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Me, My dad and the restaurant Waiter!

My Dad was working interstate and I had flown up to spend some quality time with him. Ever since we had such a great connection on our camping trip, we had tried to get some one-on-one time whenever we could. He was in a really nice hotel, so it was a great opportunity to stay in luxury at no cost. I had arrived that afternoon and we had decided to go out to dinner with a couple of his work colleagues. It was a restaurant just near the hotel so was convenient.

Dad’s colleagues arrived at the hotel late and we were able to get a table easily as many diners had already finished. The waiter with his name tag “Hadi” was absolutely stunning, he was Middle eastern looking, tall, nicely muscular but not at all bulky, short dark hair, beautiful soft coloured skin tones, chocolate coloured eyes and a smile to die for. As he was reading the specials I couldn’t take my eyes off him, his eyes were magnetically engaging and conveyed a soft smiling sense of personality and whenever he looked at me I felt he was looking at my soul. To say my heart wasn’t beating faster was an understatement – I thought people might hear it.

We ordered our food and then he came back to pour our wine. As he stood next to me I stared up at him, his eyes twinkling back at me as we made idle chit chat about nothing. There was a wisp of dark chest hair visible with his open collar shirt that caught my attention, my heart raced and I felt that he could see me looking at it. Tingles of electricity zapped around my skin and I smiled and looked at his crotch instead, just in case I was getting some signals from him. My Dad was busy talking with his colleagues so hadn’t noticed how gorgeous he was. As he went to the other side of the table I was able to get a better glimpse of his chest hair as he bent over to pour the wine. My eyes craned to see into the shadows of his shirt and imagine what lay beneath. I could see he had a nice dark covering of hair and imagined what it might be like to run my hands and fingers through it.

Shortly our food came and I was again greeted with his engaging beautiful smile that had me weak at the knees. He placed my meal in front of me and said that he hoped I enjoyed it. I said “I hope so too and that everything looked delicious” as I looked at his gorgeous eyes and him mine. His succulent lips closed over his beautiful smile and I could sense he was a little embarrassed, but his eyes kept twinkling. “Enjoy” he said. My Dad leaned in close so as not to be heard by his colleagues and said “what’s with you and the waiter?”. I looked at him and said “nothing, what do you mean”. “well it looks to me like he keeps coming to our table and smiling at my handsome son”. I was a little surprised as I had thought my little fantasy had been just mine, but maybe the reality was actually happening. The meal and chatter progressed and every time I glanced over at the waiter, I often caught him staring back at me and he smiled a recognition every time.

The waiter came again to pour some more wine and asked if there was anything else we would care for. I said that we would skip desert and go straight for coffee. He smiled his beautiful engaging heart stealing smile at me again and said that he would come and take orders shortly. I decided I would visit the bathroom and stood up and went over to him. Our eyes locked and I asked him “where was the men’s room”. “Just down the hall sir” with a perceptible swallow in his throat. “I hope I don’t get lost” I said and smiled. He looked so gorgeous and so nervous at the same time. I went to the bathroom hoping he might follow. I delayed a couple of minutes and when I came out he was just outside in the hall. “I have taken the orders for coffee sir, did you want any” he said. “Coffee? I asked. He swallowed hard and said “I shouldn’t be here”. He looked nervous but still gorgeous. “What’s wrong? I asked. “I don’t know if I am confused but I can hardly breathe, I want to know, I mean, I want to ask, can I see you after you leave”. My heart was beating like I had run a marathon, there was hard banging in my ear drums, as my own smile crept over my face. I leaned in and put my hand up to his neck and pulled him in for the most erotic forbidden kiss. In that moment I could smell his delicious aftershave and scent, taste his mouth, and had whirls of electricity shooting around my body as my cock stiffened, with his succulent lips locked with mine. We pulled apart and I said “Room 915” at the Hyatt. “I finish in 45 minutes” he said.

That 45 minutes was excruciating. But in reality was only 15 or 20 after we left the restaurant. I told my Dad, and he asked if I wanted to be alone and I said I was happy for a threesome if the waiter was up for it. Then there was a knock at the door. I opened it and he seemed more gorgeous than before. He came in and I shut the door and kissed him straight on the mouth while gently rubbing his cock through his trousers and could feel him hardening further, a nice long rod. I began undoing his shirt and he looked at my Dad. “Do you mind if it’s the three of us?” I said as casually as possible as I revealed his beautiful hairy chest. My Dad looked on and said “You have one hot fucking looking chest mate” as he was rubbing his own cock through his trousers, the bulge now visible. Hadi said “have I died and gone to heaven?” and beamed his beautiful smile at both of us.

