing from embarrassment or blushing from the excitement of being alone in a hotel room with this beautiful woman and the thrill of feeling that shiny, sexy black material against her soft white skin? Bev didn’t want to consider that this girl was seducing her, but what harm could it do just trying on a dress? Secretly, Bev had always wondered what her body would look like sheathed in latex. She knew that Phil found latex erotic but hadn’t had the courage to go along with him – after all, they’d been married 25 years, surely she was past the stage of dressing up like a common slut. Still, that lazy cunt Phil wasn’t even here so he could just go fuck himself. Sod it, let’s give it a try. “Ok” she said softly. Donna smiled. She slowly stood up and peeled the latex over her silky ebony skin before passing the dress over to Bev. Bev couldn’t take her eyes off what stood before her. Donna was standing with her sweet round breasts fully exposed and just a thong to cover her gorgeous pussy. Bev could feel the dryness in her throat but also the wetness that was beginning to form between her legs. Never had she felt like this before – and never, in her wildest dreams, had she imagined that she could fancy a woman they way she did now. She wanted Donna to kiss her; to feel her breasts and pinch those nipples until they stood erect and firm; to run her hands down her body and down the inside of her thighs until Donna’s fingers came to rest against those wet, wanton pussy lips – lips that she had only shaved that morning in anticipation of a night alone with Phil. But instead of Phil, it was Donna’s fingers that she wanted inside her. It was Donna’s tongue that she wanted licking her eager juicy cunt. What was happening to her? She was losing all control! Once Donna softly said “Why don’t I remove that robe for you?” all Bev could do was hold up her arms in total surrender as Donna slid the robe from her shoulders and stripped Bev to the black lace panties she’d just put on.

“Mmm, I can see you’ve looked after yourself, Bev. You’ve got such a beautiful body. Here, try on this dress and see what you look like”. Bev took the flimsy, shiny black dress and pulled it over her head – her firm breasts jiggling as she squirmed to get the tight material over her naked body. “Oh Bev, I can see you’re not used to this, let me give you a hand” said Donna. Still only dressed in her thong, she walked over to Bev and tried to ease the stretchy material down Bev’s back. Bev could feel Donna’s warm breath on the back of her neck and the delightful scent of her perfume as Donna smoothed the latex over Bev’s panties. Bev couldn’t help but feel aroused. The latex was taut against her body like a second skin and here was this beautiful woman running her hands over her body to flatten out the material and make it look slinky smooth. “Take a look in the mirror Bev” said Donna “now if that’s not a MILF or Cougar looking back at you, I don’t know what is!” Bev laughed and walked over to the full length mirror – stopping on the way to pull on a pair of red patent high heels she’d been planning on wearing that night. Bev looked at her reflection and couldn’t believe she was the same person. Whilst she’d always wondered what she’d look like dressed as a tart, she hadn’t expected this. She looked just so damned horny! Her long nipples were clearly visible as the only bumps in the smooth black rubber that stretched across her tits and clinged to the top of her thighs. The red shoes were the finishing touches to a really slutty outfit. Secretly, Bev loved it and began to fantasise what it would be like to walk out in the street dressed like that – with all the men looking at her and wanting to take her up a dark alleyway to fuck her senseless. Slightly breathless at the thought, Bev said to Donna “Here, you’d better have it back Donna before I get too attached to it. That was fun, but anyway, I couldn’t possibly wear anything like that” she lied. Inwardly she could feel herself getting wetter between her thighs and made a mental note to look up a few fetish catalogues on the internet when she got home. She peeled the dress off over her head and handed it back to Donna. Once again, Bev was standing before Donna dressed in just her black lace panties. She could see the obvious glint in Donna’s eye.

