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Nuru massage (first time)

After an exhausting first term of my new air stewarding job I had just arrived on my first adventure in Hong Kong. There I was, a young pussy hungry 18 year old virgin alone in Asia for 3 days. It had been a long held dream of mine to experience a body to body massage- I used to wank for hours over clips of hunky white men being rubbed and sucked by hot little Asian beauties.

I didn’t have much money but I was prepared to pay anything to have my first taste of sex in an Asian cunt, after talking to a male member of staff at my hotel I soon found out that for the equivalent of 50 pounds I could enjoy a full tantric massage and also get sex. He gave me directions for his favourite massage parlour in the next street, even though I had only a short walk I was prepositioned by many extremely attractive girls for sex. I’ll never know how I managed to refuse all of them, my dick was as hard as a rock walking down that road and I am sure it was noticeable; I was so tempted to just go back to the hotel and wank as I was so desperate to shoot my load. I soon reached the massage parlour and was shocked to see a saggy old lady sitting on the door “surely this isn’t right” I thought to myself, I couldn’t read Chinese however I was sure I had followed the correct directions. Plus my erected pole was dragging me like a super magnetic f***e, the woman clearly took one look at me and realised I wasn’t Asian. She immediately stood up and took me by the arm like a grandmother, I was astounded when she ushered me into a long corridor full of the most fucking attractive little bitches I had seen in my whole life- all natural gorgeous Asian beauties. “WOW” I gasped making some of the young ladies giggle- it was a place normally only visited by Asian men, I suppose my white skin was something different for them. I struggled to make my mind up but I chose the most pretty and innocent looking one, she must have been about the same age as me and was slightly chubby with long dark hair and beautifully shaped little Chinese titties. The old lady signalled that I should hand over the money and I did so without a second thought, this young princess took me by the hand and led me away. I felt like an emperor about to lie with one of his maidens.

We came to a box room it was small but very private, there was a bath tub in the corner and a mattress in the middle. The girl sensed I didn’t know what I was doing and sweetly helped me to undress stroking my chest as I took off my shirt. As soon as my jeans fell to the floor I felt embarrassed by my erection and covered it with my hands. She giggled like a school girl and slipped out of what she was wearing (some traditional dress) and slid onto her knees saying “don’t worry it means you are happy see me” in a cute angelic accent.
She delicately removed my hands and began to softly stroke my penis, like it was worth a million dollars nothing like they do in pornos; she did it as if she really appreciated my white little penis. She then seized it into her mouth and began to toy with it like a German sausage. Being a virgin I almost fell to the floor with the pleasure of this happening to me for the first time-however I asked her to stand up “you no like?” she sweetly demanded but I didn’t answer I just wanted to grab her body close to me and especially feel her tits. I know it was her job but she made it seem as if she liked it, I hesitated for a seconded but then threw my head into her little round breasts like a soft cushion ,sucking them all over like a bar of chocolate. I could write for hours of the sensations I felt however I don’t want to bore you. She then slowly pulled me towards the bath where sucked me and rubbed my lower body for around 20 minutes-the frustration I felt about trying to hold back my cum from bursting all over her chubby little face. She would tease me by sitting up and swishing my cock around rubbing up against her clit and then pulling away before I managed to penetrate her. The soft and succulent teasing went on for too short awhile as she soon had me up and out of the bath. Oh how I wanted to just push her to the floor and shuv it up her arse, she told me to lie down on the mattress while she prepared some warm gooey liquids with which she began to rub onto her and my own body. She then lowered herself on to me and slid around all over sending mini orgasms all around my body however I could not take the temptation any longer I was become so desperate to cum, I gently turn over and tried to slide my dick into her pussy but was unsuccessful so knew what I wanted but kept torturing me by moving my penis head away- just at the moment I thought my dick couldn’t take her stroking which was becoming more and more violent- I could feel I was about to explode. She lent forward and consumed my dick, concealing it in her mouth. I knew this was her signal and sped up my thrusting and came buckets in her mouth causing her to pull away however my spray travelled all down her chest, soaking her like a small hose. But I wasn’t finished- although the first ejaculation was indescribable I knew that I had more yet so I f***ed her to accept my penis. In the end she relented however made me promise not to cum in her but I could feel it coming as soon as I shoved it up the shaft, I became lost in her unshaven jungle of a pussy however her jolting up and down riding my like a cowgirl didn’t help. The cum was unavoidable, I pulled her down like we were lovers embracing one another running my hands the full length of her little body until I felt the whole world spin on the climax of my ejaculation. She didn’t seem angry that I had gone against her word.

A little bell then sounded and it obviously meant my time in Heaven was up, I was sure I would return soon. I really enjoyed my first time; I think I am so lucky to have lost it the way I did-even though as I left the girl took her place awaiting her next customer!
I now visit that place every time I am in Hong Kong- I have a different girl each time…but don’t worry I am now not so stupid to not wear a condom!

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