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Shock Tactics Ch. 02

We stood by the road, me in seventh heaven and I held out a slender arm. Instantly half a dozen taxis appeared from nowhere. We climb into the nearest one, giving the others my very best smile, and arrived a mere ten minutes late. Trudy paid as I purposely taunt him by letting my short flowing skirt ride up showing him more of my slender legs. I could see him staring at my nylon-encased legs appreciatively. I kept my head down, not wanting to look at him as he eyed me. Yet I experienced such mixed emotion. I felt ashamed yet thrilled as my heels clicked and my short skirts swung across my pantie clad bottom.

'It seems you have an admirer, Wendy,' Trudy titters, watching the Cabbie stare at me as we walk towards Guy and Deborah's house 'But try to act,' she giggles, pulling my hand.

'Trudy, please!' I whisper, as we stop outside the front door. About a dozen cars were parked outside their house, and lights blazed from the windows and from over the front door. Trudy's eyes began to sparkle, but I don't feel her enthusiasm as I start to feel uncomfortable in my feminine cloths. I like dinner parties, but I always felt shy on arrival. Not so Trudy who skips up the steps like a gazelle and rings the bell. I took a grip on my clutch bag and look down over my feminised form. And yes! Trudy had done a superb job. I did look remarkably like a young lady. If it wasn't for the fact we where going to a fancy-dress I was convinced I looked genuine. We both look through the front window at the guests as we wait and to my horror I don't see anyone in fancy-dress.

'Oh! My God what have you done?' I cry in terror.

'Oh! David, I'm hurt, that you thing I did this on purpose,' replies Trudy. 'It's a genuine mistake. They must have decided against a fancy-dress. Admittedly, it's a shame that you're wearing such an expensive dress; you've gone to amazing lengths to perfect your look and look so convincing. And I suppose it's an even bigger shame that you obviously enjoy wearing girl's clothes by the state of that unfeminine bulge in you panties. I just can't have been thinking straight. Maybe it was caused by your constant flirting with our friends and my insecurity - must have made me a little absent-minded.' Trudy smiles.

I stare at her dumfounded.

'Shh! Don't say anything we might get away with it.'

'What,' I snap furiously.

'What do you mean - might get away with it?'

'Look this might look rather bad. They may jump to the wrong conclusion. Just remember that.'

'Yes but were both in fancy-dress,' I say as Trudy suddenly steps smartly backwards. I momentarily freeze unsure what to do as Trudy climbs out of my pinstripe trousers and switches my brogues for a pair of high heels from the holdall. I hold my breath. The front door opens and Guy beams us a welcoming but surprised smile. I could sense excitement by what he saw.

'Well, hello ladies, do come in,' he cries. 'It's Trudy and Oh! Where's David? The other girls will be disappointed he's so popular. But who's this ravishing beauty in his place?'

A stab of fear ran down my spine and all of a sudden my bra began to pinch, my hold-ups overly grip my legs and my skirt felt incredibly short. My shoes pinch my feet and I totter forward as Trudy brushes past me to step inside. I stare at her open mouthed, disorientated for a moment. She had removed my large coat and instead of my pinstripe jacket, shirt and tie she wore her favorite little black dress. Slowly it dawned on me that I had been tricked.

'Well, Guy, no David I'm afraid and that's an interesting story.' She gave my arm a gentle squeeze as girls do and pulls me inside a thin smile forming.

'David, you look positively GORGEOUS! Just wait 'till the others see you! Now David, your name is Wendy, and if anyone asks you've just moved in as a lodger this week. And remember make sure you talk like a girl, okay? This is going to be great!' I mince alongside her, dressed in her clothes, and I could feel my cock getting hard again amongst Trudy's soft nylon panties that clutch my cock tightly.

She grabs my coat and literally drags it off my shoulders. Suddenly I'm exposed in the skimpy dress. Guys delighted.

'Please, please excuse me,' Trudy says fumbling in her handbag for her lipstick. 'I haven't done my hair or make-up. Tonight has been such a rush. Wendy go in and follow Guy, while I just pop to the toilet.'

I was for the sake of a word flabbergasted. She must have worn the sheer dress bunched under my trousers and removed the shirt and tie while in the bathroom back at my flat. I had been tricked, but why?

I still half expected to enter a room filled with our friends in each other's clothes. The boys dressed in ill-fitting cocktail dresses as if they'd stepped from a comedy drag show and the girls in their partner's baggy office suits. I look round the room excitedly. I was half right. There were beautiful cocktail skirts and evening dresses and casual suits and shirts and slacks but they were all worn by the correct sex. No one had swapped clothes or wore fancy-dress. My worse nightmare had begun. My heart began to race and I felt terribly stupid. Unaware of my true identity Guy led me like a true gentleman into the lounge. I began to feel like a hopeless female teenager, avoiding bright lights for fear of my spots showing - although of course, spots were the least of my worry as I wonder what our friends would say once they realise I, David, wore the shortest dress. I seek out low light in order to disguise my true identity. I need not have worried. I don't know if I have ever seen a party come to a halt. Well, call me boastful, but that's what happens as I walk through the door. My hair was perfectly styled, my dress was the prettiest in London, and as Guy led me across the lounge floor I felt like a movie star. Yet it was like a walk of shame. My heels click my nylons rub together and my dress swishes as it sways. I didn't feel confident about how I was being perceived or accepted. Yet I felt wonderfully attractive and hoped that I made a good impression.