“Bev, you’ve got such wonderful tits, could I be so bold and cup them in my hands?” Bev wasn’t going to protest but what Donna did next surprised her. Instead of facing her, Donna stood behind Bev and pulled her gently into her body. As Bev had already fantasised, Donna slowly kissed Bev’s neck as her hands explored those milky white breasts, kneeding and twisting those nipples until Bev could hold back no more. “Finger fuck me NOW Donna, I need it. I need it so badly . I need to feel your fingers pushing my pussy lips open and rubbing my clit hard. God, I’m so wet. I want you to shove all four fingers deep inside me but still keep rubbing my clit with your thumb. I want to come with your fist deep in me. I want to squirt all my cum juice against your wrist so that my cum runs down my legs and onto the floor. Fuck me, you bitch! Do it NOW, Donna, NOW!”

Donna knew that she had Bev at the point of total surrender. Bev was now hers. Working her fingers and fist furiously, she had Bev just at the point of coming before whispering in Bev’s ear “What would Phil say now, Bev?” Donna looked at Bev with eyes that were wild in a fuck induced c*** – eyes that signalled a body wanting to be brought to an explosive orgasm. “Phil’s not here and it’s you I want Donna. After all, I’m not cheating on him if I’m fucking a woman”.

“Really?” said Donna as she pulled Bev tighter into her own body. “What’s this then?” Donna asked as Bev suddenly felt a hardness pushing against her arse cheeks. It was like she’d been hit by a bolt of lightning. She stopped squirming against Donna’s fingers and turned around and faced Donna. Peering out from the top of Donna’s thong was the beginning of an enormous erection from a thick black cock that Donna had managed to keep between her legs when she took the latex dress off earlier. “You’re a..., you’re a ....MAN!” Bev stammered. “Not exactly dear, I’m all woman – but with just a little extra that you’re welcome to play with if you want it..............and you know you want it, you dirty whore of a cockslut. I knew you wanted it the first time I saw you in the bar – you just won’t admit to yourself that underneath that mumsy exterior, you’re just a common whore”.

Bev’s head was reeling. She’d never imagined anything like this and never been spoken to the way Donna was speaking now. She was confused by what was going on – but still d***k from the headiness that Donna’s fingering had given her. More importantly, Bev was still horny. Oh yes, so very fucking horny. It was if sheer a****l lust had taken over . She looked at Donna and said “Yes, I’m a cockslut and I want that cock deep inside me. Why have you been fucking about with your fingers when you could have been shoving that big black fucker up my cunt? Try it for size in this filthy mouth of mine and let me run my tongue over your balls and cock to get it really stiff. Then I want you to fuck me doggy style – the way that Phil does”.

Donna smiled as she pushed Bev’s head down to her groin before feeling Bev’s warm lips close around the thick black cock that was now swelling up in Bev’s mouth. Slowly, very slowly, Bev flicked her tongue up and down Donna’s shaft – darting the tip of her tongue into the cockslit and rolling the tasty pre-cum around the cockhead. “Turn me over and fuck me Donna – I’m ready” she gasped as Donna threw Bev onto the bed and rammed the swollen member up her dripping wet crack. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder Donna fucked with Bev squirming around in ecstasy. Donna rubbed her swinging tits against Bev’s back as she reached under Bev to fondle those beautiful tits and nipples. Bev, meanwhile, was frantically rubbing her clit with thumb and forefinger whilst moaning with each thrust of Donna’s ebony cock up her pussy. “Donna” Bev whispered “finger my arse – Phil does that to me and I love it”. “I can do far better than that my dear, how about stretching those lovely bum cheeks for me and accepting this thick cock up your arse instead?” Bev had never taken dick up her arse before but she was so far gone she’d accept anything. “Oh yes Donna, be gentle.......but be hard. I want to feel your cock fucking deep into my arsehole while I finger fuck myself to orgasm”. To gentle moans, Donna pushed the head of her penis gently into Bev’s most secret of holes. She was so wet from her fanny that they didn’t need any lube. After only a few seconds, but what seemed a lifetime’s pleasure, Bev had taken that thick prick so deep into her arse that Donna’s balls were now bouncing off of Bev’s fingers that were continuing to abuse her cunt. “Oh God, oh God...........I’m coming!” screamed Bev “Fill me with your spunk Donna, squirt your seed deep inside my arse”. Donna moaned as she felt a stream of hot jizz shoot through that black cock and fill Bev’s arse she’d been fucking so furiously. She slowly pulled her dick out as a heady mixture of cum, fanny juice and sweat trickled out of Bev’s arse and down her legs. They both collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

