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Down on your knees, darling.
Don’t say a word until I allow you.
Show me your full obedience.
And you will be rewarded.
I know, I set your soul alight.
Let me do my job. Don’t ask any questions.
I am sure what you want.
I am certain you desire to be submissive.
Here you are in safety.
Don’t be ever afraid.
Be concerned about disobedience.
The punishment will be strict.
Trust me.
That’s all I want from you.
I know, I’m leaving you breathless. Be attentive to what I am telling. If you miss at least one word, you won’t be able to do everything right. I just notify you in advance. You have to be very careful. This situation excites me.
I enjoy seeing you kneel before me. Your eyes, so pure and innocent, I can recognize light and love in them. My sweetheart, it will be good for both of us. Believe me. Trust me. Obey me.
I don’t want you to hide your emotions. I would love to see your feelings. I would like to watch changes which happen in your soul. Don’t be reserved. I wanna hear your moans.
I won’t punish you for no reason.
I won’t injure you.
I don’t want to make you suffer.
Trust me.
You will receive only pleasure.
You will take delight in being submissive like I enjoy being your Mistress.
Do you agree with my conditions? Tell me: ‘Yes, my Mistress’. Do you agree?
-Yes, my Mistress.
You will succeed.
You showed me a great potential of being a good slave. Let’s check your obedience.
I’ll take a wide black ribbon, made of silk and blindfold you. How do you feel? Don’t answer anything, can’t you remember my order? It’s a first step of your submissiveness to me. Now you can’t see me and I noticed that you are a little bit nervous. That’s right sweetie. Be attentive.
You are very lucky that you have met me. Value it. Revel in our meeting today. Remember you can’t touch me until I tell you to do that. Stay on your knees. Are you tired? That doesn’t matter to me. You must do everything to please me. But don’t forget after all I care of you. And that’s why I want you to stand up. Don’t make spare movements. I told you just to stand up. Stay straight. Don’t be ashamed of your nudity and your blindness. Let me examine you clearly.
You look adorable. Tall, handsome man with proportional body, adequately fit. You are in good shape. It’s a pleasure to have such a slave. Relax for a while, you are too tight. Don’t make me feel angry for that.
I passed my hand over his cheek. He shrank.
-What’s wrong my dear? Answer me.
-Your hands are cold. I want to heat them up. May I?-he asked,-my Mistress.
-I allow you, my sweetheart.
He took my hands into his ones. They were so hot and soft.. He brought hands to his mouth and blew into them. A stream of warm air made me shiver. He felt that.
-I won’t let you feel cold.
And after these words he kissed my fingers.
-I haven’t given you permission for that, my dear. Be careful with what you are doing.
I gave him a slight slap. Only I can decide what he can do here. Such are the rules.
- How do you feel, baby? It is only a beginning of your upbringing. You must do as I tell you. Your initiative is out of need here. Stay straight. Hang your head. Answer me. Will you obey me?
-Yes, my Mistress.
-That’s right. Fall to your knees and kiss my wrists. Good. You see, you are very talented.
I gently pulled his hair and he held up his head. With a slight movement I hung it again.
-I haven’t permitted you to rise your head. Be patient. Don’t make me punish you for the insignificant things.
-Yes, my Mistress. I should be attentive to what I am doing.
-You shouldn’t. You must. Behind you is a bed. I want you to sit there. Feet must be on a floor. Sit straight, head is hanged.
When he had done this I came up to him.
-It’s late. I want you to undress me in order I could go sl**ping. Take off my blouse. Button by button, carefully unfasten it.
He was slow in doing that. I enjoyed his painstakingness. For one moment I lost my consciousness and it was a terrible mistake. His hands were stroking my waist and back, slightly touching my body he was turning me on. But I instantly stopped this.
-You don’t keep your hands to yourself, darling. Take them behind your back.
I took a ribbon to tie his arms. When he realized what I am going to do, it was late to say no. I made several nodes and then I let the ribbon interlace upper and upper of his arms. He was calm while I was making a net between his arms. I was pleased with his work of penance.
-It’s quite right that you behave in that way, dear. This is what you must be.
I bent forward and gave a kiss to his half-opened lips. I took his head into my hands and then I raised his chin.
-You are very attractive when you listen to me, sweetie. Think about it.
I unleashed his eyes. He had a little bit lost expression. I smiled.
My darling, you don't even guess how much I adore you. How much I care of you. I want you to be happy. I want you to feel confidence, I won't let you down. You are my precious. You must know, you are mine, only mine, sweetheart.
Being behind him, by putting my arm round his chest, I told him in a whisper:
-Believe me; I will make you the happiest man in a world. This is my goal. This is the thing I am living for.
