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My girlfriends first gloryhole

So I got my girlfriend Anna to suck another man's cock, which is outlined in a previous story of mine. She enjoyed it and I loved it. Watching her on her knees sucking another man's cock was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. She met up several times with Jim and would come home and tell me about it and it seemed to enhance our relationship and we both loved it. One day when she had been really wanting to try something new she started talking to me about trying to find new guys. I had just the thing in mind and asked her if she knew was a glory hole was. Being the naive girl she was she didn't have the slightest and wanted to look it up on the internet. I stopped her immediately and told her why not just experience it first hand.

I told her to get a cute top on that exposed her cleavage because we were gonna go somewhere. She came back from my bedroom 10-15 minutes later with a low cut black shirt that showed her big breasts and sexy cleavage. Her skirt was tight and short that managed to outlined her ass and was topped off by a very sexy pair of fuck me heels. She seemed really ready to go and excited to figure this out. She asked questions the entire way to this sex shop. I told her to calm down and she'd figure it out when we got there. After driving for about 5 minutes I was already really hard thinking about what was about to happen. My girlfriend, Anna, could tell and leaned over from the passenger seat, unzipped my pants, and started to suck my dick. I couldn't get over how much of a slut my girlfriend was and that here she was blowing me while I just drove by hundreds of people.

When we finally got to the sex shop I told her she'd get to finish the job after she was done and while she moaned she knew she'd get my load none the less. Anna at this point still didn't know we were at a sex shop and so wasn't sure what was up until we were inside. She looked around and was confused all she saw were porno dvd's and sex toys. I told her to relax and follow me. She looked around and saw several men staring at her like a piece of meat. She just held onto my hand and tried to take in as much as she could while I walked her back to the booths.

I grabbed us a booth in between two others and closed and locked the door. She walked in with me and kind of looked around and asked me what we were doing. I told her to relax and enjoy herself. Porn was on the TV behind us and she turned around startled by the noise. She watched the TV for a minute or two while I waited for the sound of men to enter the stalls next to us.

I finally heard someone enter the stall next to us and while I had noticed the holes in the wall Anna hadn't. I leaned up behind her and hugged her and told her to not freak out and to be a slut for me. She nodded and by the time I turned her to face the wall with a man on the other side of it his dick was already out and through the hole. She noticed right away and shot me a glance with a smile on her face that meant, "Yes! I already like this idea."

She squatted down opening her legs exposing her bare shaven pussy. She started to gently touch herself as she grabbed this mans soft cock and started to jerk it. She started to slowly kiss it and press it against her lips. Finally she started taking his cock into her mouth once he started getting harder and harder. She kept trying to take it deeper while she would rub his dick as much as she could. I heard him start to moan and saw his dick lurch out as I assumed he was cumming in my girlfriends mouth. She took it like a pro by pushing his dick in deeper and didn't stop sucking and pumping her mouth against his cock till she had swallowed his load and he was done with her.

She said thank you as the man pulled his cock out of the hole and turned to me with a big smile on her face. When she did she noticed another cock behind her already hard and ready for her. While the first cock was about average this one was a bit smaller, but had a bigger head. She moved over to the other side of the booth and started to get back to work. I already had my cock out and was jacking off watching the action as my girlfriend swallowed another mans cock. Before I knew it she was standing up and had just swallowed his load. She walked up to me and told me how hot this was and how she was soaking wet and wanted me to fuck her. She pulled her tits out of her shirt to try to entice me and I told her I was the last cock she was gonna get tonight and that she had a lot of work ahead of her.

She looked at me frustrated and turned around hearing someone enter one of the stalls and lowered herself to the hole and said, "Hey cutie. How bout ya pull your dick out and fuck my wet pussy?"

The man replied, "Oh baby that sounds great!"
Anna asked, "Do you have a condom?"
"No," he said.
"You can't cum inside of me, I've been bad at taking my pill lately," she replied.
"No promises honey."

This seemed to really upset her and she finally responded with, "How about fucking my ass? You can cum there if you can't promise to not cum inside my pussy."

"Done," was the last thing I heard him say.

That conversation to this day has been one of the hottest things I've heard my slut girlfriend say to another man. All I knew was that my girlfriend was on her knees at this point getting this man hard with a passion aching to have cock in her. She was spitting all over his dick lubing it up nice with bits of saliva dripping off his cock onto her exposed tits. As she turned she whispered to me, "I'm just glad he's not bigger then you or this would have been a bit more painful," as she stood up and bent over. She placed on hand on the opposite wall and with the other grabbed his cock and guided it to her ass. There she was pressing against his cock with her tits hanging out rocking back and forth as she tried to slide him into her ass. I heard two moans of pleasure one from my girlfriend and the other through the wall. My girlfriend started bouncing against the wall and I could just imagine how tight her asshole was on this guys cock. Within about 30 seconds the guy must have cum because she stopped pumping into him and stood up and told him thank you.

Anna came over to me because no more cocks were visible and she started to suck my dick while she talked about how dirty of a girl she was.

"Did you like that baby? Do you like watching me be a slut? I loved the feeling of his thick head and veiny cock spreading my ass and fill me with his cum. I can't wait to get some more dick inside of me and really fill me up."

A cock to the left of us larger then any we'd seen that night popped through the wall. She went over and asked the guy the same question, "Do you want to fuck me." This guy rolled a condom on and pushed his hard wrapped dick through the hole. Anna bent over again and pressed her pussy against the hole. I heard her gasp and just start pushing against him faster and faster. She grabbed her breasts as she rocked against this cock moaning deeply. I lost track of time as I watched my girlfriend fuck another stranger. The next thing I knew she was getting on her knees rolling the condom off of his dick and caught the remaining cum dripping off of his cock. She licked his dick clean and then swallowed everything in the condom.

The next guy was my favorite. A guy put his mouth down by the hole and told my girlfriend that he heard she'd let him fuck her in the ass. She replied only if he promised to drop a huge load inside her. He told her to put her asshole against the hole and he'd make sure she got what she wanted. She did as she was told and the guy must have used a lot of lube because he didn't seem to have any problem getting inside her asshole except the fact that he had a thick thick dick. She just moaned and pushed into him. She had no idea what she was in for. She yelped in pain as he entered her. He only managed to get the head in, but since this was the fucking she wanted she didn't let him out. She pushed in and continued to take him into her ass. They fucked each other for what seemed like ages and she said she couldn't bare to take his cock out of her because it amazing. He finally started thrusting faster and faster and she cried, "No not yet!"

He blew his load deep inside her asshole and she told me later that the pressure from his cumshot in her was amazing. As she pulled him out of her she turned and smiled as how thick his dick still was. She licked him clean and sucked him till he said goodbye.

By the end of that night she had swallowed 11 loads and had 4 guys cum in her ass. She walked out with cum running down her leg and the store was only occupied by men who all smiled at Anna and had all presumably cum inside her. In the car she told me how every cock felt in her asshole and pussy. She told me how each of their loads tasted so sweet and I knew she was just talking dirty so I'd blow my load all over her face when we got home.

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