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Will I Like It (conclusion)

Would I have Liked It? Conclusion

I woke the next morning, and my soft cock was nestled between the cheeks of my bed partner. My brain was working overtime remembering all that had happened yesterday. It all came flooding back, the meeting at the rail station. The night of unbridled sex, cum was dried around my arse cheeks the memory of being fucked was still fresh in my mind.
My cock started to harden at the thought; this bought a moan from my bedmate. He was still wearing his thong and nightdress, he turned toward me and looked at me. I leant forward and gently kissed his forehead, moving to his lips I eased my tongue into his mouth was that my cum from last night I could taste. His hardening cock was pushing into my stomach, I ran my hands over his butt cheeks and over his crinkled hole. I felt his hand eases my cheeks apart and a finger invaded my anal passage, he added a second and gently finger fucked me.
I pulled away from him and headed into the shower, he followed me into the bathroom and undressed. We started to kiss again, and feeling each other's naked bodies. He asked why I had pulled away from him, I explained when we made love I wanted him as a male. I had other plans for the next time he dressed in female clothes, plans I didn't want him to know just yet. We both entered the shower and soaped each other's body, I dropped to my knees and licked his growing cock. I took it deep into my mouth, reaching round I gently fingered his virgin anus.
He moaned as I eased a finger gently into him, he started to try and face fuck me. I turned him around and kissed and licked his butt, pulling his cheeks apart I eased my tongue into his tight hole he started to moan as I did this. Tonight my lover you will have more than my tongue deep in you, then you will have something to moan and groan about. We got out of the shower and dried each other, then went back into the bedroom. I lay on the bed and beckoned him to join me, he lay next to me and I told him to use my body anyway he wanted. He moved down the bed and gently took my hardening cock into his mouth, the nerves from the previous night gone. His tongue wandered to my balls and he took them one at a time into his mouth, then he travelled further down and started to rim me. I was feeling so hot as he tongued me, and then eased two fingers up me.
As he fingered me he moved back to my cock and swallowed me, I wasn't going to last long as I could feel my orgasm building. He carried on sucking me deep, and finger fucking me I cried out I was about to cum. He held my cock in his mouth by sucking harder on me, I knew he wanted me to cum in his mouth. I filled his mouth with my juices, any he missed ran down his chin.
He let my cock fall from his mouth, lifted my legs onto his shoulders and put his cock to my anus. I thought back to how he took me last night, and prepared myself for the pain if he did the same. He leaned forward and started to kiss me, he hadn't swallowed my cum and he fed it to me as we kissed. We passed it between us until it was gone, he then started to push into me. He had learned not to push balls deep in one push. As the head of his cock pushed past my sphincter he stopped, giving me time to get used to it. I pushed back onto him, and he took this to mean I wanted more. Now he just eased the rest of his cock into me in one slow movement, soon I could feel his balls as he bottomed out. I felt so full as he started to rock backwards and forwards. I almost screamed at him to fuck me harder I needed his cum anywhere, everywhere I just needed to feel it taste it. His breath was becoming more ragged as he neared orgasm, I'm cumming he shouted and thrust so far in me I thought it would come out of my mouth. He pushed his lips to mine and we deep kissed, I felt him stiffen as he filled me with his cum. My legs slid down from his shoulders and I locked them round his butt, stopping him pulling out of me. Tonight I would have his cherry, the rest of the day we spent wandering round town laughing and enjoying ourselves. Arriving back at our hotel we showered and dressed for dinner. After we had eaten and finished our wine,I asked him to go to the room and change into his favourite clothes to become her again.
He left to do my bidding,and I sat with a glass of beer thinking of what was to come.I sat for about half an hour giving him plenty of time to transform to her, tonight her cherry was going to be mine.
I walked to our room my cock was tenting my trousers, I entered slowly she had her back to me.She turned as I closed the door,she was gorgeous even more so than the day before.She threw herself into my arms and f***ed her tongue deep into my mouth,her cock fully erect grinding against mine.I broke the kiss and looked deep ito her eyes,she said that she had a present for me.I dropped to my knees and sought out her cock,but she turned and lifted her dress this is your present and leaned forward.My tongue found her rosebud and I spread her cheeks so I could push it into her anus as it would go.She pushed back onto my face as I ate her,the next words she uttered were 'would you like to fuck me'.I stood and led her to the bed explaining that I was planning to have her virginity tonight,her only request was that I go slowly.We lay on the bed and I leaned across and started to kiss her,my tongue pushed int her mouth.My hand started to slowly slide down her body,undoing buttons on her dress as it went.I found her engorged cock and gently stroked it, she took mine in her hand and murmoured please fuck me.
I stood and started to undress she removed her dress,but I said to leave all her underwear on as I wanted to take as her not him.Her cock was sticking out of her lacey panties so I bent to lick it,I then took it deep into my mouth and sucked it to full erection.While sucking her I gently played with her puckered hole,I eased a finger gently into her,then another.She must have got used to them as she asked for more,I left her cock and traced further down with my tongue.My fingers were streching her open,so I put my tongue into her as well.I told her to pull her knees up,and slid up her body.I put my cock head against her hole,and tried to ease it into her.She was to tight to enter with just saliva,I leaned across and got the lube from the bedside table.I lubed her virgin hole and my cock.Again I pushed against her and my cockhead slid into her.
Her eyes were closed,and tears started to run from them.I was about to pull out from her when she pushed herself further onto my cock,the tears were still running so I started to kiss them away.I eased my cock slowly into her until my balls hit her arse cheek,her cherry was truly mine.Her eyes opened and she cried fuck me please,I started easily but she bucked against me wanting me to go harder.We fucked for what seemed hours since I had first seen pictures of her this was what I wanted.I could feel my cum starting to rise when she pulled me down and thrust her tongue in my mouth.As we kissed I felt her arse sueeze round my cock as she loosed a fountain of cum between our bodies.This started my cum flooding into her no longer virgin arse,she kissed me even harder as I filled her I dont think I had ever cum this much.As my softening cock slipped from her,I started to slide down her ody to get to her cum that had pooled on her belly.I lapped it up,it tasted like nectar.We slept cuddled together,tomorrow we would part tonight I had taken her cherry.

The sun shining through the windows woke us, I leaned over and kissed her warm lips.In another couple of hours we would be heading home,there was time for another short love session.She pushed my head down towards her stirring cock,her lace pnties still tasted of the cum she spilt last night.I sucked her deep into my mouth until she was fully erect,leaning to the bed stand I retreived the lube.I lubed her cock and straddled her.My puckered hole came in contact with her cock head,and I lowered myself onto her.When she was fully inside me I rode her hard,within minutes she flooded me with cum.I lifted off of her and her cum run from me coating her cock and balls,she pushed me onto my back.We kissed as she lubed my cock then in one plunge she impaled herself on me.She worked my cock like a seasoned pro,I filled her with my cum.
I pulled her forward and kissed her deeply,we needed to clean up.We showered together,collected our luggage and left for the station.She as the good looking youngman she really was,me as the satisfied older guy I was.His train was first to leave we shook hands,but I couldnt resist hugging him and kissed him quickly on the lips.He mouthed thank you as his train pulled from the station.My train left about an hour later so I went for coffee.I sat at a table in the station buffet,and a guy asked if he could join me.He said he liked the way I had said goodbye to my young friend,and placed his hand on my thigh.We chatted and he led me towards the station toilets.............................
The begining of my love of cum, in either hole or both at once.

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