My Dad undid his shirt to reveal his hard muscular frame and hairy chest, I got Hadi’s trousers undone as he undid mine. It was hands in all directions and then we were naked as we locked lips again with our arms intertwining, our cocks like duelling swords of steel. My Dad knelt down and reached in from behind under each of our balls to gently tickle and caress our balls and perineum. Pulses and tingling of electricity was spiralling throughout my body as my Dad pleasured us and got his head between us and began sucking first on my cock and then Hadi’s. He had a deliciously caramel coloured cock and I too wanted to taste it, but was happy licking my way down through his gorgeous chest hair, smelling his scent and sucking his nipples as Dad sucked on Hadi’s rock hard cock and stroked my own cock with its ample flow of precum to self lubricate. Hadi’s smell was extraordinary – that amazing natural man scent – he was now my oxygen and I needed it to breathe or else I might die. I knelt down next to my Dad and we both slurped on the full length of Hadi’s hard perfect caramel cock, our lips and tongues interacting from each side. We slid our lips along the length to the head in unison, our tongues dancing as the taste of precum was shared between us, this was the dessert we never had at the restaurant. My Dad let me swallow Hadi’s shaft and I slid my lips over it, sucking deliciously on his perfectly shaped cock head and then taking him all the way to the back of my throat as my Dad had taught me. My Dad worked his way behind, first sucking his deliciously loose ball sack, each ball at a time, before parting his firm round arse cheeks and tracing his finger down the crevice to his balls. I felt a contraction from Hadi and an expulsion of precum into my mouth, slimey and sweet. Hadi was moaning, as was my Dad as he had found his arse with his lips and was probing him with his tongue.

Hadi’s hands were on my ears and he held my face and rubbed his hands against my stubble. He looked down at me with his twinkling gorgeous eyes and smiled. I wanted his mouth some more so moved back up. Standing up we again locked lips and our tongues and lips fought in a frenzy of delight. Hadi’s hands found my hard cock and he was gently stroking me, while my Dad had swapped and was now probing my hole with his tongue sending jolts of pleasure that seemed to echo around my body. Hadi then worked his way down my chest and gently and expertly sucked my cock. The sight of my erect hard manhood disappearing into his golden mouth and gorgeous face was hard to describe. I wished I had a video, but realised I would have to memorise this forever. Hadi at floor level had let his hands engage with Dad’s big hard dripping dick as his mouth and throat engaged with mine. The pleasure signals were extreme, sensual, sensitive, emotional and visual. I was seeing everything like the 3D movie that it was, but it was more and I was at its core. Hadi’s cock was flawless with its caramel colour and smooth appearance, hardly a vein in sight. The head was succulent and I wanted it inside me. “Hadi, I want you to fuck me” It was just a thought but I realised I had said it out loud as well. We moved to the bed and I lay on my back, Hadi over the top of me kissing me as he bent over me. I pulled my legs up so that he could take perfect aim with his rocket and harpoon me to my core. He nuzzled my entrance, drooling his own precum over my hole as he kissed me and slid his hand along the shaft of my cock with a corkscrew turn on the head to maximise the sensation. My Dad appeared on his knees with some lube and gently rubbed it on my hole tickling me with his finger as he did. He took Hadi’s cock in his mouth again and swallowed him whole, burying his face to Hadi’s pubes and moving his face from side to side. I could see Hadi’s eyes rolling in his head from ecstacy. Dad then lubed Hadi’s arse as he lay his head on my hard cock while still having Hadi’s cock in his mouth. The feeling of Dad’s head and hair pressing on my cock was sublime as I watched Dad’s hands disappearing up the backside of Hadi’s balls. I massaged Dad’s scalp and ears - it was almost too exhilarating to watch as I could imagine his expert fingers probing and lubing Hadi’s delicate sphincter ready for its encounter with my Dad’s thumping sausage of pleasure. My Dad left Hadi’s cock with a slurp and took his place behind him, holding him around the waste and kissing his neck while playing with his nipples and chest hair, sliding his hard cock up and down Hadi’s butt crack in a fucking motion. Hadi’s hands interlocked with mine as he used our wrists to secure the position of my airborne legs. The delicate tickling of Hadi’s cock fluttering at my entrance was titillating and I wanted that plunging invading feeling of first entry. Then it happened, first the head and then the shaft sliding in, penetrating me and stimulating the core of my prostate. Precum was leaking out of me like a tap and in between thrusts Hadi attempted to lick some off my stomach, bending over and for a moment coming out of me. Then my Dad entered Hadi as he was bending over, the pleasure waves almost visible on his skin. He rippled with a glistening of sweat as my Dad reached around and guided Hadi’s cock back to my waiting hole. CONNECTION!!! We were all as one, a humping grinding sandwich of pleasure, 3 men with Hadi in the middle. The tingling pleasure waves were extreme as the thrusting, moaning and sweating was getting us all close to explosive. Grinding, thrusting and writhing continued as we behaved as one, each move pleasuring the others. Hadi released one hand free from mine and began corkscrewing his hand deliciously around my cock and shaft in a slimey lather of precum and lube in unison with his thrusting into my deepest recess, followed by the additional thump of pressure as my Dad went into him. I had the beginnings of orgasm building and the feeling of Hadi’s handjob as he slid in and out of me probing my pleasure centres was not possible to resist. I went with it and erupted. The first three jolts sprayed me in the face as liquid cream pulsed out from my cock with such f***e it had me screaming in delight. At the same moment I could see Hadi’s face contort in orgasmic pleasure as he pumped bolt after bolt of cum up my arse, his hand grip tightening around mine as his body quivered. And then like a domino topple, my Dad moaned and grunted in climactic ecstasy as he unloaded his cum and injected shot after shot of liquid cream into Hadi’s own pleasure recess. We all held each other in a moment of heavy breathing and silence, moving slowly but all still connected hand to hand, arse to cock and arse to cock, interlocked. This had been the most delicious sandwich of humanity I had ever encountered.

Hadi stayed the night, the three of us in the King size bed and for me there was further Middle eastern delights in the morning after Dad had gone to work.

Hadi in the morning

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