As I got into the centre of the room, an athletically built guy with short dark hair who had his back to me was just finishing talking to Deborah. I felt there was something familiar about the guy, confirmed as soon as he turned towards me. I couldn't believe my eyes.

'Well, Hello beautiful lady,' my boss, Mark cry's.

I flush with embarrassment. Who had invited him I wonder.

I try to smile sweetly and his eyes wander hungrily up and down my dress with a satisfied smirk. His presence could mean only one thing - trouble.

Guy coughs. 'Excuse me friends. This is...' he pauses. 'What did you say your name was?'

'Da... Dav... Wendy,' I say stupidly.

Guy smiles. 'Yes, sorry, Wendy. How could I? Everyone this lovely lady is Wendy.' he gave me a little peck on the cheek and whispers in my ear. 'Relax they won't bite. She came with Trudy. You look a proper picture, Wendy. Doesn't she gentlemen?'

They readily agree.

'No, David, I'm afraid. Bit of a mystery but looking at Wendy I don't think any of us will miss him.' The girls all whisper amongst themselves. The guys dotted around the room laugh heartedly and two got up and offer me their chair. Mark continues to look at me leeringly. The girls, all huddle together, in stark contrast didn't look so impressed. They gave me cattish looks and all closely examine every detail of my clothes.

Guy waves a hand at the vacant seats. 'Take your pick?' he says. 'Oh and I like your perfume'

'Flowers,' I say sheepishly.

'It suits you,' he says, his eyes sparkling suggestively. I smile and look awkwardly round the room. All the girls continue to scrutinise me as if an alien. Did they realise who I was? I didn't think so. I bend down to sit in the closest sofa. My hair tumbles forward, my bottom points skyward and I immediately sink into the deep cushion. My skirt rose up to reveal an expanse of long, lean leg, topped by my tiny white panties. The effect unintentionally so goddamm sexy caught all the men's attention.

'You look amazing,' says Mark in wonderment, who sitting opposite clearly had the best view. He leers approvingly. 'Have you always had those legs?'

I pretended not to hear. Had he seen my tell tale bulge? I smile sweetly and discretely cross my legs without disclosing any more thigh or panties. I knew as his beady little eyes continue to roam up and down my legs and the long, shapely sheen of my pale-pink hold-up he thought he was going to shag me. I think he feels he's in with a chance... As if! I feel terrible and consider running for the door. But what then? Minutes pass and Trudy reappears. Relieved I stand back up.

Trudy looking beautiful now with stunning combed hair and beautifully applied make-up walks confidently towards me and put her arm over my shoulder. 'How are you doing gorgeous?' she says. The others look at us oddly and Clare and Fiona wink knowingly at each other.

'You bitch - What have you done?' I whisper frantically. 'Have you lost your mind?'

'Shhh,' she says putting a painted fingernail to her glossy lips. 'No one's noticed. Keep your voice down. Where's your sense of adventure?'

'Adventure, adventure,' I stutter, 'You've made me look a complete fool and in front of my boss.'

'Hmm!' she says, 'And as usual the sad gits come on his own.' Trudy laughs wickedly.

'Please, please, please,' I beg let's go home.' But Trudy had no such intention. She shrugs her shoulders.

'Don't be stupid. I'm having a fabulous time and the evening promises to be hilarious. And you better be good or if they rumble you and you'll no longer be the blue-eyed boy.

'I could tell them the truth.' I blurt.

'And who will they believe?'

'But surely-'

Trudy held her hand up, interrupting my attempt to protest.

'No buts, I won't support you. You'll have to face that tonight you're Wendy not David. Just see it out.'

I felt close to tears.

'What did you do with my suit? You've changed. What are you wearing now?'

She laughs running her hands all over body in a provocative manner. 'I would have thought that obvious, Honey.' But since you ask, I'm wearing the same panties as you.' She laughs wickedly. 'And Oooh! Wendy, aren't they adorable? See?' She lifts her dress quickly, flashing the same distinctive lace panties. 'Why, you're even wearing the same bra as me, too! It looks like we can be s****rs!' She giggles and I want to shrivel up and die.

We mingle amongst our friends and as Guy turns up the music Fiona and Darlene start to dance. Trudy takes my hand and starts to swing in time with the music. 'Come on Honey, let's dance.' f***ed to dance with the other girls I step lightly in my heels marvelling at how my dress sways around my body. Mark gives me a lecherous look. 'Apparently you can tell how good someone is in bed by their dancing.' He jokes. I blush and feel vulnerable. 'The slicker the syncopation, the better the sex - so the theory goes.' I giggle girlishly as Tracey smiles proudly and refuses to let me sit back down. We continue to dance, drink and chat. Minutes flow by and my confidence began to build as the wine went to go to my head.

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