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Mom and Dad had gone to my Aunt's for the weekend leaving me and my younger s****r home alone. I was 18 and she was almost 17 and we're able to take care of ourselves while they were away. A thunderstorm had developed and heavy rain was coming down. My s****r and I were watching TV together but there wasn't anything interesting on. I flipped through the channels and came upon several adult programs that we didn't know were there before. We began watching one movie where a hot sexy girl was playing with a guys huge hard cock, stroking it and licking and sucking on it while he fingered her pussy and played with her tits. Soon they began fucking and I was getting so horny, my cock grew hard as a rock and I wanted to masturbate but with my s****r in the room I couldn't. A few minutes later a huge bolt of lightning struck nearby and the thunder shook the house then the lights went out. We sat in the dark waiting for the power to return but it never did. We decided to just go to bed since the storm seemed as it was going to last for a while.

Once in my room I took off my clothes and got in bed naked and began to masturbate thinking about the scenes from the movie. I was happily stroking my boner when another big clap of thunder came, rattling the windows. The storm must have been right on top of us. Suddenly my s****r came running into my room, frightened by the storm, and said she wanted to stay with me till the storm passed. In the pitch black darkness she couldn't see that I was naked as she crawled into my bed next to me. Another bolt of lightning and clap of thunder struck making her scream and she put her arm around me and pulled her body close to mine asking me to hold her till the storm was over. I rolled over facing her and put my arms around her and held her close. At that point she reached down between us and discovered I was naked. As I held her my cock throbbed hard and was rubbing against her. I felt her hand touch my cock and it shocked me when she began to squeeze it, and instead of pulling away from me she began rubbing it against her pussy. She said the movie had made her horny too and she had noticed I had a boner before the lights went out. She confessed that she wasn't really scared by the storm and came to my room certain that I would be jerking off and she wanted to play around with me.

We sat up in the bed and I lifted her nighty over her head and tossed it to the floor and began playing with her soft perky tits as she toyed with my cock. I pushed her down on the bed and pulled off her panties and ran my fingers through the patch of curly soft hair covering her pussy. She spread her legs apart as I inserted a finger into her hot wet pussy sliding it in and out. She moaned as I probed finding her clit and teased it gently. I leaned down and started licking and sucking on it darting my tongue inside her. I ate her pussy for for a while then she said she wanted to suck my cock and told me to lay down. She knelt beside me as she took my stiff cock in her hands and slowly slid her mouth over the head and started sucking. I had had blowjobs before but this was the best ever, feeling my s****rs mouth glide up and down on my shaft.

Just then the lights came on, she sat up and we saw each other naked for the first time. We looked at each other smiling and then began exploring our naked bodies. Her slim body was gorgeous with a nice tan, her breasts were soft and cone shaped pointing straight out. I held them in my hands as I sucked on each of her tiny pink nipples making them grow hard and tight. She looked like one of the pin-up girls I had seen in one of my Dad's old magazines from the 60's. Perky pointy tits seemed to be the typical type in those days and I loved them the best. I was thrilled learning that my little s****r was built that way and it made my cock throb so hard. She rubbed it with one hand as I sucked on her tits. She lifted my head up and smiled at me then kissed me on the lips, our tongues met and danced around each other passionately.

She pushed me back a few inches and said the greatest six words a man could ever hear, "I want you to fuck me." I could hardly believe she was saying it. I got up, went to my dresser and took a condom from the drawer. Standing beside the bed I took it from the package and started to put it on. She took it from me and said "Here, let me do that." I watched as she placed it at the tip of my cock and rolled it down my hard shaft like a pro. She laid back, legs open rubbing her pussy. I climbed on the bed between her legs, my aching cock against her wet pussy lips. She grabbed it and guided it into her tight wet hole as I very gently pushed until the swollen head of my cock slipped inside. I stopped for a moment feeling how tight she was around me, not wanting to hurt her. She wrapped her legs around me and took control of my penetration, drawing me slowly deeper inside until she had all 7 1/2 inches of my cock in her. She held me there for a little bit then relaxed her leg lock and said "Now big b*****r I want you to fuck me good and hard with that big cock. The guys I've let fuck me didn't have very big dicks and they came so fast."

I slowly started pulling my cock out half way then pushing back in, building a nice rythm but not too fast yet. Her juices here begining to flow making it easier going, I increased the speed of my thrusts giving her a good pounding for about five minutes. I told her to get up on her hands and knees doggy style at the edge of the bed. She arched her back lifting her ass upward to the perfect height for me to slide my cock into her dripping pussy. I grabbed her around the hips and drove my cock in, my balls slapped against her as I humped her like a wild dog. In minutes she was screaming she was going to cum. When I felt the muscles in her pussy contract and squeezing on me I knew it was time and with a few more rapid thrusts she moaned and her body went rigid. I pushed in as deep as I could and blew my load squirting over and over as her pussy continued to grip my cock. Finally she relaxed and I pulled my cock out, holding the condom at the base of my penis. I was surprised when I saw how much cum was in it. I slid it off and held it up to look. There must have been about 4 ounces of cum. I think I set a new personal record LOL.

My s****r and I took a shower together and explored our bodies a little more before we returned to my bedroom. We slept together naked that night and in the morning woke up in each others arms. I woke as I usualy did with a raging boner and was so glad to have s*s there ready to take care of it for me.

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