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"Coming Of Age"

"Coming Of Age"

It was 1962 the year that I turned 18, that my life as a young man took a dramatic change.
Note: ——I am NOT the author!so plz Don't ask me about part two,am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here

My mom and dad were farmers and had never taken a vacation that I could ever remember. We were a cattle and crop farm operation and the crops were all in and doing well. Dad asked me if I thought that I would be able to run the farm for three weeks while he took my mom on a much-needed vacation. I told him that I was capable of taking care of the place until they got back. I also had some wild ideas of parties and fun while they were gone.

That is when my mom burst my bubble. She said that her s****r Mary would be coming to stay with me while they were gone.

Damn, that is not what I had in mind, but mom was going to have here way.

Mom’s s****r Mary is about 10 years younger than mom is and 10 years older than I am.

Mom and Dad were loading the car and preparing to leave the morning of my 18th birthday. Mom said that she was sorry that her and dad would not be there but said that my Aunt Mary would have a great present for me. I asked what it was and mom said not to worry about; I am sure that you will love it.

Sam our coonhound let out a string of loud barks. That was his way of letting us know that someone was coming.

We lived off the road about a fourth of a mile so it was nice to know when someone started down our lane.

Aunt Mary wheeled in with a cloud of dust following her. She jumped out of the car, grabbed her suitcase and hurried up the walk. She looked at me and said, “Happy birthday Tommy.” I said, “Thanks Aunt Mary.” She threw the suitcase in the house, came back and gave me, Mom and Dad a hug.

Mom said. “You are right on time s*s.”

Mom explained that the car was packed and that they were ready to leave. Aunt Mary and I stood on the porch waving as we watched them drive away.

I want to tell you a little about Aunt Mary. This is what my mother had told me about her. Mary had been married when she was 18 and had gotten pregnant. She had major problems and her body had aborted the baby. She had complications and the doctor had to do things that would make her never bear c***dren again. Her husband divorced her and she had never remarried. However, she had many boyfriends along the way.

Aunt Mary turned around and handed me her car keys and said, “Well birthday boy, go open the trunk of my car and bring that cooler up here. And stay out of it until I come back out.”

I took her keys, got the cooler, and set it on the porch. I could tell by the sound that there were some liquid refreshments in there.

Ten minutes later Aunt Mary came out on the porch. Up until this moment, she had always dressed in what I would call a frumpy way. Baggy clothes that looked two sizes to big and her hair was usually un-kept. It was as if she did not want to call attention to herself.

Until that moment, I had never thought of her in a sexual way. However, that was all about to change.

She had taken two men’s red handkerchiefs and tied them together. She somehow wrapped them around her tits and tied them behind her back and around her neck. Her breasts were amazing you could see her nipples poking straight out like two 45 bullets. Then I noticed her shorts. Wow, they were short shorts. Her black pussy hair was hanging out of the legs. Back in 1962, girls were all natural and a bush turned on a young man. Aunt Mary spun around and said, crack open that cooler and let us start this birthday party with a cold beer.

I kept glancing first at her breasts and nipples and then at the hair hanging out around her short shorts. We drank a couple of beers each and then she reached behind her neck, untied her top, and let it fall. “What do you think of your birthday presents Tommy?” My jaw must have dropped to the ground and I was at a loss for words. There in front of me was what every young man my age wanted to see. Beautiful naked tits right in front of your face!

She said, “You can touch them if you like.”

It took me about one second and I was touching, feeling, and massaging those beautiful orbs. They were (I would find out later) 38D’s. She looked at me and said, “You are going to have to open the rest of your present all by yourself, and pointed to her zipper.”

I must have been all thumbs but I finally got her shorts unzipped and slid them down her legs. She raised her legs and stepped out of them. There on the porch stood the first real naked woman that I had ever seen. In addition, I am here to tell you right now that I was not disappointed. I also noticed that I had one hell of an erection that was straining at my jeans trying to get out. Aunt Mary noticed it also. She said, “You know it isn’t fair that I am standing here naked and your not.” She pulled my t-shirt over my head and in a flash; she had my jeans around my ankles. My dick was at full mast and pointed straight at Aunt Mary’s face. I stepped out of my jeans and she looked at my dick and then at me and said, “Would you mind if I sucked that?”

I stammered, “That would be wonderful!” She had not put the first two inches in her mouth, when I shot my wad. Bless her heart she did not spill a drop. The amazing thing was that I did not go soft. She looked at me and said, “Part two of your birthday present is ready for you to enter.” She had me lie back on the porch and she straddled me immediately. She looked at me and said, “Do you want to guide your dick into my pussy or do you want me too?” I took my dick in hand and stuffed it between those hairy pussy lips. She let the first inch or two in and then she dropped. It was amazing, the feelings were better than anything that I had ever felt. It sure beat the hell out of jacking off.

