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Shemale Subway Sex

I was out at a dance club with some friends on Saturday night. Clubbing isn't really my scene though, and I soon found myself very bored. Looking at my watch, I saw that it was almost 1 o'clock in the morning. I was having an awful time, and if I didn't leave then, I would miss the last subway train and have to take a $50 cab ride home. So I said goodbye to my friends, and caught the very last train home.

The subway ride from the club was going to be around 40 minutes. At first, the car was pretty full, there were even a few people standing. But as we headed further and further away from downtown, the car emptied out, until there was just me, and a beautiful brunette sitting across from me.

The brunette was probably in her early twenties. She was wearing a pair of knee high, high heeled boots, a white mini skirt and a blue, low cut top revealing just a small hint of cleavage. She wasn't large breasted, but they looked small and nicely formed. I couldn't see her face very well, because her long brunette hair covered most of her face, but her lips were full and red. Her legs were long and thin. She had her legs crossed and was bouncing the top leg up and down. I found myself staring at a long black boot moving rhythmical.

I must have been staring for a while, and I looked up and noticed that she was staring at me. Usually this would make me look away ashamed, but the few drinks I had given me a bit of liquid courage, so I stared back, even though she was probably 10 years younger than me.

The brunette didn't look away. Instead a smile came across her face. She moved one of her small, slender hands to her face, and brushed back the hair from her face. I got a better look at her, and was pretty sure at that point that she was a shemale. That was more than okay with me, though, because I'm into all sorts of stuff, including shemales. I smiled at her, and she continued to smile back.

Her hand moved down from her face towards her top. I could see through the fabric that her nipples were hard, and she slowly stroked one of them while continuing to stare at me. My penis grew inside my pants, and I started to stroke it through my pants.

The brunette pulled the neckline for her v-neck shirt open, and exposed her breasts. They were probably B cups with large, red nipples. She continued to play with her nipples, now exposed. The subway came to stop, and the doors opened, but the brunette didn't cover herself up, she continued to stroke her breasts. No one got on the train, the doors closed and the train continued on its way.

I was rock hard by now, so I undid my belt and the top button of my jeans, and slid my hand down my pants to get a better grip on my cock. The brunette looked at me, and slowly uncrossed her legs, spreading them wide open and revealing a pair of red panties underneath her white mini skirt. Her breasts still hanging outside her shirt, she ran her hands up and down her legs, pushing her skirt up her body and leaving her sitting on just her red panties. I stroked myself harder.

She reached down into her panties, and pulled out her cock, which had been tucked up between her legs. She slid her panties down around her thighs, and started to stroke herself for my viewing pleasure. The train stopped again, and again the brunette continued her show. Luckily again no one got on the train. As the doors closed, I pulled my pants and underwear down, exposing my cock and started to stroke it in earnest.

The brunette motioned me to come and sit beside her, so I did, though I must have looked like a fool crossing the subway car with my pants around my ankles. She didn't seem to mind though, because as soon as I sat down she bent over and started to suck me off right there on the subway train. She sucked me for a couple of minutes, then sat back and motioned for me to suck her large cock. I did willingly. At first I sucked her slowly, but she obviously wanted to pick up the pace, as she grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down while starting to buck up against me. Soon she was fucking my face with some fury, and though I gagged a few times as her cock hit the back of my throat, I was enjoying it thoroughly.

The subway car stopped again, and this time a guy got on the car. I just caught sight of him out of the corner of my eye, but I could see him stop in amazement. At first he looked a little shocked, and maybe even a little repulsed. I thought maybe he was going to leave the car before the doors closed, but he didn't. I wasn't sure if we were in trouble or not, but then I caught him sitting across from us in the seat I used to be sitting in, and watching us, me with my pants around my ankles and my face getting fucked by a beautiful brunette shemale. Being watched made me even hornier.

The brunette started to moan and pump faster. I got ready for her load, and she didn't disappoint, delivering a large amount of cum into my mouth. I was able to suck down most of it, but some rolled out of my mouth and down my chin. The brunette released my head, and I sat up straight. She looked at the cum on the side of my cheek, and licked it off.

My cock was still rock hard, and so the brunette took it in her mouth and started to suck me furiously. I got a chance to look at the guy sitting across from us now. He was probably in his mid-40s. Not a bad looking guy. I wondered about asking him if he was interested in a three-way, but decided to keep this experience all to myself. I did notice a large bulge in his pants, and soon he was stroking himself through his pants.

Another stop came, and a woman got on at the far end of the subway car. I'm not positive if she noticed what was happening, but didn't seem to register it at all. The brunette continued to suck me off, and despite my nerves at getting caught, the thrill of public sex and being watched was enough to make me cum in her mouth. I let out a loud moan of pleasure, and looking down saw that the woman at the far end of the train was definitely watching us now.

The brunette sucked and swallowed all of my cum, and then stood up to tuck herself back in and arrange her clothes. When the brunette stood up, I heard the woman at the far end of the car gasp upon seeing the brunette's penis. The brunette just looked down at her, smiled and tucked her now soft cock between her legs. The brunette pulled up her panties, pulled down her mini skirt, covered her breasts and walked towards the doors.

"This is my stop," is all she said as the train doors opened and she exited the train. I pulled up my pants, and got off at my station, two stops later. It was definitely a better night than I would have had if I'd stayed in the club, though I do really wish that I had gotten that brunette's name and phone number.

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