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First met at a night club,she was dancing with an off the shoulder jumper.As she danced it kept sliding down more and she had to keep pulling it back up,as she did she noticed me watching her and our eyes met we smiled i then approached her and told her i would hold it up for her she laughed and it went from there.I was with some friends as was she so we arranged to meet the next evening.
That next meeting was the start of our 25 happy years together,we met at a local pub with some of our friends we had a great tme at the end of the evening i gave lisa and her friend sue a lift home obviously dropping sue off first.As we pulled up outside lisa's mums i turned off the engine,turned to her in the passenger seat and we started kissing after about 2 mins our tongues were having a field day deeper all the time getting more passionate and intence.My hands started exploring her breast's gently at first then her little moans made me squeeze them harder after a while of this i thought "i'm in here" so my hand worked its way down to her crotch feeling her mound through her jeans ,again she was getting more turned on cos she kept pushing against my hand eventually i undone the button pulled the zip down and slid my hand in . She had nice silky knickers on and as my hand slid under them i could feel her bald gash ,my hand then when further till it came across her now hot wet lips . My first two fingers entered her easily (boy she was soaking)i started to finger her ,she started undoing my trousers and didn't waste any time getting my now fully erect cock out and started wanking me off. My fingering got faster and faster till she came on my hand. i knew i had to fuck her so i said lets go somewhere a bit quieter she agreed .i sat back and drove off still with her wanking me for about 5 mins till i got to the top of the downs where we stopped in a secluded car park.
I wasted now time kicking me shoes off and pulling my trousers and pants off ,turned to her and started kissing again my hands frantically pulling her jeans and knickers down,she kicked them off i then buried my head down between her legs eating her really wet cunt and nibbling on her clit can't remember how long for but she came at least 5/6 times my car seat was well and truely soaking.i then climbed over to her side got between her legs pulled her down the seat towards me and rammed my cock up to the hilt in one quick thrust . She grabbed my arse and we started thrusting at each other it was amazing we fucked really hard and fast for 4 or 5 mins the car windows all steamed up until i came up her deep inside just as i could feel her squirting on my cock it was truelly fantastic. the best feeling i had ever had a woman squirting on my cock at the same time as i was coming in her.After that i just slumoped on her to get my breath back but she pushed me out of her and grabbed my head and pushed my head down until i came face to face with her now dripping cum and spunk cunts.This was a first for me but what the hell i just dived in eating and lapping at the mix of hot juices and i must say i love doing it all the time now . After about 10 mins of this we tidied ourselves up and i dropped her home.She was and is still the best fuck going and now we fuck anywhere anytime oooh so exciting more stories of those to come.

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