Suddenly her pubic hair was cutting into the side of my dick, and although the feeling was so wonderful, there was a little discomfort. Aunt Mary said, “Oh My God!” and buried herself on my cock. She must have had a very intense orgasm and at that moment so did I. She kissed me repeatedly telling me what a wonderful lover that I was “going” to be. However, all the time I felt joy and pleasure I also felt pain.

We lay side by side, holding each other and Aunt Mary said, “What do you think of your Birthday present?” I said,” it is the best present that I had ever received, thank you.” She smiled and started kissing me down my chest and body. When she put my cock in her mouth again, my body jumped. It was not pleasure it was pain. The side of my dick was raw caused by Aunt Mary’s coarse pubic hair.

She immediately stopped and asked me what was wrong. I told her that my dick was so sore. She looked at it closely and said that she knew what had caused it. She told me that she was so sorry, that there had been other men in her life who had the same thing happen to them.

She said, “You know what we are going to do Tommy?”

I said, “What?”

She said, “We are going to shave all the hair off of my pussy, what do you think of that?”

Like I said, this was 1962 and no one that I knew of had ever seen a pussy that did not have hair on it. Later on, I found out that women had their pussy shaved when they were going to have a baby and the only man that ever has to see it up real close was the Doctor. The next time that the poor old husband has a chance to see his wife’s pussy, things have changed. (This back then was a least six weeks away.) The hair had returned. Those Doctors were assholes.

I told Aunt Mary that my dad had bought some hair clippers and that he was going to have mom give us haircuts. He said that he was tired of paying those high prices at the barbershop. He had mom cut his hair first and after that, we both went to the barbershop again. He put those clippers in a hiding place, but I knew where he had hidden them.

Aunt Mary told me to go and get them and to meet her in my bedroom. When I walked into my room there, she was naked on my bed with her butt lying on a big towel.

“Cut it all off,” she said, “and be very careful and try not to hurt me.”

I plugged in the clippers and gently started removing the bush. I really do mean it was a bush. It even made the clippers slow down. After about 10 minutes, and a lot of encouragement from Aunt Mary I had her pussy looking like a man with 5 o’clock shadow.

Aunt Mary said that it still felt too prickly to her and a razor would now be in order. Aunt Mary rolled off the towel and headed for the bathroom. I marveled at all of the hair she had left on that towel. I quickly folded the towel up and put it in the corner of my closet. This was going to come in useful for some good jack off times or bragging rights in the future.

As I entered the bathroom, Aunt Mary had the water running in the tub. As soon as it was warm and deep enough she slid in. She said that she was going to let the water soften what hair that she had left. I just sat on the stool; I still could not believe my eyes.

She looked so amazingly beautiful sitting there. I grabbed a shaving mug with soap and put new blades in my razor. Aunt Mary took them, sat on the edge of the tub, and started shaving. Thank God, she did not ask me to do it. If she had, I would have cut her to pieces. I sat looking at that beautiful pussy as if I were in a trance.

After all these years, I can still see that sight. It was one of the sexiest things that I can ever remember seeing. Just watching as she moved her pussy lips around and shaved this way and that way.

She looked at me and said, “Tommy did I make you hard again?”

I just shook my head yes.

She said, “Come over here, feel it, and see if I missed any hair.” I ran my fingers over her mound and her pussy lips and it was so amazingly smooth. She said, “Let me rinse off and then we will see how you like it.” She dried off and we headed to my bedroom.

Aunt Mary lay down on my bed and with the sun, shining in through the window it looked like her pussy was in a spotlight. She said, “Tommy, don’t just stand there, come to me.”

I slid in beside her and we curled into each other’s arms. She kissed me and said, “I am going to show you how to be a lover. A lover is someone who knows how to please a woman. A man can be very selfish and only take what he wants or he can become a lover and give as much as he gets. And if he is very, very good he will get much more than he ever expected from his woman.”

She taught me where a woman loves to be touched, also where a woman loves to have her body kissed. What a man needs to nibble on. What a man needs to nip. What spots are the most sensitive and help to turn a woman on. As she explained and gave me directions, I fell into her powers. All I wanted to do was to make her happy.

My kissing, licking, and touching finally found my face between her legs. I was looking close up at the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen in my young life. I started to put kisses all over her mound and then on her pussy lips. She had my head in her hands and she was guiding me around her pussy. Just like a man leads a woman around the waltz floor.

We were in tune and she was humming. I started licking her from the bottom to the top. When I would hit her little nub, she would literally jump up off the bed. The more I hit the nub the louder and tighter she pulled my head to her. Finally she hollered, “Oh my God here I cum.” She was grinding my face into her pussy one moment and the next instant; she was pushing me away from her. I heard her say, “Nuff, Nuff.” Which I knew was her way of telling me to stop.

