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My True Gay Experiences - Part One

I have been bicurious ever since I could remember. I didn't look at boys bodies or anything, I just wanted to fuck or get sucked by one. There was this feminine boy in middle school with me I fantasized all the time about fucking him. Never fathomed to ask him, living in a small midwestern town. I used a stall to a public restroom once and saw a cartoonish like drawing of a guy about to suck some cock and underneath someone wrote how he wanted some young dick to suck off and left a PO Box (before internet). I must've jerked off a thousand times thinking about showing up at some dudes place and all I have to do is just sit there while he sucks me to completion.

I never acted out my fantasies in college either, didn't have any gay friends, or ones that were out yet. Eventually I got married and didn't think about my curiosity much until the internet started to become popular and started emailing and chatting with other men. I did this for a couple years, including web camping, plenty of guys out there to show my cock too and see theirs, some pretty big loads came from those sessions. There was a new glory hole in town advertising, still wasn't brave enough to go. But one day, I decided to take the plunge and invited this college k** over while my wife was with friends.

We decided to meet in the parking lot at a video store near my house. I was so nervous in anticipation and the fear of the unknown. He showed up, looked exactly as he described, young, a little chubby, short black hair and a clean shaven face. He agreed to follow me to my house and we started chatting on the couch, still nervous. He finally made the first move and grabbed my cock through my jeans and kissed me. The feeling of my dick getting felt up and our tongues touching each other was exhilarating. I led him into the spare bedroom where we got undressed and made out some more rubbing each others cocks. It seemed so strange my naked body rubbing against another man but it felt so good. He got on his knees taking my six inch hard cock into his mouth, sucking at a slow pace. I decided it was my turn and I got on my knees and he stood up. His cock was about three inches and thinner than mine, easy for me to suck. I put it in mouth and it felt natural but I worried I was touching his dick with my teeth, since I hate that myself. He sat on the bed and I kept sucking and jerking him off. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, to feel spurts of semen hit my tongue. But he pulled out and jerked himself on his stomach. I got up on the bed hoping he would continue his sucking but he just watched me jerk off. I eventually came and he got dressed and left. Was actually disappointed since this was my first time, I only got sucked for about two minutes.

I moved away shortly thereafter and we lost touch. I would be a year before I meet another man again. The second time was even worse, the dude came three times, but each time he would go into the bathroom to cum, I was jealous actually because I could never cum like that. Neither my girlfriends or wife could get me off on oral alone either. So here was another guy that would suck for a minute and lucky for him, got off multiple times...maybe third times a charm?

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