Running my hand over his back, feeling the warmth of his body, I noticed that he is listening to me with bathed breath. I wanted to make few photos of him. Tying his eyes again, I sensed a great power under him. He wasn't nervous as he was earlier. He took my actions as he was obliged to receive them. I found my digital camera in a bag, checked the settings and returned to my beloved slave. He was sitting in a right pose, with dropped head, resigned to his fate. For one moment I stopped to admire him. Have I ever expected to have such a man as my slave? It was a fortuity, a pure accident. I took a shoot of his binded hands. So strong and brawny, they looked strangely by contrast with elegant black ribbon. He sighed.
-Don't be anxious my dear, these photos are only for my personal usage. I want to look at them and remember the moments we spent together. There is nothing for you to worry about.
I took one more shoot. A portrait with him was taken full face. Manhood coupled with feebleness. Masculinity in conjunction with weakness. These combinations were to my taste. Controversial, but harmonically entwined into reality.
-I like you; I like your devotion to me. I expect you will be total in it. I can see your purity, darling. I can feel your good intentions. I value it. I want to keep the things going in that way. You are a pleasant person; it's easy to get along with you.
I took the last shoot. I saw a ghost of a smile on his beautiful face and retained this moment in my memory. Every time he smiles I was more and more confident that it wasn't for nothing. My actions were right and he enjoys the play like I do. An enchanting feeling filled me completely. I realized again that I really liked him. I liked his smile, his boyish infatuation, obsession, which was so obvious.
-My darling, I'm happy to be your Mistress. I'm happy to be here with you. I unleash you, and set you free for a while. I reward you, you were obedient as I had expected from you. You look so tempting; it's fascinating to see you.
I unbound him, and let to hug me. I missed his arms around my waist. I sat in front of him, on his knees, and embraced him too. A marvelous sense of deep affection for him stroke me.
-You are mine, only mine, darling.
-My Mistress, I will do everything to please you. I am yours, you are free to do with me everything you want. I am happy to be your slave. I am so happy that we have met.
I saw little flashes in his beautiful blue eyes. He was like a man from my dreams.

You are mine, only mine. I won’t get tired to repeat it. Every step you take will be controlled. Don’t think; just do what I’m telling to you. Lie down on the bed. Lie down on your back. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, relax. Feel your whole body is taking rest on a bed. Your legs, your arms, your back, your neck. Feel your whole body is totally relaxed. Don’t think. Feel fresh air fills you. Breath in, breath out. That’s right. Just continue taking rest.
I was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching he is lying calmly, with no worry. Oh dear, you tired so much. Relax. A short break will collect your strength. I want you be full of energy. I’ll burn aroma sticks, and take two drops of orange oil. I put drops on your neck. Can you feel the smell of it? Things are going swimmingly. Relax.
-Hold your breath for a while, dear. I want you to experience something.
I passed my hand over his chest, upper, to his neck, and grasped his throat. He suddenly opened his eyes and stared at me.
-What..are you doing?!
-Don’t say a word! I will never hurt you! I know what I am doing. Stay calm. Be silent.
He took my hand and put away from his throat.
-I haven’t allowed you to do this. Obey me.
-But I don’t want you to choke me! Are you crazy??
-I won’t keep silent, it’s not normal.
-Well, then I have no choice. You are too talkative.
-What are you going to do?
-Too many questions, dear.
I took a gag.
-You won’t.
-Shut up.
This will make you be quiet. Be calm, silent and peaceful. Am I right sweetie?
Haven’t you told me that you will obey my orders? Haven’t you told me that you will do everything? Remember your words, darling. Don’t refuse. It’s late to refuse. You have already made your choice. I’m your Mistress. Only I set the rules here.
I shut his mouth with a gag.
-Now it’s much better, dear. Make no complaint. Stand up. You don’t deserve to lie on a bed. According to your merits, you can be only on a floor. Go down on all fours.
I have heard only mumbling from him. Good. I don’t like when someone is trying to give his useless opinion. Especially when I know the subject better and it’s obvious.
I patted on his back. You won’t get a clap for your stubbornness, dear. Drop your eyes. You don’t deserve to look at me. Drop your head. Admit your defeat.
I sat on his back from the right side and gave him a hard spank. A silence was broken with a loud sound of slap. Again and again, spank by spank, I was teaching him to obey me. How do you like it dear? Bend to my will. You are nothing here.
I saw red spots on his buttocks. Good. That will be enough for this time. When I stopped spanking him, he was still in tension. I stroke his back tenderly. My dear, all what you have to do is to obey my orders. All what you have to do is to remember that you are mine, that I can do everything I want with you. I stood in front of him.
-Rise your eyes.
I took off the gag.
-Take a deep breath dear. You can stand on your knees. You can kiss my hand. Nothing more.
I pulled his hair softly. He was so charming..

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