I could not believe how soft her pussy had felt against my face and how wonderful her taste was. Even today, I can remember all of that.

She still had me by the hair and once again, she gently pulled me to her. I started to kiss her pussy again very gently and as she started to respond, I became more aggressive. I hit that nub again with my tongue, I started sucking on it, within seconds, she was shrieking again, and then she was pushing my head away. I sensed a pattern and I continued this time after time until she pulled me up her body.

I just lay there on top of her. I really did not know what she wanted me to do. I could feel the head of dick nestled between her pussy lips and the male in me made me push. The head slipped in and I could feel her arms wrap around me. I pushed again and I was half way inside of her.

She said, “Tommy I will never ever let you go without sex, you can have me forever!”

I pushed again and I had all of me inside of her. I had never felt anything so warm and so soft in all of my life. I thought that I had just died and went to heaven. My cock was no longer sore and the feeling was so great that I thought that I would come right then.

Aunt Mary said, “Don’t hold back, this time you should go as hard and fast as you like.” I did not need any encouragement. I put my weight on my hands and arms and I pounded that pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Do you remember that first great piece of ass? To this day, I do not think I have ever had a climax like that. I could feel one squirt after another until I collapsed on top of her. She locked her arms around me, kissed my face and neck, and told me how great that had been for her. I rolled off her and cradled her in my arms. The next thing I heard was her saying, “Tommy, it is time go and do the chores.” We had both fallen asl**p and I was late starting the chores. I figured that the livestock would forgive me for one day. As I jumped out of bed, I noticed this huge wet spot. Aunt Mary said, “Don’t worry; I will take care of that.”

I pulled on my jeans and shoes and headed for the barn.

After the chores were finished, I headed for the house. While I had been taking care of the livestock, my mind had been on what had just happened. I could not wait to get back to the house. I walked in an Aunt Mary had supper on the stove. Damn I did not know until that moment just how hungry that I was.

She said, “Get yourself in the shower and when you come out, supper will be ready.”

I hit the shower and within minutes, I was in the kitchen. She had fixed a great supper, but I still cannot remember what it was. I was thinking of other things. We cleaned up the table, did the dishes and then retired to the front room. We turned on the TV and Ed Sullivan was on. I stretched out on the couch and she backed in beside me. I wrapped my arms around her and snuggled my nose into her freshly shampooed hair. God she smelled so good.

Hands started moving, lips started kissing and we were back in high gear in minutes. I ended up on my back on the front room floor and she was on top riding me like my 58 Cushman Scooter. When she climaxed she got very vocal. I was sure glad that we did not have any close neighbors. I held out until she had climaxed twice and then I let loose with both barrels. When we stood up, there was another of those wet spots on my mom’s carpet.

Aunt Mary looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t leave a stain.”

We went to bed and I do not ever remember sl**ping as well as I did that night.

The next morning I slipped out of bed and headed to the barn. I knew that there was going to be food and sex waiting for me when I was through. After breakfast, Aunt Mary said that she would like to lie out and get some sun. I was in awe at her nakedness. She had taken a bath and shaved again this morning. She laid a couple of blankets on the porch and stretched out in the sun. It was everything that I could do to keep my hands off her. I decided to take a quick tour of the livestock and make sure that none of them had gotten out of their pens.

I unsnapped Sam and said, “Let’s go check things boy.”

He was off like a shot. I made a lap around all the fences and gates and was headed back to the house when I heard Aunt Mary holler, “Sam you son-of-a-bitch!”

I went tearing to the house as hard as I could go. I came around the corner and there sat Aunt Mary with a strangle hold on poor old Sam. I said, “What happened?”

“Well,” she said, “Here I was all stretched out sunning myself and this sneaky bastard snuck up and stuck his nose right in my crotch.”

She said that she had jumped and then caught Sam by the collar rolled him over and she was now sitting astraddle of the poor old guy and she had a strangle hold on his collar. Poor old Sam had his tongue hanging out and if there was any way possible for a white dog to turn blue, he was turning blue. I grabbed Aunt Mary’s hand and told her to turn him loose. She reluctantly did so. She stood up and Sam headed around the house as hard as he could run.

I started laughing, and at first, Aunt Mary was looking at me as if she was going to kill me. Then she too started laughing. Sam was peaking around the corner looking at me, as if he wanted to know if everything was all right.

I had a sudden thought and asked her what Mom had meant about my birthday present?

She laughed and said, “Your mom thought that you might think a cold beer on your birthday would be just the thing. The sex was all my idea.”

You have to love the way Aunt Mary was thinking.

Well here, it is 49 years later. I have married one of my high school sweethearts and we have c***dren of our own. However, Aunt Mary is still going strong at 77.

This might sound awful to you young folks but Aunt Mary and I still have great sex. Not as often as when we were young but it is still great.

If you like maybe I will tell you how my wife caught us. That is another story.

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