“Donna, that was so good. I’ve never even met a shemale before let alone be fucked by one. My only regret is that I can’t return the favour for you”. Donna looked at Bev and replied “Look in my handbag”. Curious now, Bev opened the bag and pulled out what looked like a huge dildo attached to a belt. “It’s a strapon, Bev. Have you ever used one? I want you to strap that belt around your waist and fuck me up the arse as though you was a man. I want you to fuck me the way I’ve just fucked you. I want you to control me, to dominate me. With the strapon up my arse I want you to reach around the front of me and take my cock in your hands and wank me off. Lastly, I want to come all over that pretty face of yours and leave a trail of spunk in your light brown hair so you’ll need another shower just to wash it all off. Will you do that for me Bev?” Donna didn’t need a reply – she could tell from Bev’s smiling eyes that she wanted so desperately to abuse her. Bev had never felt such power – with each thrust Donna moaned louder and louder. She could see now that when she was fucking with Phil, why he loved to take her hard and rough. She was doing the same to Donna – and it felt oh so good. The orgasm when it came was explosive – Donna rested her thick black cock on Bev’s chin and let an enormous load of cum splash all over her face, in her eyes, and through her hair. Bev took that dripping cock deep in her mouth and sucked the remaining spunk dry. It tasted so good.

After a while Donna felt it time to leave. After showering, Bev remained on the bed dreaming about what had just happened and, to be honest, still feeling more than a little randy. Shortly, the door opened and in walked Phil – now three hours late. “I’m sorry dear, did I miss anything? God you look flushed, are you ok?” Bev slowly turned to him saying “Don’t you “dear” me, you fucking cunt! What time do you call this? You can forget about a romantic dinner. And don’t think you’re getting a kiss – I’ve got no time for that. I want to be FUCKED Phil. I want to be fucked NOW! I want to be fucked up my cunt until it’s RAW and then turn me over and fuck me up the ARSE and fuck me DEEP! I want you to fuck me doggy style and push my face into the pillow to stop me SCREAMING as I take your cock up me. I want you to come all over my FACE and let your spunk dribble down my chin. I want it HARD and ROUGH, Phil. Will you do that for me? Do me NOW and do me HARD, I’m begging for it!”

Phil was still smiling as he dumped his third load of cum into Bev’s open mouth as she kneeled before him. “Don’t stop until I GAG with your spunk” she was screaming at him. This was going to be a long night and he was already exhausted................but he was happy. Boy, he was so, so happy. It had taken months of trawling through the internet and going to fetish clubs to find a shemale that worked in a hotel – but it was worth it. Even better, he’d managed to find one with a huge black cock and a love of latex. For a long time now, he’d thought his wife of 25 years was hiding a secret desire to be a slut – it just needed the right circumstances to bring it out in her. When he first discussed it with Donna over the phone, he was delighted that she knew exactly what he wanted from her and was keen to go along with it. Securing her services for £300, that night was the best money he’d ever spent. In one night, Bev had experienced a fetish for latex; had her first lesbian experience; been brutally fucked by a huge black cock; had her first anal ravishing; used a strapon to fuck a stranger; and had turned into the foul mouthed cock hungry slut he always wanted her to be. Yes, this was the Night to Remember that he’d always promised Bev for their Silver Wedding anniversary. Best of all, this was just the beginning. Now that Bev had been perverted into the world of torrid sex, their adventures had only just started............

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